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How common is pollution in the United States, and what kind of practical impact does it have?  Economist Claudia Persico joins the podcast to discuss her new report for PPI's Innovation Frontier Project, titled "How Exposure To Pollution Quietl
Why are so many crucial parts of a good life becoming more and more expensive over time?  And why is "Let's just use the government to pay for it" not a satisfactory response? Sam Hammond and Daniel Takash of the Niskanen Center join the podcas
It's the fourth episode of our Liberalism Around the World series, examining the state of liberalism in many countries and regions. This week's episode is all about liberalism in Bangladesh. Our guest is Imran Khan, a policy analyst, climate ad
With gigantic infrastructure bills making their way through Congress, Jeremiah outlines a vision of what a neoliberal infrastructure package should look like. Which types of 'hard infrastructure' are most valuable?  What about the 'soft infras
What's going on with the infrastructure bills in Congress?  Business Insider's Grace Panetta and PPI's Ben Ritz join the podcast to talk about these giant infrastructure bills.  What's in the bills?  Why are they split in two?  Why are moderate
The age old question - how do we actually define neoliberalism?  Philosopher Kevin Vallier talks about his new entry in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy that attempts to set a firm definition of what neoliberalism is.  We discuss the cor
How should we think about the recent protests in Cuba?  Author and commentator Antonio Garcia Martinez joins the show to discuss politics in Cuba.  We discuss the fascinating history of the internet in Cuba, how technology led to the recent rou
Congressman Jim Himes (CT-04) joined the Center for New Liberalism for a Twitch livestream to discuss his work in Congress on Cybersecurity and Inequality.  CNL director Colin Mortimer and Rep. Himes discuss how the US should respond to state-s
How can we reduce the harm from dangerous products like cigarettes and other drugs?  NYU professor Ray Niaura joins the show to talk about harm reduction policies.  We discuss government interventions like sin taxes, warning labels, and adverti
It's the return of Real Neoliberal Hour, with political junkies and comedians Andrea Jones Rooy and Andrew Heaton. The gang discusses bipartisanship, Critical Race Theory, communist microwaves, racist fish, and why podcast listeners are so muc
Jeremiah recaps the best books he's read so far in 2021, including books covering the practice of medicine, artificial intelligence, political organizing, history, economics, and more - 18 books total! Also included are reviews for science fict
Why are there so many proposals to break up Big Tech, and what impact would that have?  PPI's Director of Technology Policy Alec Stapp joins the podcast to discuss the recent antitrust bills in Congress aimed at the biggest tech companies in th
The Neoliberal Project is proud to announce our first ever Week of Action.  We're hosting 35+ events in 7 countries as our local chapters come back with a bang in the new post-COVID world. We're also having our first ever membership drive, enco
It's the two year anniversary of Jeremiah's kidney donation, and in this episode he makes the argument that you, the listener, should also consider donating.  Jeremiah discusses why kidney disease is such a large problem, how much good a donate
This episode is a joint episode - I sit down with Richard Reeves, Brookings Institute Senior Fellow, Author of 'Dream Hoarders' and host of the new podcast Dialogues with Richard Reeves.  We compare modern liberalism with previous generations o
Virginia Postrel, author of The Fabric of Civilization, joins the show for a wide ranging conversation.  We discuss the history of cloths, textiles, and fabrics as detailed in her recent book, and why the history of fabrics is often the same th
How is Substack changing online media, and are those changes making our discourse better or worse?  Substack CEO Chris Best joins the show to discuss all things Substack.  We talk about Substack's origins and mission, the various ways in which
It's a mailbag episode!  Jeremiah takes listener questions on voting methods, whether debt is dangerous, land value taxes, future guests, interviewing techniques, the NYC mayor's race, and much more! Want to hear your question on the next mailb
Is openness beneficial or harmful to societies, past and present? Swedish author Johan Norberg joins the show to discuss his book Open: The Story of Human Progress and talk about openness throughout history.  We discuss how open exchange, free
Why do people bitterly defend their beliefs no matter what, instead of just searching for what is true?  Julia Galef joins the podcast to discuss her new book The Scout Mindset.  We discuss the differences between Scout Mindset and Soldier Min
How did right wing media reach the sorry state it's in today?  Media Matters senior fellow Matt Gertz joins the podcast to talk about Fox News and the rest of the right wing media.  How did the conservative media ecosystem develop over time?  W
The third episode of our Liberalism Around the World series, examining the state of liberalism in many countries and regions.  Our guests this week are Angelica Oung and Kwangyin Liu, two reporters living in Taipei, to talk about the state of p
What is political hobbyism, and why is it a bad thing for our politics and our country?  Political Science professor Eitan Hersh joins the show to talk about his book Politics Is For Power.  We discuss why most people who talk about politics ar
How can Joe Biden's upcoming bills help territories like the Virgin Islands?  US House Representative Stacey Plaskett joins a joint episode of the Neoliberal Podcast and Radically Pragmatic, PPI's new podcast.  We discuss the history of the
As the United States continues to rapidly vaccinate and nears the end of the COVID pandemic, Jeremiah shares some personal reflections on a year of living through a global pandemic. How did the pandemic change us? What were the medical, social,
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