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Podchaser with CMO & Co-Founder Cole Raven

Released Monday, 30th April 2018
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Building the "IMDB for Podcasts" ... sounds simple right?  Far from it! Well, there's a group out there doing it as we speak, and they are calling the project Podchaser!

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Excellent episode! It's really cool hearing all about the platform and how it continues to grow. Cole and team have some great ideas to scale their site.
Excellent show and episode. ^-_-^ I discovered podchaser about 1 1/2 year ago (so, about early 2018). I mainly use Pocketcast for my regular shows, but since some weeks, I use more Podchaser to sneak and peek and discover new shows or episode. Thanks for this show. - suggestion for podchaser team: have a search by geographic location and language. For people that want to listen specifically to french Canadian podcast (as french is mostly European), you may refer to 'baladoquebec.ca' there is an exhaustive list of all quebecker shows known, and it is regularly updated.
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