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Links:Terry Gilliam in memoriam: Student group wins free speech court battle: Alberta government and campus free speech: MAID story links: Hospice refuses to offer MAID: Catholic Watch...More Catholic opposition to MAID: Quack Tracts...Anti-vaxx story links:
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For January 27, 2018.... Christmas came late for me (or really, really early), as we learn that Justin Trudeau has unexpectedly replaced Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould with David Lametti. Quack Tracks A judge has ruled that the Stephans will not have their legal fees paid for by the Province of Alberta. The Regressive Left Files Comedian Zach Poitras has been denied a spot to perform at the Université du Québec à Montréal. The reason? He's white and has dreadlocks. The event, the Snowflake Comedy Club, could not have been named more appropriately. Catholic Watch A representative of Alberta's Catholic school system says “The courts have told us that we have to be Catholic or there’s no reason for us to exist.” Guess what? There's no reason for you to exist. A Catholic priest in Calgary's NE quadrant, Malcolm Joe D’Souza, has been charged with sexual assault. I'd chalk this up to a one-off, but over a 26-year span he had been moved between a number of parishes in southern Alberta. Sound familiar? And, yes. This was on Bishop Fred Henry's watch. Embattled ex-Cardinal Wuerl claims lapses in memory over having heard about sexual abuse allegations against Theodore McCarrick. Someone should give Wuerl a Rolodex to keep them all straight. Miscellaneous... The two men behind the free Toronto "newspaper" Your Ward News which, among other things, wants rape decriminalized and claims a bloodthirsty Jewish conspiracy is afoot, will appeal their hate speech conviction. Totally forgetting Jesus was himself a Jew, one of the defendants said, "We have Jesus on our side." Ironeeeeee!
In Quack Track… David Stephan wants the province of Alberta to dish out $4M for his pending re-trial on charges of failing to provide the necessaries of life for his young son Ezekiel. In Eye on Islam… Actress Rania Youssef has been accused of ‘inciting debauchery’ for her dress at the Cairo Film Festival, the […]
In this episode: The big new is that Canada no longer has a blasphemy law on its books. Bill C-51 passed in the Senate 49-17, with 26 abstentions, and has received Royal Assent. Catholic Watch Local priest and vicar of Catholic education Jerome Lavigne claims the rainbow flag flown at city hall earlier this year is the work of none other than Satan. We learn, despite the gag order on the trial, that Cardinal Pell has been convicted on charges of sexual abuse of minors and plans to appeal the verdict. At the Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse in Britain, Cardinal Vincent Nichols professes shock that a vicar ordered a predatory priest be warned of an impending arrest to flee justice. Is he serious? Two nuns working at a California school embezzled half a million dollars and go on a Las Vegas gambling spree. One can just picture them stuffing g-strings at Chippendales. Alberta Health Minister Sarah Hoffman is feeling the heat of public outcry over Covenant Health’s de facto veto over patients’ right to access medically-assisted dying services and is now reconsidering the exemption given to Covenant Health. Keep up the pressure, folks!
Brian Dalton, known in our circles as “Mr. Deity”, joins us for an interview, and has graciously agreed to help us out with a few stories that have crossed our radar. In American Theocracy Today… Aspiring missionary John Chau picks the wrong place to evangelize. But don’t worry, his evangelical group has forgiven the tribe […]
Two ex-Muslims join us for this episode. Iranian-born Armin Navabi is the founder of the Atheist Republic, and author of “Why There Is No God”. Yasmine Mohammed has penned her own memoirs titled “From Al Qaeda to Atheism”, and writes the blog “Confessions of an Ex-Muslim“. Both are voices behind the Secular Jihadists podcast, along […]
Shaun King, a noted activist, claims that whiteness protects against the terrorism label being applied. (Timothy McVeigh? Any one? Any one?) In London, UK, commuters panic upon hearing Bible verses in a train platform; Smuding ceremonies in Regina public schools; The US votes against a UN resolution which condemns the death penalty for blasphemy and […]
As per usual with our potpourri episodes, we discuss a number of topics du jour…
We get together and talk about a bunch of stuff, including the fallout from CFI and its lack of support to the Calgary chapter; maybe talk about intersectional feminism and its postmodernist/Marxist roots…
In this episode, we look at a Sokal-style hoax perpetrated by James Lindsay and Peter Boghossian on a gender studies journal exposing gender studies’ problems publishing utter drivel so long as it is compatible with a PC moral position; In Islam Today, an unmarried couple in Linda Sarsour’s idea of paradise were stoned to death […]
We have two interviews to bring you today. The first is with James Lindsay who, along with his partner in crime Peter Boghossian, recently hoaxed Cogent Social Sciences with a paper chalking climate change up to toxic masculinity and claiming manspreading was an act of raping the air around them. We ask James about why […]
In this episode we are joined by Cami Ryan, a social scientist with Regulatory Policy and Scientific Affairs for Monsanto. We also tackle a number of items: In a far-reaching decision a Saskatchewan judge says non-Catholics can not attend Catholic schools; A publicly-funded Catholic school in Red Deer shows an anti-choice video comparing abortion to […]
Podcasting a critical eye on a sometimes less-than-critical world...
