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#418: Jordan Harbinger, often referred to as “The Larry King of podcasting,” talks about the role of luck in business success and how to cultivate relationships with publicists, agents, and others. His podcast, The Jordan Harbinger Show, has been a top 50 iTunes podcast for over twelve years and receives over six million downloads per month. Podcast show notes available here:
#404: On today’s episode, we have Patrick Lencione, author of the bestselling book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. I can’t tell you enough how much of a gamechanger it’s been for me as I’ve been trying to build Team SPI. Don’t miss this episode, because the conversation we have is just mind-blowing in so many ways. Patrick is chock-full of so many great stories and examples to illustrate what a healthy team looks like, and where so many teams go wrong. Read the full show notes at:
#425: Imagine you sell a valuable premium product—one people aren't buying because of the high price point. How do you get them to buy? In this episode I share an honest, authentic marketing tactic used successfully by my friend Rick Mulready, from The Art of Online Business Podcast and Here is step-by-step guidance on leading people to a higher-priced product using a lower-priced workshop. Podcast show notes available here:
#462: The cash flow between advertisers and podcasters recently has been insane — some projections say over $1 billion will be spent on podcast ads in 2021. So where do you start, whether you're someone with their own show or an advertiser with a product or service you want to spread the word about? If your curiosity is piqued, you're in the right place. Here to help answer your questions about podcast ads — whether you're a podcaster or an advertiser — is Heather Osgood of True Native Media. Podcast advertising is a massive opportunity and Heather has a ton of wisdom to share on the topic. Don't miss this one. Show notes and more at
If you're familiar with this podcast then you've probably heard me talk about the power of podcasting. Seriously, it can be life-changing. But what's going on out there in the "podverse" — what's the state of podcasting in 2021?Whether you're new to podcasting or already have a show of your own, today's bonus episode is a must-listen: our guest is none other than Buzzsprout's head of marketing, Alban Brooke. Alban's sharing a ton of insight based on what he's seeing in the industry, where it's going, how to leverage social media to bring more listeners onto your show — there's something in here for everyone!By the way, I would highly recommend checking out Buzzsprout as a hosting provider, plus you can get some extra time on your plan if you go through [Full disclosure: As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through this link.] Show notes and more at
#461: Darryll was a Division I athlete when his football career essentially... imploded. By learning how to pick himself up from that event, including a serious turning point in his life due to a suicide attempt, Darryll realized an incredible new mission: to help people, specifically athletes, to find their next big passion. He's now a two-time TEDx speaker and the author of an Amazon best-selling book: Who Am I After Sports? An Athletes Roadmap to Discover New Purpose and Live Fulfilled. He's here today to share his story, how he created his foundation, Second Chance Athletes, and his roadmap for finding your next passion in life. He's bringing the heat so go ahead and hit that play button! Show notes and more at
#460: So look, I usually don't try to "sell" anyone too hard when it comes to these episodes, but this one might just change your life. Why? Well, if I had to suggest ways to get started tomorrow, this would be one of my top recommendations: start freelancing now. With us today is Jay Clouse, Community Experience Director for Smart Passive Income. He's also the creator of Freelancing School, an incredible resource for anyone who wants to learn how to make money with freelancing. He's going to break down some of the in and outs of freelancing for us: from where to focus early on to landing your first clients and asking for referrals or testimonials. Like I said at the top, this episode could change your life so don't hesitate to give it a listen! Show notes and more at
#459: Is there a formula to winning on YouTube? We've been getting requests for an episode just like this one for a while, which is why I'm thrilled to bring on Derral Eves, founder of VidSummit. He is an absolute master when it comes to understanding what it takes to grow massive channels on YouTube, which is why he has a new book out: The YouTube Formula: How Anyone Can Unlock the Algorithm to Drive Views, Build an Audience, and Grow Revenue. Today, he's diving into some of his strategies. We get seriously deep today. There's a lot of super-specific, invaluable information here about how to grow your channel, so grab something to take notes with, and let's do this thing! Show notes and more at
#458: Imagine you got on an elevator today, right now even, with someone who could benefit from your business. You have 60 seconds to convince them. What would you say? To put it bluntly, nailing your pitch is mission-critical. That's why we launched an elevator pitch contest as our Challenge of the Month on SPI Pro back in July. The prize was an appearance on the SPI podcast, which is why we have Maria Failla on the show today! Hopefully, today's episode clues you into the importance of nailing your pitch and inspires you to try this exercise for yourself. If you do, tag me on Twitter or Instagram @PatFlynn. Show notes and more at
#457: One event put Katie in a position to ultimately change the lives of tens of thousands of children and families all over the world: An email from a book publisher (whom she actually hasn't heard from since). But Katie's career isn't built on luck. She had to first ask questions — something she's insanely good at. She also describes herself as a "medium-speed" entrepreneur, mitigating risk wherever possible. Take a step behind the curtain of Katie's business with me today. We're diving into her origin story, the ins and outs of the decisions she made along the way, her secret to taking risks, and the strategies she's used to bring her business to the next level. I know that by listening in you'll be inspired to apply these takeaways towards your journey too. Show notes and more at
#456: You know those stories that start out "once I was in a rock band . . . " ? It turns out that drumming in a rock band would put Josh Hall in the right place for a major entrepreneurial lightbulb to go off. Fast forward about a decade and Josh would be running his own web design firm and launching wildly successful courses for entrepreneurs hoping to follow in his footsteps. Here's how Josh did it all: you'll learn how Josh transitioned from his first clients to starting his agency, building a suite of online courses, and creating his new membership site. He'll talk you through all the "whys" behind those decisions, some of the hard lessons he learned early on, and the revolutionary effect podcasting has had on his business. There's a lot of ground to cover today — roll tape! Show notes and more at
