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The Skeptic Zone #487 -18.Feb.2018
0:00:00 Introduction - Richard Saunders Includes a brief look at the case of the missing Beaumont Children from 1966   0:14:32 A Grain of Salt... with Eran Segev This week Eran brings us new of the sucess of the ongoing Fundraising campaign for Britt Hermes.   0:21:04 Maynard's Spooky Action! We join Maynard at Sydney Skeptics in the Pub where he interviews Dr Andrea Leong, a microbiologist with an interest in finding ways to reduce antibiotic use. Her PhD thesis looked at surface coatings that repel and kill bacteria by using antimicrobial peptides, a class of molecule that could prove to be an alternative to conventional antibiotics.   0:30:25 Memoirs of a Former Mystic A feature documentary film by Jessica Schab & Élisabeth Feytit - Produced by l'Esprit & la Matière - Expected release date: late 2018. After 10 years of being a New Age guru and iconic Crystal Child, Jessica Schab, aka Jessica Mystic, chose to quit her ‘mission’ and started de-conditioning herself from the esoteric ideas that had ruled her life for so long.   036:46 Scientific literacy low priority for CAM practitioners A draft industry skills forecast for the complementary health industry puts scientific literacy near the bottom of a list of “key generic skills – ranked in order of importance”. “Sciences, mathematics and scientific literacy” ranks 11 out of 12, meaning that finance and entrepreneurship (including the ability to sell ideas and products) are more important. Only “environmental and sustainability” skills rate lower than an appreciation and knowledge of science.   Also... Interview with Richard Saunders on 501 Conversations
The Skeptic Zone #153 - 24.Sep.2011
0:00:00Introduction Richard Saunders 0:03:30Richard Saunders interviews Michael Shermer0:27:50Maynard's Spooky Action.... Sydney Skeptics in the Pub with Michael Shermer. 0:40:00Michael Shermer interview from a very Maynard point of view.
The Skeptic Zone #139 - 18.June.2011
0:00:00IntroductionRichard Saunders0:03:00Dr Rachie ReportsBarry Marshall, AC, FRS, FAAAustralian physician,Nobel Prize laureate0:17:40Ethics or scripture? Dr Philip Cam0:40:30Viera Scheibner and Bronwyn Hancock tell us they are 100% anti-vaccination0:46:30Maynard interviews 60's TV star Bill Daily0:55:10Maynard and..... wind?
The Skeptic Zone #132 - 29.April.2011
0:00:00IntroductionRichard Saunders with comments about Dr Steve Novella on the Dr Oz show0:05:20Interview with Maynard! Look Out!0:23:20Interview with Norman Clevenger from reason4reason.org0:34:52     Maynard's Spooky Action...Interview wth George Hrab
The Skeptic Zone #113 - 17.Dec.2010
0:00:00IntroductionRichard Saunders0:02:45 - TAM Australia Interviews with Maynard0:05:00 - Richard Saunders0:05:00 - Brian Dunning0:14:35 - Dr Karl0:24:05 - Dr Rachie0:28:35 - Jessica Singer0:30:30 - Joanne Benhamu0:32:04 - Bob and Jay Novella0:51:50Dr Rachie Reports2010 The Year in Review1:13:05Sydney 9/11 "Truther" ProtestInterviews by Maynard
The Skeptic Zone #89 - 2.July.2010
0:00:00 IntroductionRichard Saunders0:02:15     Kylie Sturgess interviewsDr Pamela Gay0:15:25Dale Roy talks about Bracelets/Necklaces of Magicwww.granitestateskeptics.org0:24:25Richard Saunders on radio 2UE
The Skeptic Zone #96 - 20.Aug.2010
0:00:00IntroductionRichard Saunders0:02:40TAM 8 InterviewsRichard Saunders interviewsBanachekhttp://www.banachek.org0:19:50Chatting to Canberra Skeptics in the Pub0:24:24Dr Rachie ReportsAustralian Anti-Vaccination NetworkRubbery Figures0:41:20THE THINK TANK -Dr Rachael Dunlop, Joanne Benhamu,Maynard, James, Jason & Richard Saunders
The Skeptic Zone #94 - 06.Aug.2010
0:00:00IntroductionRichard Saunders0:01:45TAM 8 InterviewsDr Rachael Dunlop & Richard Saunders interviewDr Phil Plait024:15THE THINK TANK -Dr Rachael Dunlop, Maynard, James, Jason, Frode & Richard Saunders
The Skeptic Zone #92 - 23.July.2010