Later on in this episode we get to some juicy stories, including a CBC report which outlines how the Alberta government has been funding unproven experimental health programs on the elderly and homeless; Ayaan Hirsi Ali cancels a visit to the Land Down Under because of threats on her person from Islamists; Conrad Black goes […]
Faisal Saeed Al Mutar (founder of the Global Secular Humanist Movement), Aron Ra (president of Atheist Alliance of America) and Lilandra Nelson join Christine, Twyla and yours truly, the Supreme Irreverend Doctor Randy Tyson to talk election talk. Before that, though, we discuss the bruhaha the Southern Poverty Law Center caused in naming Maajid Nawaz […]
Join us for this installment of our humble podcast I, your Supreme Irreverend Doctor Randy Tyson, am joined by Kris and Twyla in another one of our potpourri episodes. Tonight we talk about the death of Nahed Hattar, murdered in front of the courthouse in which he had been defending himself against accusations of blasphemy […]
In this, the 182nd installment of LoRD, the Legion of Reason Diversion, Kris, Twyla and yours truly, the Supreme Irreverend Doctor Randy Tyson share relevant news items in another potpourri episode: Duke University’s Women’s Center is offering men a nine-week reprogramming to get in touch with their feminine side; a theater group in Bristol canceled […]
Well Tim Minchin, Cardinal Pell did indeed “Come Home”. He will be on trial for – wait for it! – sexually abusing a minor; News on the Laurier/Lindsay Shepherd debacle, as a draft on free expression was released last week; Duke U students emboldened by their victory of receiving no punishment (and hence no harmful […]
For episode 233, June 10, 2018…. BC couple lose custody of their child after claiming that Jesus spoke through their lawyer. Their lawyer refused to comment. Because it’s a stuffed lion. And stuffed lions can’t talk. An Australian naturopath receives a 14-month sentence for advising a breast-feeding mother to stop medicating her infant’s eczema and […]
For episode 256, Sunday, May 5, 2019... Evolutionary biologist Colin Wright joins us to talk about evo, the new science denialism from the left, trans women in sport and sex differences in behavior. Colin is an Eberly Fellow at the Department of Biology, Pennsylvania State University.
For Episode 255, April 28, 2019: Eye on Islam... Of course we'll talk about the Islamist attacks in Sri Lanka. Linda "Cockroach" Sarsour was invited to speak in Winnipeg, but the city's mayor Brian Bowman is demanding she be disinvited. The Sadistic Sultan of Brunei defends signing the death penalty by stoning for homosexuality and adultery into law against its European critics, writing that there is a high bar for finding someone guilty. Cuz yeah. That's what the problem is, not that these are considered crimes in the first place. Writing in the Guardian, Owen Jones makes a plea to the Muslim community to band together to fight the far right which threatens The Regressive Left Files... What's this? An American college where students engage in discourse with someone they disagree with? How dare they! After Middlebury College cancelled an event mere hours before Charles Murray was scheduled to speak, one class quietly decided to invite him and engage his ideas. Wow. What a concept! At Sartoga Springs High School parents were up in arms about an assignment wherein students calculated their privilege, as if a single number could sum up anyone's life experiences. Victimhood culture poisons everything, just like religion. Catholic Watch... Easter has come and gone for another year. Pope denounces the "glitter of wealth" in front of giant gold-guilded candle inside of opulent St. Peter's Basilica, designed to project the Church's power and wealth, not to mention the favor of God. No one has ever accused the Vatican of a good sense of self awareness. Meanwhile, non-Roman Catholic catholic churches are on the rise in the US. I wonder why? New Jersey governor Phil Murphy signed a bill into law allowing medical assistance in dying in that state. This despite his Catholic beliefs and the protestations of bishops. Yes, Virginia, it is possible to act in the best interests of all despite one's personal beliefs. A Philadelphia court ruled against the archdiocese who took the city to court over its refusal to renew a contract to place children in foster care. Why? The Catholic Social Services refused even in principle placing foster children with same-sex couples. One question - why the hell is Catholic Social Services a thing? Quack Tracts... The current measles crisis is the worst outbreak in 25 years. Thanks, Obama!
Kevin Francis from Left At The Valley joins us in discussing issues du jour: More religious interference in assisted dying; a human rights complaint over court-mandated attendance in Alcoholics Anonymous; Islam: The Tour; and From the Regressive Left Files: Black Lives Matter demands Vancouver Pride ban police from participation.
This past Victoria Day weekend was Imagine No Religion 6, and we have two interviews for you this week: Dr. Michael Shermer and The Amazing Randi graciously agreed to being interviewed, brokered by Left At The Valley’s Kevin Francis. (Thanks, Kevin!)
In this, the 161st episode join Christine and me, the Supreme Irreverend Doctor Randy Tyson, in welcoming Dr. Ali Rizvi to our humble periodical. Ali is Pakistan-born Canadian physician/writer residing in Toronto who grew up in a number of locales, including Libya, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan, as part of a progressive Muslim family. Ali’s writings […]
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