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Josh Ryan-Collins is a British academic that can show you… Why housing is inflated across the West… The secret of the banking system that few understand… Two economic factors that are absolutely essential for you to know… How banks and governments fail the people they are meant to serve… Why the economy is hostage to the boom bust cycle… And plenty more! Tune in now to discover the key insights from his new book, Why Can’t You Afford a Home?
  A note from Callum: I admire both of Tom Miller’s books. He’s one of the few people I trust to tell me what’s happening over in China. His first book, China’s Urban Billion, was published in 2012. I give him a lot of credit for this, because he defused a lot of the hysteria surrounding China’s ‘ghost cities’ at the time. His latest book is just as good, and very important if you’re interested in geopolitics like me. It’s called China’s Asian Dream: Empire Building Along the New Silk Road. It’s a look at China’s ongoing rise to power, and the complicated relationships it has with its neighbours — and the US. There was a lot to talk about! By the way, Tom is also a senior Asian analyst with prestigious research house Gavekal. It costs a small fortune to subscribe to their stuff, so we’re really lucky to hear him speak. We discussed… China’s economy and the potential for a slowdown The sectors Tom would avoid when it comes to Chinese shares China’s strategy with its ‘One Belt, One Road’ infrastructure rollout The potential for Chinese President Xi Jinping to grasp further political power at the upcoming Party Congress Plus more!
Monetary reformer Joe Bongiovanni joins Callum on the podcast to discuss... Why the US is a key country in monetary history… How the US colonies achieved great prosperity… The reason Napoleon said money has no motherland... The secret bank maneuverers behind the US civil war... How banks create credit... How Abraham Lincoln funded his war effort… A possible explanation for Lincoln’s assassination... Why a US dollar today is not a real ‘greenback’... Why 1860’s America is still important today... Plus more!    
One of Australia's best Investigative Journalists, Michael West joins Callum on the podcast to discuss… Why the big media players are hemorrhaging money and staff... Where 80% of readers are actually getting their news from... The impact investigative journalism can have on a company's share price... Plus more! To read Michael West’s independent investigative journalism, go to   Special Report: The ‘foxes’ are at work in Canberra, too. And, according to this Special Investigation by Vern Gowdie, their greed could be about to cause an almighty calamity in the Australian economy. Watch this… -
James Woodburn and Kris Sayce hijack the Newman show (again) to discuss recent market news across Money Morning and The Daily Reckoning. Join Woody and Sayce for an informal shouting match with Jason Stevenson on… Jason's controversial presentation at The Great Repression conference... The War on Cash in India... Why you shouldbuy a goat... and raise a herd... The Greatest Hoax of Our Time: Why the government is using climate science to tax you... The real science behind the coming Ice Age... The commodity that could beat out Iron Ore as Australia's top export. and More…   Throw on your headphones and click “Play” above, or check it out on iTunes here or Stitcher here.
Mining industry veteran Dermot Ryan joins Callum on the podcast to discuss… How overseas money helped drive the boom bust cycle in junior explorers in recent years… Why 2013 was the pivot year for Australian miners... The shock and wipeout that hit the Aussie small explorers… Why Dermot focuses on Australia and the major risk he’s always wary of… Why the prevailing view about resource shortages is bogus… The technology that’s going to revolutionise the mineral exploration industry… Why Dermot is bullish on gold long term…  The OTHER commodity (you'll never guess)he’s watching for an ongoing price move upwards… Why Dermot's positioning for a mining rebound… Plus more!
James 'Woody' Woodburn and Kris Sayce hijack the Newman show to discuss recent market news across Money Morning and The Daily Reckoning. Join 'Woody' and Sayce for an informal discussion on… Trump Infrastructure spending… where’s the money going… Resource Investment Opportunities… What interest rates are doing locally and abroad… How far the Aussie housing market has left to run… The War on Cash… and More… Special Report: ANNOUNCING: THE LAZARUS PROJECT – Your Best Chance To Double Every Dollar You Invest This Year Most Australians left the mining sector for dead four years ago. Resource Speculator readers did not. This year they’ve been piling up profits of 100%…142%… 146% and 242% … while the ASX has handed straight-laced ‘buy-and-holders’ a lousy 3.5% gain. But this is no new commodities boom. It’s an opportunity to punt on beaten-down Australian businesses… stocks that can suddenly rise from the ‘dead’… making you enormous sums of money in the process… [more] - Footnotes: What A Difference 2 Percentage Points Makes - The Curse of the High and Mighty-Property Market - Could Trump ‘Trump’ Australia’s Property Market? - War On Cash: The Wealth Grab Continues -
Entrepreneur and businessman Mark Robinson joins Callum on the podcast to discuss...   How Mark went from broke to a successful entrepreneur … The one good thing about being at rock bottom… His principal wealth building strategy...  What Mark believes is the trick when it comes to money... How to choose a strategy to suit YOUR goals... One way to escape Australia's high cost of living...  This former mortgage broker's view on negative gearing...  A 'secret' of millionaires that you need to know...   Plus more! 
