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Children with diverse abilities or special needs have temperament traits too.  Many techniques that work for adapting to diverse needs can be used to work with your child's temperament too (and vice versa)! Goodness of fit is important! Send us
How do temperament traits play out in teens and pre-teens? They face hormone changes, friend drama, risk-taking, and more… all while dealing with their “factory settings.” Hear how we can help our teens balance their temperament with their dail
School-agers face many things that may bring out – or go up against – their natural set point. Homework, teacher/child interactions, friendships, organized activities… all times when their temperament can be noticed! Learn ways to help your 6 t
Temperament impacts preschool behaviors such as play groups, physical activities, independence, and following directions. Parents can learn their child’s temperament and create environments that play to their child’s natural tendencies instead
Biting, temper tantrums, and overall general mood…all affected by a toddler’s temperament. This week our hosts discuss each trait as they pertain to toddlers and how we can use that understanding to navigate tough behaviors… like those tricky t
An infant’s temperament has an impact on early behaviors such as sleep, stranger anxiety, and overall general mood. Parents can learn their child’s temperament and create environments that play to their child’s natural tendencies instead of fig
Our temperament is given to us genetically at birth. As we grow, our environment begins to form around our temperament. At each stage of growth, our temperament can shape how and when we reach our developmental milestones. Send us an email: par
This week the cohosts reflect on what it was like parenting through the pandemic – both research and reality. Take a moment to listen, relate, and reflect on your own experiences through tough times in this episode.Send us an email: [email protected]
When family stress is high, patience can run low. Reconnecting and repairing with our children after we’ve lost our cool is essential. Hear a four-step process for repairing in this week’s episode.Send us an email: [email protected] us
As our circumstances morph and change, so can our rules and expectations. The cohosts offer some tips for finding the balance between flexibility and consistency with rules during tough times!Send us an email: [email protected] us on F
When everything around us feels chaotic, there are a few tasks we can utilize to helps us find some consistency and connectedness. Come hear how rituals and routines can help families find a sense of normalcy! Send us an email: [email protected]
When things get tough, relationships can too. Luckily there are research-based strategies to help strengthen and preserve these connections!Send us an email: [email protected] us on Facebook or Twitter: @scienceofparent.This institutio
Research says that certain characteristics can help kids and parents be more resilient. Learn what those qualities are and how you can help your whole family get through tough times!Send us an email: [email protected] us on Facebook or
Even through tough times, parents and kids can grow their skills and strengths to end up “bouncing forward”.  Explore the concept of resilience and how we can raise kids with this important trait. Send us an email: [email protected] us
As your child-parent relationship grows up, learn how to co-exist with your young adult. Send us an email: [email protected] us on Facebook or Twitter: @scienceofparent.This institution is an equal opportunity provider. For the full no
Though they make look like adults, teens are still developing in all areas. Be a positive role model and keep the communication flowing as they keep growing up.Send us an email: [email protected] us on Facebook or Twitter: @scienceofpa
As your child grows into a preteen, help ease the transition with an honest, direct approach. Learn how to embrace this ultimate transition period.Send us an email: [email protected] us on Facebook or Twitter: @scienceofparent.This ins
Children with special needs often achieve skills and milestones later than others. Listen in as Lori and Mackenzie offer support and ideas for parents of children with different abilities.Send us an email: [email protected] us on Faceb
For school-age kids, learning is more than math and reading. Help make your child well-rounded by finding time for play, sports, and new challenges outside of school.Send us an email: [email protected] us on Facebook or Twitter: @scien
Embrace your preschooler’s growing confidence by giving them some responsibilities—like putting away toys and pulling on their own socks. Send us an email: [email protected] us on Facebook or Twitter: @scienceofparent.This institution
The toddler years will be a ride! Tap into your child’s curiosity by rediscovering common experiences your child will find magic—like a bus ride. Send us an email: [email protected] us on Facebook or Twitter: @scienceofparent.This inst
To some, babies and infants are the most challenging stages in parenting. Learn to embrace all the growth in this first year with our advice for developing a strong parent-child connection. Send us an email: [email protected] us on Fac
Whether you’re a new parent or in the middle of the teenage years, discover insights into their specific stage and what to expect next. Our new season covers the milestones from pre-child planning to early adulthood. Send us an email: parenting
Guiding and directing children as they grow and develop is a serious endeavor for parents. We know family values are usually at the heart of all rules, boundaries, and limits that parents set for their children. Mackenzie and Lori discuss how w
Children learn as much, if not more from your actions as they do from your words. Our parenting pros discuss how modeling with our own words and actions can show children about desired behaviors.Send us an email: [email protected] us o
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