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Are Mere Opinions Killing Your Mojo? - MTP277

Released Friday, 12th November 2021
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After over three decades of coaching, my guest has concluded that when we experience PEACE we are more production with regard to that which we deem most important. This led him to develop the controversial 30-Day Opinion Diet. In his words, 'It's a detox for your mind, not your body. Taking a break from constantly judging every situation in your life can do wonders for your mental health.' Now, we already know Twitter and Facebook are designed to draw us into spontaneous and often toxic debate, which keeps us addicted to their platforms. But the social cost of everyone being their own media outlet--and trolling each other--is harsh. So how does ceasing and desisting from scattering our opinions far and wide help us? And how does it actually make us MORE attractive to women? What damage has the 'pack mentality' associated with the echo chamber phenomenon already done to our collective psyche? How are dating apps particularly insidious when it comes to messing with our heads? Listen in as Matthew describes the four separate components of what he calls the 30-Day No Opinion Diet. What was the primal purpose of having opinions, and why does it not serve us so well anymore in this post-modern world? Is opinionated arrogance literally baked-in to our psychology archetypally? If so what do we do about THAT? Discover how people weaponize opinions in sneak attack mode...often without us even knowing what hit us. How can we avoid that from now on? What happens when we not only break ourselves of GIVING opinions, but 'live and let live' with regard to the opinions of others? What are the two exceptional circumstances that might possibly make your opinions matter? Does the Opinion Diet make us less, well, opinionated? Do we gain a more open mind from it? How does that help? Get in on the newsletter and join all the fun at https://mountaintoppodcast.com
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