On March 8, Callum called John Robb to talk about the insurgencies happening all over the world.  John Robb is a military analyst, technology entrepreneur and author of the book Brave New War. He also writes the Global Guerrillas blog.  In the podcast they discuss: Why Donald Trump isn’t running a political campaign but a political insurgency and why it matters… Why Trump is the first true social media candidate… Which part of America Trump is appealing too and why he has the Republican elite scared… John’s impressions as an American living in the wake of 2008… Why John’s concept of the ‘hollow state’ is replacing a declining nation state…   How John’s experience in technology suggests 90% of jobs are at risk of automation… Who’s leading the robotics revolution: Silicon Valley or the US military? The US military’s vision for the future of war… How robotics could change warfare between nation states… If ‘Skynet’ is a risk we should worry about with the robotics revolution… What he found so striking about ISIS as a student of warfare… Why the oil boom is a good thing in regards to geopolitical flashpoints...  Where a population boom will drive war and disruption for the next century… Plus more!
Steve Keen, Australian economist and author of the book Debunking Economics, joins Callum on the podcast to discuss… Why mainstream economics taught in the universities is junk… The establishment reaction to Karl Marx that spawned a century of policy failure… Why he rebelled against the economic profession as a student in the 1970’s… The key variable in the economy mainstream economists don’t understand… How the banking system works and why it matters for your investments…. How the former chairman of the Federal Reserve didn’t understand what he was doing during the GFC… The reality of money few people understand… Why the concept of the 'money multiplier' is bogus... The insight from Islamic finance the West could benefit from… What Japan’s decision to use negative interest rates means for the world… His view of Australia’s property market… Plus more!
Analyst and publisher Porter Stansberry joins Callum on the podcast to discuss:  How he foresaw the oil price collapse years before it happened… The surprising truth about which country produces the most oil today…  How the Saudis are attempting to break the back of US energy producers… The tidal wave of bad debts Porter sees hitting America and fixed income investors over the next 36 months… Four credit bubbles at risk of bursting that every investor should be watching… The sector of the financial community driven into high risk areas thanks to central bank policy… The new ‘subprime’ rotting in the heart of some US blue chip stocks… The trillion dollar debt around the neck of young Americans that’s not being paying paid back… How to avoid and take advantage of the coming defaults… How Wall Street has been exporting bad debts around the world… The two gun fixed income investors who are circling to buy distressed debt right now… Why Porter loves bonds… Porter’s new book that will expose Warren Buffett’s abysmal performance in the last 20 years after a stellar career…  Plus more!
UK property expert and trader Akhil Patel joins Callum on the podcast to discuss: What brought down the UK banking system in 2008 that collapsed the British economy… Why Britain has recovered faster than Europe… Return of ‘Cottonopolis’ to Manchester and what it means for British manufacturing… Why the UK is poised for a big property cycle… The debate splitting the country about the divide between the rich and poor getting wider… The key cities outside London looking positive for property investors… London’s huge new infrastructure project driving land values higher… How to spot the lucrative opportunities in real estate… Why it’s still very difficult to get a bank loan in the UK seven years after the collapse… The opportunity brewing in this key sector for traders and investors… Why Europe might be a ground floor opportunity… Plus more! 
You can hear about Sam’s ‘Cyber Defender’ stocks HERE. If the link isn't live in your browser, you can cut and paste this link to check it out Tune in to hear... Why Sam believes cyber security could be the biggest trend of the 21st century … The billions being invested from major corporations…. Why Sam flew from London to Singapore for the latest banking conference… The exponential growth and disruption of technology in major industries… Why the fundamental business model of banks is changing and under threat… The potential from major tech companies like Apple, Google and Facebook to encroach into finance and payments… What the exclusive SIBOS conference revealed about the Chinese economy… Plus more!
