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Well that was a long break wasn't it? So long in fact that we are just gonna say that this is now Season 03! So if you are still with us... Thanks! Now, let's get on with the show. It's been so long since we were on air that we decided to kick
We present Part 2 in our series of shows looking at Conspiracy Theories. UFOs are our main focus this time with Roswell a chief point of discussion along with the "otherwordly" exploits of aerospace engineer, Wernher von Braun, and the story of
So we've all gasped, cheered and generally been impressed with the superhero offerings from Marvel Studios over the last few years. But what about the other big cheese? DC Comics? This episode we look at the DC TV & Film Universe, which, whils
This time round on the Liberation Frequency we take a look at Conspiracy Theories: What does the term mean, what makes a good conspiracy and why do people want to believe in them? From 911 to the Apollo Moon Landings, we chew over some of the m
The LF is back, after a long break, but don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten our core values! No. True Believer, we are returning to the airwaves with the only discussion that is happening at any true nerds dinner table at this time - The Marvel C
This episode of the LF Podcast we investigate all those things which are so bad they are good! The films, the songs, the TV shows. What are your Guilty Pleasures? Host: Denis-Jose Francois; Guests: Tee-J Sutherland, Dan Collacott & Imran Mirza
It's finally happened. The dead have risen... but contrary to current popular fiction it's not slow-moving, unthinking zombies we need to worry about. It's smart, strong, fast and devastatingly attractive Vampires! It's been a while since we -
This month we are looking at the future of books, Comics and reading. What was the last book or comic you read? Was it physical or digital? Which do you prefer? where do you stand with audio books. We also talk about True Detective, The origin
What does a night out at the movies mean to you? What do you think it will mean in the future? On this months episode we continue our future series with a look at the present and future of Cinema. Also on this episode: Arrow, Breaking Bad, Boar
this month we are looking at the future of TV. What kind of programs do we watch now, how do we watch them and what's in store for the future. We also look at Agent's of Shield, The Desolation of Smaug, Happy & much more. with Denis-Jose Franco
The Future of music. Join Denis-Jose Francois, Dan Collacott, Imran Mirza and special guest Shane Lightowler as the muse and speculate on the future or listening to, buying and creating music. Also in this episode: only god fogives, Batfleck an
Movies are arguably the most visually appealing storytelling medium, but as we've known for decades, their attraction is severely diminised without sound. And what is a soundtrack without music? Well, just a bunch of noises, right? In this epis
What makes a great hero? Who are the best villains? Are there heroes where we least expect them? What about... Music? Also in this episode: Imran tells us all about his experience at a live recording of Later with Jules Holland, Bernice has b
Women in Genre Fiction, Top 10 most kick-ass women in sci-fi, The Hobbit, All New X-men and BWAAAAAM!
Time. It ruthlessly marches on, without waiting or consent. Perhaps that's why the dream of time travel is such a strong one? The chance to change the past.... Or to see into the future!  Indeed, since before the birth of cinema, comics, games
In this, the third in our series of survival guides, we look at the possibilities of...THE RISE OF THE MACHINES! How will you survive when mankind is being eliminated and turned to slavery by the very robots, computers and appliances that it's
  Spoiler Alert!: In this episode of the Liberation Frequency, we are talking about our favourtie movie endings. So there will be spoilers! OK, you've probably seen them too, but in case you haven't the list includes... I am Legend, the Italian
In part 2 of this months podcast, we continue our discussion on Censorhip with a look at the '7 words you can't say on TV' and some of the attempts to tone down video games over the past few years. We also take on some more 'Frequency Asked Que
As long as there has been media and government there has been censorship. But why? Why do we do it, and is it actually effective? This month, The LF crew tackle the subject of of censorship in all forms of media: Music, Film, Books, Comedy, Com
In this Episode Denis-Jose Sits down for a conversation with Director Hasraf Dulull about his newly released short film: Fubar. You can see the full 'Redux' version at
In part 2 of our guide to comics newbies we look at industry terminology, comics acceptance through the ages, the DC New 52 and compile a list of 'must read' graphic novels and comic collections. We also answer more 'Frequency Asked Questions'
This month LF presents a guide for first time comics readers who don't know where to start! We also talk about The Hunger Games, Chronicle, John Carter, The London Film Museum, The Straits and Zack Braff's 'All New People'
This episode the LF Team examine Comedy at the movies, and discuss which movies are the funniest of all time, why some things seem to be timeless and why some formats don't translate to the big screen
This month Liberation Frequency is taking a look at Piracy and we ask the questions: How bad is it? Who is really losing out? Are pirated copies truly lost sales? Will it ever go away? Rhis month also sees the start of a new feature: Frequency
Happy New Year... and Happy Birthday to us! Of course we couldn't look back without looking forward so in this, the second half of our New Year Birthday show we cast an eager eye at 2012 and all it's geeky media promise in Film, Comics, Telev
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