0:00:00IntroductionRichard Saunders & Stefan Sojka0:05:30TAM 8 InterviewsEran Segev interviewsBrian Keith Dalton (Mr. Deity)http://www.mrdeity.com0:39:40Richard Saunders on radio 2UE - Dreams0:46:30THE THINK TANK -Dr Rachael Dunlop, Joanne Benhamu,Dr Krissy Wilson, Eran Segev & Richard Saunders
The Skeptic Zone #71 - 26.Feb.2010
0:00:00 IntroductionRichard Saunders & Stefan Sojka0:03:16Kylie Sturgess interviewsYoung Australian Skeptics0:27:30Brian Dunning presents the Diary of Samuel Hahnemann0:31:30Dr Rachie Reports - Interview with Moose Dunlop0:34:55     THE THINK TANK Dr Rachael Dunlop, Joanne Benhamu,Dianne, Eran Segev, Stefan Sojka& Richard Saunders
The Skeptic Zone #54 - 30.Oct.2009
0:00:00IntroductionRichard Saunders0:02:15Dragon*Con 2009Darwin's Bulldogs049:30NSW Young Scientist of the Year 2009 053:53The Token Skeptic with Kylie Sturgess 055:20Richard Saunders and Dr Rachie Dunlopon radio 2GB with Glenn Wheeler
The Skeptic Zone #61 - 18.Dec.2009
0:00:00IntroductionRichard Saunders0:01:25Kylie Sturgess interviewsJack of Kent0:17:40Skeptic Xmas lunch withPeter Bowditch and Dr Rachael Dunlop0:34:40The Token Skeptic with Kylie Sturgess0:38:38Dr Rachie Reports With Dr Rachael DunlopThermography0:49:44Dr Rachie and Richard Saunders on Sydney Radio
The Skeptic Zone #55 - 6.Nov2009
0:00:00IntroductionRichard Saunders0:02:00Dr Rachie Reports With Dr Rachael DunlopReporting on her adventures in the USAInterview with John Rennie Part II0:33:40Sydney Skeptics in the Pub -Interview with William Brougham0:41:15Voice Over Man Jim Wilshire reads his poem 'Min Min Man'0:43:50Australian Skeptics Convention 1988Peter Vels on The New Age1:01:515Melbourne Cup Horse Racewith Amada Rose and Richard Saunders
The Skeptic Zone #56 - 13.Nov.2009
IntroductionRichard SaundersKylie Sturgess interviewsRikki Burns & Thomas PerryTeePeeDesignSydney Mind Body Spirit -Richard Saunders and Joanne Benhamu reportDr Rachie Reports With Dr Rachael DunlopDr Alex Loukas - Hookworm VaccineTHE THINK TANK - Dr Rachael Dunlop, Joanne Benhamu,Ian Bryce and Richard Saunders
The Skeptic Zone #57 - 20.Nov.2009
0:00:00IntroductionRichard Saunders & Dr Rachael Dunlop0:01:45Richard Saunders interviewsDesiree Schellskepticallyspeaking.com0:30:50A Grain of Salt With Eran SegevHong Kong Noah's Ark042:35The Church of Scientology hits back after statements byIndependent Senator Nick Xenophon044:25The sound of summer in Sydney0:45:00Dr Rachie Reports With Dr Rachael DunlopCarl Sagan Day 2009. Interviews with DJ GrotheDr Phil Plait (and his mum)James Randi
The Skeptic Zone #48 - 18.Sep.2009
Seth Shostak and Auckland Skeptics in the Pub0:00:00      Introduction - Richard Saunders & Stefan Sojka0:04:00     Richard Saunders interviews Seth Shostak0:25:10     Richard Saunders comments on Derren Brown's Lotto Magic Trick0:33:00     THE THINK TANK - From Auckland Skeptics in the Pub
The Skeptic Zone #443 - 16.April.2017
0:00:00 Introduction Richard Saunders Incudes an update on the Belle Gibson story and details on the March for Science in Sdyney. 0:11:32 Late Night Radio Skeptics Saunders' radio segment throughout Australia with Mike Williams. This week we look at strange energies and even stranger claims. 0:23:46 Brew Ha Ha: Science in less time than it takes to order a coffee With Kelly Wong Black liquorice jelly beans are the worst jelly beans! A Canadian man was recently hospitalised because of his addiction to these treats Brew Ha Ha: Science in less time than it takes to order a coffee ? 0:25:15 $10 Million Dollars! Vitamin company Blackmores has donated $10 million to the National Institute of Complementary Medicine at Western Sydney University. The amount – described as “untied” and “a gift” – is a 50/50 split between the Blackmore Foundation, run by Marcus and Caroline Blackmore, and the Blackmores company itself. It is said to be “the most significant investment into research and development in the history of the company”. 0:32:24 The Investigators - Psychic Services From 30 years ago, "The Investigators" TV show checks out various sellers of new age flim flam. Also interviewd is Barry Williams from Australian Skeptics. Also... Origami Pigasus to print Mayanrd's FREE 2017 Calendar