How safe is your job from being automated? Have you even thought about it? What does our future of self-driving cars and intelligent robotics look like? Martin Ford is the author of the acclaimed book Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future. Tune in to discover… Why white-collar jobs are under threat from algorithms and robotics… The industries immediately under threat from automation… Why the exponential rise of technology will continue… The tech area that Australia is at the forefront of… Martin’s view from living and working in Silicon Valley… Why artificial intelligence is about to invade the whole economy… The time-tested solution that will no longer work… The sector of the economy least likely to be affected… The driving force behind the research and developing happening now… Why he thinks this trend will destroy the middle class… What has Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking worried… Plus more !
Imagine if you could know in advance probable dates when the market will turn in one direction or another. Most people say it can’t be done. A few men beg to differ. Jeremy Calnan is one of them. He’s also a fully qualified financial advisor at CalnanFlack and he's been trading the markets since he was 17 Tune in to discover… The market forecaster that pioneered technical analysis and trend trading in the early 1900’s… Jeremy’s mentor who featured in Jack Schwager’s classic book The New Market Wizards… What drives the market… The problem for fundamental investors… His counterpunch to the skeptics who say you can’t forecast the markets… The secret to forming an outline of the market shape a year before it’s even happened… How Jeremy times his entry and exit points into the market… His analysis and forecast for the Aussie banks… The key to making money in the market… Why Jeremy is very positive on Australian stocks both this year and over the next ten years… Plus more !  
Stephen Zarlenga is the author of the classic book 'The Lost Science of Money'. He joined Callum on the podcast to discuss... What 3000 years of history reveals about the nature and 'science' of money... Why modern 'economics' is a tool of class warfare and destruction of the common good...   The battle for monetary control that goes back to ancient Greece and Rome... The dividing line between who should control the monetary power of society... What banks don't want you to know about the system we live in... Why as a society we don't really have 'money'... Where the boom/bust nature of the economy comes from... The flawed argument for the gold standard... America's second Great Depression happening now... Who was REALLY responsible for the 1923-24 Weimar inflation in Germany... The secret behind the American Revolution of 1776... Plus plenty more !
Economist, author and social activist Fred Harrison joins Callum on the podcast to discuss his remarkable 18 year business cycle theory. Fred reveals… How he forecast the collapse of 2008 11 years in advance… The secret to understanding the business cycle… What indicators he watches to guide his investment decisions… Why governments choose to ignore policies that could stop the boom bust nature of the ‘market’ economy… The vested interests that control the political process and society… The tax reform that could deliver prosperity for everyone…  Why the corrupt culture of the West has been exported around the world… How the IMF, the World Bank and Western governments hijacked reform in Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union… What’s stoking property markets all over the world… Fred’s fears for the times we live in… When the next major downturn is due… Fred’s forecast dates for the global property cycle…. And why true tax reform is a moral issue, not an economic one... Plus more!
Ed Dodson is a retired credit analyst. He worked for a company called Fannie Mae for over twenty years. Fannie Mae was and still is a crucial link in the US housing market. Ed saw the events leading up to the GFC from the inside. What’s worse, he says, is we’re going around the same cycle – AGAIN. Tune in to discover… How the seeds of 2008 were sown years and years before… What drove the big banks to target the subprime market… Why hedge funds are suing the US government today… A classic book on the US subprime crisis… How criminals got away scot free despite causing trillions in financial damage… Why the systemic problems that caused the bubble in the first place have NOT been addressed in the years since… What drives the boom bust cycle in the American economy… Why mainstream economists are trained to ignore the growing disaster of US government debt… And more!  
Josef Joffe, author of the book The Myth of America’s Decline, joins Callum on the podcast to discuss his book. You’ll discover… The different memes that have had ‘experts’ writing off the US for fifty years… Why he calls the time we’re living in ‘Decline 5.0’ and its bogus assumptions… The four previous contenders for global superpower that never made it… How he forecast China’s slowdown years before it starting happening… The historical event that triggered a mass change in human outlook across the entire West… The factors you need to watch to judge the status of the USA relative to the rest of the world… Why Europe cannot match the USA in terms of total power… And the ONE place in the world your very future is being created… Plus more!  
Shaun Rein is a consultant and analyst based in Shanghai. He’s also the author of two books on China. They are The End of Cheap China and The End of Copycat China. He joined Callum on the podcast to discuss: Why the mainstream view of China’s currency is wrong… How the Western press rigs and distorts news about China… Why the days of ‘cheap China’ are over and what it means for the rest of the world… The two factors most pundits look at that don’t reveal what’s REALLY happening in China… Which two indicators to watch to gauge the health of China’s economy… How China’s real estate market is misunderstood and why… The main factor driving Chinese money into Australian and American real estate…  Why Sydney property is actually ‘cheap’ for wealthy Chinese… Whether you can trust China’s stock market enough to put money in it… The underlying trends in the Chinese economy… And the best opportunities for Australian businesses and entrepreneurs to cash in on over the next 5-10 years… Plus more!