#453: I've been an entrepreneur for over a decade and, oh man, I've definitely never had a year like this one. It's been a serious doozy, so some reflection needs to be done. And that's what this episode is all about. Just you and me today. I'm going to take you through five things — events, decisions, etc — from 2020. We're talking the good, the struggles, the pivots, the lessons learned, all of it, so that we can move forward confidently into 2021. It's not just about what didn't happen this year — the in-person events, for example — it's about what is possible because of the changes we're all having to embrace. And that mindset shift can open up a completely different way of thinking about everything 2020 threw our way. Let's get started! Show notes and more at
#452: How do you balance every 24 hours between business, family or personal relationships, and the rest of it? Well, what if you had eight kids on top of running a business? (Is that even possible?) Like today's guest Lisa Canning says: "the juggle is real," and whether or not you're a parent, I promise you at some point, you're going to be juggling. So many entrepreneurs feel like success comes at the detriment of other areas in their life. Is equilibrium even possible? If you're asking questions like this, I highly recommend listening to this episode. Lisa's going to take us through her own story, from a meltdown in her minivan to finding a more holistic approach to business and life. You'll learn Lisa's three-part framework for balancing work and life, plus a great "litmus test" for checking whether that balance is off. Whether you have eight kids or none, this episode is for you! Show notes and more at
#451: There's a saying that you're going to hear on this episode that I absolutely love: "Joy wouldn't feel so good if it wasn't for pain." It's a heck of a true statement, and Casanova Brooks, today's guest, has truly lived it.Today, he's taking us through his experience: from his tough upbringing to how he found his drive, why he decided to pursue real estate, and what he learned from a tough period sleeping next to a water heater. This one is super motivating, super inspirational, and there's a ton of solid advice in here about finding mentorship, discovering your drive, and setting goals for yourself. And the title says it all: this is the most insane journey to becoming an entrepreneur I've ever heard. Let's dig in! Show notes and more at
#450: Can you imagine being in the travel influencer industry when COVID-19 hit? Kristin Addis is the creator at—a site for travelers, especially solo female backpackers. Kristin works with brands and organizes special trips for adventurers. Kristin's no stranger to adversity. Her whole travel adventure started when she was four years deep in a top-notch corporate job that she just knew from day one wasn't going to stick.How is she innovating and keeping her business thriving? Kristin's going to take us through it all today, from her business's origin story and the decisive moments when she knew to stay with it, to adapting to a post-COVID world, to getting vulnerable and creating new offerings for her audience. A lot of great inspiration in this one—let's go!
#446: As an entrepreneur, it's hard to be in it for the long haul, and Racheal Cook has seen a lot of people hit burnout really quickly. Some of the things that make someone a potentially strong entrepreneur—the focus, the hustle—can work against us when we deprioritize things like health. Racheal sees hiring others as a high-leverage opportunity that will help any entrepreneur grow their business to the next level and avoid burnout. We talk about the importance of "firing yourself," and how to set up your business from the start to be sustainable and profitable. Plus, she provides listeners with a special offer— a checklist with her tips for business growth. Podcast show notes available here:
#442: For this episode of the SPI Podcast, I invited my PR agent, Brittney L. Lynn, to talk about how she and her team help people get media attention. Podcast show notes available here:
#432: In this session of the SPI Podcast I talk to Sophie Walker. Podcast show notes available here:
#431: In this session of the SPI Podcast, I talk to Dr. Benjamin Hardy. Podcast show notes available here:
#430: In this session of the SPI Podcast, I talk to Jacques Hopkins, who started six unsuccessful passive income ventures before finding the right niche. After years of work, Jacques has finally started to make significant money with his course, Piano in 21 Days [affiliate link]. We cover the importance of mapping out the customer journey, what's working well right now for online course creators, and the value of customer feedback. Podcast show notes available here:
#427: This episode of the SPI Podcast is about the business at SwitchPod, a physical product my videographer, Caleb Wojcik—who joins me—and I created. From an idea in 2017, to a $418K Kickstarter launch in 2019, to building and shipping it, to placement on Amazon and retail stores... It's been awesome, and we want to share what we're learning along the way to help you fast-forward your own physical product success. Podcast show notes available here:
We’re pausing our regular content this week to honor and mourn the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the countless others in the Black community who have been taken too soon. My teams at SPI Media, Fusebox, Flynndustries, and SwitchPod are taking stock of what we need to do to help bring an end to systemic racism. We’re also opening up a forum for our Black community members and Black entrepreneurs to be heard at
#423: In this episode of the SPI Podcast, I talk to Prerna Malik about how to become a better conversion copywriter. You'll learn the elements of Prerna's proprietary copywriting process, how to lead a browser to become a buyer, the difference between a bad testimonial and a great one, and how to get social proof before you even have your first customer. Podcast show notes available here:
Podcasting has definitely been affected by the pandemic. Numbers are down for some, however, in some industries, the numbers are way up. Why though? Also, why might now be a great time to start a podcast, and how do we, in this environment, best grow our podcast? All that and more in this episode. Check out Buzzsprout, which we talk about in this episode: And download the SPI Podcast Cheat Sheet, which gives you step-by-step guidance on starting your podcast. 
#420: Self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur and childhood classmate of mine Jeff Fenster is here to tell us how he's created multiple successful businesses in an all kinds of spaces. These include a small payroll company, a digital marketing agency, a construction company, and most recently, a healthy-dining establishment. You'll learn about the different "types" of entrepreneurial minds, what it means to "reverse-engineer" a business, and why it's good to be the dumbest guy in the room. Podcast show notes available here:
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