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The Acid King and the Jeannette DePalma Story /interview with Jesse Pollack

Released Wednesday, 6th October 2021
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The Acid King is about a young man forced to live in the streets during the "tough love" stages of  society - eventually his friend would steal 10 bags of PCP from him but it would mean more to Ricky Kasso aka the Acid King than just bags of drugs - and what would transpire was mayhem madness and murder.
Jeannette  DePalma  was a girl who at the young age of 16 would be found dead in Springfield Township NJ  - in a ritualistic fashion or was it just a drug overdose? Serial Killer or tragic murder mishap? These two engrossing stories will be brought together by the man who wrote both The Acid King, about Ricky Kasso, and The Death on the Devil's Teeth the book about the death of Jeannette  Depalma - Jesse Pollack, born and raised in the Garden State, author, director, documentarian, will shed light on both of these stories and also go over what may or may have happened especially to Jeanette DePalma as her death remains unsolved to this day.