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What are the effects of unresolved trauma? What can happen if stress is unresolved? What happens if childhood trauma is not resolved? How does unresolved trauma affect parenting? Tune in, as Oleg & Dr. Don Wood discuss the impact of unresol
Is being appreciated a fundamental human need? What does it mean to you to feel appreciated? How do you tell someone you feel unappreciated? Tune in on June 4th at 10:45 AM CST, as Casey Berman, Scott Mason and Oleg, discuss the impact of fe
Do you #care about what others think of you? If so, why? Is it possible to TRULY NOT CARE about what think of you? Is there a difference between #acknowledgment and caring? What do others’ #opinions tell about who you are? Is there a grain
“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” - Walt Disney 💫 What is your big 💭 dream in life? What do you want the most? How do you turn your dreams into #goals? What do your #dreams mean and why do you have them
“If it wasn’t for the last minute, nothing would get done.” Can you relate? Please don’t make us feel as if we’re the only ones who experience this 😂 Why do you procrastinate? How do you determine what to put off until tomorrow? Is procr
How do you deal with other people's expectations? How do other people’s expectations affect you? Do you love someone with or without expectations? Join us, as Edward Bodenheimer and Oleg explore the need for some of us to live up to other pe
How do you have a conversation about money? How do you talk about money in a relationship? What is a polite way to ask for money? Tune in, as Jen Fontanilla and Oleg, discuss how to have conversations about money, the fear of talking about m
How do you market yourself? How do you market yourself professionally? How do you market yourself without marketing? Tune in, as Adrian and Oleg, dive deep into how to sell yourself in less than 25 words, ways to market your skills, ways to
How do you overcome challenges? How can you train yourself to be confident in times of adversity? How do you stay positive when facing adversity? Tune in, as Michelle Madrid-Branch and Oleg, discuss the importance of maintaining a positive o
What does #fulfillment​ look like? What are the most fulfilling things in #life​? What makes a fulfilled life? Tune in, as Emily Melious and Oleg, dive deep into what personal fulfillment means, what gives one a sense of fulfillment, ways to
What does it mean to be kind? What kindness mean to you? How do you show kindness? Tune in, as Lena and Oleg, explore the importance of kindness, acts of kindness and many other related topics. *** If you enjoy the podcast, would you please
How do you normalize something? What is the connection between trauma and normalization? Join us on 🗓 April 30th, 🎯 10:45 AM CST, to ask questions and share your perspectives on this topic, as Scott Mason, Casey Berman, and Oleg Lougheed wi
What does having potential mean? What does it look like when you see someone have potential? How do you acknowledge someone else’s potential without projecting your own limitations onto them? How does seeing someone not use their full potent
What is the “IT” factor? Do some have it and others don’t? Or does everyone have it in their own unique way? How do you know if you have the “IT” factor? Is it a feeling, thought or something entirely different? Join us on Apr 9th, 11:45 A
Bruce Lee once said, “A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.” What makes a powerful or transformational question? What gives one the ability to learn from such questions? Is questioning es
What are the signs of burnout at work? How do you fix burnout? What are the warning signs of burnout? Tune in, as Elisabeth and Oleg, explore what happens if you ignore burnout, what burnout feels like, and ways to fully recover from burnout
What have you learned about yourself since starting your business? How do you apply business related lessons to everyday life? Is there a work-life balance? Tune in, as Nancy John and Oleg, dive deep into lessons learned from starting a #bus
What is vibrational healing? How does vibrational healing work? What is the best frequency for the human body? Tune in, as Carlos and Oleg, discuss how to use sound to heal self, benefits of vibration healing, what lowers vibrational freq
What are the emotional benefits of play? What are the social benefits of play? Why is risk and struggle important in play? Tune in, as Zander Phelps and Oleg, dive deep into benefits of play for adults, the impact of play on one's communicat
We all have our own views of our lives and how our “story” is told. But, have you ever hoped to tell part of your story differently? Have you ever wished to view your life story as more happy, more sad, more truthful? In this episode, Oleg
How is this serving me? How do you know when a relationship no longer serves you? How do you release what no longer serves you? Tune in, as David and I, dive deep into letting go of things that no longer serve you, what services looks like i
Without human connection, society itself could not exist. In fact, without relationships, we might not be human at all. And so, some would say, strong relationships are among the most important things a person can experience. Can gratitu
In the darkness of grief, few words can feel as inappropriate as “gratitude.” But in grief - just perhaps - is hashtag#gratitude actually the most important emotion of all? What are some psychological effects of gratitude? What is the connec
What is your personal leadership philosophy? What are your core values? How do you connect your values with your big goals? Tune in, as Lindsay and Oleg, discuss ways to develop daily habits to achieve goals, how to manage commitments, and m
Imagine yourself as a child, in a dark basement ... hand outstretched, before a palm reader, ready to tell your fortune. Would you believe her? None of us truly knows our future. But without a belief in its existence - an existence full
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