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Today's guest is Rachel Smith of and author of Underspent: How I broke my shopping addiction & buying habit without dramatically changing my lifeOn today's episode we cover a range of topics including Rachel's near death experience while scuba diving in the UK.We discuss Rachel's year of non buying and what that has done for her personal finances.Rachel also introduced me to a concept of manifesting your own redundancy.Enjoy the episode!
Today's guest is Bench On CEO and Founder Tim WalmsleyTim takes us through his story of dropping out of university, working in nightclubs, before becoming a member of the armed forces for 14 years.We talk about the discipline Tim learned during his time in the army and his experiences during his 2 deployments to the Middle East.Many of his learnings in the army have been directly applicable to business.We talk about how Tim sold his house to bring Bench On to life and the process of giving up an enjoyable, high paying job to pursue his dream.This discussion is full of wisdom as Tim gives us a warts and all run down of what his first couple of years looked like running Bench On.Enjoy the episode!
Today's guest is Pixc's CEO and Founder Holly CardewHolly has a really interesting story and has basically been a lifelong entrepreneur. It's always great to speak to the pure breeds, but it will come as no surprise that she has had her fair share of challenges along the way like most entrepreneurs.We discuss how her first 2 tech businesses didn't work, what she learned about market validation from these experiences, and what she learned about working with development agencies.We also talk about working with distributed teams, Pixc utilises a team of all remote workers, and we discuss the pros and cons of this set up during the episode. But don't call it outsourcing, Holly doesn't like the term outsourcing and you will hear why in this episode.We also talk about Holly's time in San Francisco, Holly still goes back there regularly, but for those who haven't been there and are interested in what it is like, Holly provides great insight.Enjoy the episode!
Have you ever feared cold calling? What about door knocking?The guest on this episode Gavin Tye talks us through some of his most challenging times having to cold call and door knock for work. As an introvert we discuss how he has come to overcome his selling fears and what the early days were like when he first begun.Have you been given a promotion before you're ready? Known someone else who has?Gavin reflects on when he was given a promotion before he was ready and the pain that caused him professionally, and personally. A Fascinating story around knowing yourself and what you are ready to take on.We also talk about a different type of selling seldom discussed. Business to Enterprise Selling. You've heard of B2B? Well this is B2E. Listen in for all the ways this is different.Enjoy the episode!
On this podcast, founder and CEO of Leadership HQ helps us to demystify what makes a strong and poor leader.She also talks us through her story of becoming a single mum to a young girl in a foreign company, what affect that had on her career, and how she got through it.We also hear about what it's like to lose clients while things were extremely difficult in her personal life.This episode is very raw, and personal. Prepare for a rollercoaster!
The tables have turned on this episode of the podcast. Host Jack Ferguson is now the interviewee, and Justin Falk of Talent Vine is the interviewer.Justin managed to drag plenty of insights out of this conversation about challenging times in business including how a scarring performance in front of 2000 people still causes Jack problems with presenting in a business setting today.You'll learn why Jack feels that facing your fears is overrated, what he has learned from the podcast after 30 episodes, advice on whether or not he thinks you should start one and why. We also delve into the unexpected benefits of hosting and building a podcast.Justin asks Jack about his Reality TV experience and what that taught him about focus (surprisingly), how enmeshment has made it difficult for him to conduct business in the way he knows he needs to, and why he is passionate about facing the demons that are still crippling you from your childhood.Enjoy the episode!
In Australia we mention the GFC from time to time but most of us didn't feel the full effects here.Gerard Doyle on the other hand was in London running a company during that fateful time in 2007.It's quite incredible to here the carnage an external factor can have on one's company and Gerard speaks at length about how that time was for him.Another story we discuss is Gerard's attempt to start a company and disrupt a large industry. Disruption is spoken about in Startup Land all the time, however what's often not mentioned is what happens when these industries fight back.Turns out the incumbents aren't going to roll over easily, which Gerard found out first hand.Enjoy the episode!