The Skeptic Zone #499 - 13.May.2018
0:00:00 Introduction Richard Saunders   0:05:40 Oh My Stars! Interview with Dr Pamela Gay Dr Pamela Gay is an American astronomer, educator, podcaster, and writer, best known for her work in astronomical podcasting and citizen science astronomy projects. She is the Director of Technology and Citizen Science for the Astronomical Society of the Pacific and a long time friend of The Skeptic Zone. Pamela interviews Richard Saunders on Twitch “New views of Jupiter” showcases swirling clouds on giant planet   0:24:50 The Raw Skeptic Report.... with Heidi Robertson This week Heidi takes a look at the claims made by a self-proclaimed natural healer. Do they stack up?   0:40:35 Skeptic Zone Listeners come to the aid of Science Dr Ken Harvey and Mal Vickers would like to offer there sincere thanks to the following people. Stephen Edmonds, Mark Dawson, Dane Lewis, Stephen Gun and Matthew Bishop for their help in capturing web pages for science.   0:43:20 The Blind Seer Richard Saunders looks into a famous case of the disappearance of young children, and Australia’s baptism into the world of psychic detectives. The Blind Seer - report in 'The Skeptic'. (pdf)   Also... Australian Skeptics National Convention 2018 SkeptiCal 2018 CSIcon 2018      
The Skeptic Zone #24 - 3.April.2009
0:00:00IntroductionDr Rachael Dunlop & Kylie Sturgess 0:04:00Australian Skeptics Dinner Talkwith Richard Saunders 0:09:10Australian Skeptics Dinner Talk with Dr Krissy Wison 0:13:40Richard Saunders interviewsDr Krissy Wison
The Skeptic Zone #39 - 17.July.2009
The Amazing Meeting 70:00:00      Introduction - Richard Saunders & Stefan Sojka0:06:30     Report from TAM 70:50:10     Dr Rachie Reports With Dr Rachael Dunlop1:00:00     THE THINK TANK - Special from Las Vegas!
The Skeptic Zone #12 - 9.Jan.2009
UFO Special - Dr Steve Roberts - Bill Banks - Peter Bowditch0:00:00     Introduction Richard Saunders0:01:00     THINK TANK Richard Saunders, Dr Rachael Dunlop, Amanda Rose and Kylie Sturgess chat to UFO expert Dr Steve Roberts.0:47:33     Tiffany Day talks about the International Year of Astronomy 2009050:40     Dr Karen Stollznow interviews Bill Banks about his UFO sighting.0:56:10     Richard Saunders talks to Peter Bowditch about his UFO sightings
The Skeptic Zone #18 - 20.Feb.2009
Dr Ben Goldacre Part Two and the Jeni Barnett LBC Radio MMR affair0:00:00     Introduction - Dr Rachael Dunlop0:01:30     Dr Rachael Dunlop interviews Dr Ben Goldacre about the Jeni Barnett - LBC Radio MMR affair0:22:20     Dr Rachael Dunlop interviews Dr Ben Goldacre - Part #2 of interview from show 16
The Skeptic Zone #6 - 21.Nov.2008
Dr Karl Kruszelnicki - Dr Steve Novella0:00:00      Introduction Richard Saunders & Stefan Sojka0:04:12     Kylie Sturgess' Interview with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki0:16:24     Richard Saunders visits the Newtown Festival0:21:56     Dr Rachie ReportsInterview with Dr Steve Novella (Transcript of interview is on the site)1:10:20     THE THINK TANK Richard Saunders, Dr Rachael Dunlop and Philip Peters
The Skeptic Zone #2 - 3.Oct.2008
Sydney Skeptics in the Pub for October 2008 Richard Saunders & Dr Rachael Dunlop with "Dave the Happy Singer" and a room full of Skeptics.
The Skeptic Zone #11 - 2.Jan.2009
Brian Dunning - Is Santa real? - Sydney Sci-Fi0:00:00      New Year 2009 with Dr Rachie LIVE from Sydney0:01:00     Introduction Richard Saunders & Stefan Sojka0:04:17     Richard Saunders interviews Brian Dunning from skeptoid.com0:26:25     Yes Eran... is there a Santa? Opinion piece with Eran Segev, Grain of Salt0:34:27     FreeCon 2008 - Interviews from Sydney's free Sci-Fi Convention0:43:07     Dr Rachie Reports With Dr Rachael Dunlop, featuring Tiffany Day, Dave the Happy Singer and Gerrit Reimers1:00:15     THE THINK TANK Richard Saunders, Dr Rachael Dunlop,Tiffany Day & Stefan Sojka
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