Have you ever dreamt of being your own boss? Or at least having the financial freedom to spend your time the way YOU want? Well, your best shot at that lifestyle is to own a healthy business. But how to begin? Where to find business opportunities? What do you do? That’s where Tristan Fieldon — a small business expert dubbed the BizOpp Detective — can help. He’s launched a new service dedicated to finding you niche and small business ideas to bring in extra cash. You can see more at (You can cut and paste the link if its not working directly) Some ideas are for the weekend…some have bigger goals and markets… Some can run for years…others months…but they are all designed to put you in control of your life (not to mention make you richer). He’s been an entrepreneur for 25 years and wants to share with you the insight that comes from building 15 businesses from the ground up. Tune in today and you’ll learn: The skills you need to focus on to launch and run your business ventures… What stops people from achieving their financial goals and escaping the 9–5 cubicle trap… The secret of the ‘miracle morning’ that puts you on the front foot every day to tackle problems and rake in more money… How to negate worries and self-doubt as you launch new products and services… How to cultivate the ‘entrepreneur’s mindset’… Two ideas to get you started Plus more! PS: One thing Tristan doesn’t talk about in the podcast is what he calls the $50 property plan.  Check out to hear all about that.
Writer and stock analyst Chris Mayer joined Callum on the podcast to discuss the release of his latest book. It’s called 100 Baggers: Stocks That Return 100 to 1 and How to Find Them. Tune in and discover… The man Chris discovered in 2011, who inspired his new book and changed his investing approach despite 10 years of success… Chris's statistical study that cost US$140,000 on the 100-bagger stocks from the last 50 years… The characteristics the best performing stocks have, that you need to find… How the study revealed an intriguing insight about which industries the best stocks were in… Why the hardest part of dealing with 100-bagger stocks is not what you think… The secret of the ‘coffee can’ portfolio… How Chris decides when he’s wrong about a stock… What the financial statements can tell you about a company…and, crucially, what they can’t… The ‘twin engines’ that fueled the stocks that turned $10,000 into over a million in the last 50 years… Why you have time on your side as an investor… The surprising truth about the price you can pay and still make big money… Chris’s insight into Warren Buffett and his company Berkshire Hathaway…   Plus more!
You can access Jason's free video series here. Jason McIntosh, a 25 year veteran trading markets, joins Callum on the podcast to discuss his Quant Trader service and also... The superstar trader that pioneered algorithmic trading in Australia... Jason's baptism of fire trading markets for a major investment bank... What algorithmic trading is... Why you can trade more markets with a quant system... How Quant Trader finds and filters for stock market opportunities... The beauty of system trading... How much momney you need to begin tading the markets... The beauty of system trading... Jason's approach to stop losses... Why Quant Trader focuses on small and midcap stocks... The biggest mistake novice investors and traders make... A common struggle many investors have they need to get over... The personality type that struggles in the markets... The quality you need to cultivate as a trader... Where you do and don't have an edge in the market as a retail trader... The free videos you can benefit from... Plus more!   
Economist and property market specialist Cameron Murray joins Callum on the podcast to discuss his new report Clean Money in a Dirty System: Relationship Networks and Land Rezoning in Queensland.  You'll discover: The three years he's spent proving how political favouritism delivers millions to connected insiders... How developers and landowners buy up cheap land then rig the approval system... The distored allocation process and how it affects planning and urban efficiency... Why the best indicator of a favourable approval is not what you think... Why he thinks the problems infects states and councils all over the country... Insight into the Australian media's reporting on the issue... The revolving door between politics and industry... How we could stop the corruption around Australian property and development... Plus more! 
Jim Rickards, financial strategist and author of the books Currency Wars and The Death of Money joins Callum to discuss:  Why the world is in a currency war and why Jim thinks it will continue indefinately.... The danger of the RBA's strategy of cheapening the Aussie dollar...  The outlook for the Aussie dollar from here... Why the RBA is trying to have it both ways... His forecast for the euro... What former US Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke revealed to Jim in a private meetining in Korea... Jim's forecast for the direction of US interest rates... The dangerous line the Fed is navigating... What could cause US stocks to drop 15-20%... How a 'Grexit' coud stil be catastrophic for Europe and why... The possible chain of events that could overturn 40 years of US-Saudi relations and further dethrone the US dollar... The secret agenda of the IMF... The undeclared 'war' governments are fighting to impose more control on the economy and we the people... The blurry line between liberty and national security... And more! 
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