We have many conversations about the failings of the formal education system on this podcast. Sharon Hunneybell is someone who did something about this.Startup Apprentice was created to introduce entrepreneurial concepts to children in school to help them think differently.On this episode we talk about some of the difficulties Sharon saw kids having and how providing them with an entrepreneurial outlet led to some life changing discoveries.Sharon shares some of her own stories around the familiar imposter syndrome, and her evolving self esteem over her career.We even hear a story about how Sharon went blank on stage, and the world didn't fall in ;)Enjoy.
Trusting other human beings to treat your business with the same care and passion that you would is tough. Finding them is tougher.On this episode I talk to Demetrio Zema, founder of Law Squared about some of his past business's, and how relying on other people to do what you assume they will can have devastating consequences.We also talk about Demetrio's approach to hiring so that he ensures he gets the right employees on board, what he looks for in interviews, the non traditional questions he asks, and why.What about if you start a career but in your gut know it's not really for you after a few short months? Demetrio talks about how his passion didn't lie with Law and how he navigated away from a model he didn't believe in.
Bankruptcy. It's a scary word. What is it like to experience filing? What the weeks and months building up to the inevitable like?On this episode we discuss this very experience amongst many others including the challenges associated with the Imposter Syndrome, that felling that you aren't enough, that voice in our heads that pops up from time to time and self sabotages.What about the challenge to maintain culture as your company grows and takes on more and more employees? We discuss what Chad would have done differently had he had his time again.We hope you enjoy this episode.
It's a tough gig building a Tech Startup from scratch, going Global from Day 1 has a Myriad of complexities; like dealing with currency, culture, and logistics from all over the world.In this episode we are fortunate to hear Dr Emily Verstege's story about her experience growing a Tech Startup, the intensity, the journey from start to finish, and why she decided to shut it down.A skilled business diagnostician, Emily shares how she started out her life wanting to be a Medical Doctor, what turned her away from that career path, and why she has now come full circle, but instead of diagnosing patients, now diagnoses business problems.This episode is full of the challenges Emily has faced on her entrepreneurial journey.We hope you enjoy.
This episode features Fil Cristaldi; Director of Studio Culture.In this episode we talk about Fil's business and career challenges that have included learning to not always doing what his clients ask, and all the considerations that go into managing one's pipeline.We also speak about awkward on stage incidents he has had during his career as a Hip Hop dancer that built fortitude and resilience.We hope you enjoy this episode.
This episode features Matt Tomlins; CEO of CoverCard.In this episode we talk about Matt Tomlins' negative experience with a mentor, and why he feels he doesn't need one.Stories that also feature include Matt's choice between trying to make it as a professional cricketer or entering the business world, what it's like to have someone try and take over your company, and the challenges of starting a tech company as a non-tech founder.We hope you enjoy this episode.
This episode features Paul Bennetts; CEO of Spaceship.In this episode we talk about how Paul managed to engage younger generations around Superannuation.We speak about how being a founder not only can change your social life, but in fact can change the way you interact socially as well.Paul talks about partnering with high profile investors, the Tall Poppy syndrome, and why he likes to read alternate sources of information to other founders.I hope you enjoy!
This episode features Justin Falk; Founder of Talent Vine.In this episode we talk about how Justin started a business in an industry he had never worked in (recruiting), and how that naivety impacted the growth of his business.We speak about rebelling against society's expectations, and why being a good High School student could in fact hamper your development as a Business Owner.Justin introduces me to a concept known as Micro KPI's, we talk Sleep Apnoea and the effect that can have on one's productivity, and also the benefits Sensory Deprivation Therapy provides professionals.I hope you enjoy!
This episode features Philip Sheen; Founder of Sheen Media, Self Portrait, and Gig VR.In this episode we talk about Phil's experience with Anxiety and Depression as he endured the inevitable dips we all face at some point in our careers.We speak about the future of the music industry and live performances, and the role Phil's Startup Gig VR is going to play in a fast changing musical landscape.Of particular interest is how Phil is readjusting to Startup Life after running a semi-traditional company for so long.I hope you enjoy!
This episode features Toby Jenkins; Olympian, and CEO of Bluewire MediaIn this episode we talk about how Toby and his co-founder Adam dramatically changed the direction of their already established business and how they decided on a new direction.We also speak about the challenges Toby has faced with partnerships throughout his life and what he has learned is essential to that success.Of particular interest is a concept Toby discussed called 'Negative Visualisation', not a well known concept but a powerful one.Other notable topics include the stress of writing a book, Toby's experience as an Olympian and we all should implement 90 day checkins.I hope you enjoy!
In this episode we talk to Customer Centricity expert Mark Hocknell.We speak about the challenges Mark faced managing large teams and projects in the corporate world.Also discussed is the benefits of understanding Net Promoter Scores, learning how to manage your team and a new take on demographics.I hope you enjoy!
In this episode we talk to David Kaity about his controversial 'Real Estate Agents Don't Sell Homes' book and his journey from employee in the Finance Industry to Entrepreneur.We speak about the challenges David faced when trying to find his initial customers and how that took 2 years before he was able to define his ideal customers.Also mentioned is some of the myths prevalant in the Real Estate Industry which David busts for us; one by one.A great positive guest and a controversial, yet fun episode.I hope you enjoy!
This episode features Rhonice Ferguson, my Grandma who has spent 40 years working as a teacher.In this episode we discuss what role school should play in an individuals life, what are the characteristics one needs to develop in school, and what observable traits tend to set someone up for success later in life.We also speak about how strikes are often unproductive and why we need to encourage more men to become teachers.I hope you enjoy!
This episode features Graeme Ferguson, my Grandpa who has spent 40 years in business.In this episode we discuss the detrimental effects of stress and the devastating effects it can have on one's life and work.We also speak about challenges involved with hiring and firing employees over a career, Graeme reveals some interesting thoughts around how to approach this and why you shouldn't give second chances.We finish the episode with 20 minutes of timeless principles learned over a career that are just as relevant today as ever. They were pure gold and great to hear.I hope you enjoy!
This episode features Holly Tattersall, Founder of Women in Digital and Digital Talent Co.In this episode we talk about how Holly built her Women in Digital network across multiple countries and wha role that plays in supporting women develop their professional careers.We also speak about the challenges Holly faced when starting her recruiting career and dealing with the stigma that comes along with working in such a field.Of particular interest is the journey Holly went on when realising it is ok to 'sell' and in fact embracing the importance of sales without shame.Holly is full of optimism and was a great guest for the podcast.I hope you enjoy!
This episode features Matthew Kelly, Managing Director of Just Media Design, a social first digital agency.In this episode we talk about how Matt started a company and got his initial clients despite hating cold calling.Matt also talks about how he had to fire an employee who was a rockstar on paper and what he learned from that experience.Of particular interest were Matt's stories around Iterative Marketing and how he applies the 'Test, Measure, Repeat' philosophy to his business and his clients campaigns.We hope you enjoy!
This episode features Nicholas Heaney, CEO and Co-Founder of Puntaa, a social betting app.In this episode we talk about the challenges of launching a Tech Startup in the Gaming Space.Nick talks about how he changed from a law career to the Startup Life, how difficult it is to deal with social stigmas in running a company associated with betting and some of the mistakes he made when trying to get the product developed overseas.Nick was very open with the challenging times he had to push through and was very forthcoming with his stories outlining the specific issues Puntaa has faced! I hope you enjoy!
This episode features Chris Macaulay, CEO of Advvy and Organiser of Silicon Beach Brisbane.In this episode we talk about many challenging topics including how the Lean Startup Approach to growing a Startup failed Chris and his team and what it's like to have to pivot multiple times after months of development to achieve product-market fit.Chris talks about other tough times including how he had to make good employees redundant and the 9 month challenge of finding a CTO (Chief Technical Officer).Chris' approach is quite candid and easy to listen to, he was very generous with his insights and gives us a real look under the hood of what it's like to run a high growth tech startup. Enjoy!
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