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This Week's Show we are live at Bru Tap House in Tavares for the 2018 Retro Gaming Tournament. We had a blast! Listen in to hear all the fun and games. We couldn't have raised as much money as we did for Yellow Brick Road Foundation without our sponsors below. Special Thanks To: Byrne Pest Towntech Solutions A Mediocre Time With Tom and Dan PFT Media  Cinema Crespodiso Samantics Podcast Bru Tap House   
This week Swervey, Trey and Krystal do a show about nothing. We share some info on our upcoming gaming meetup. Swervey runs through a range of emotions when he sees someone get pulled over. Trey gets scared from a "your speed" sign. Swervey has big news involving cartoons for Dan Cummins. Krystal will play with a set of balls on a mic stand if they're are in front of her. Jaw Breakers vs gobstoppers. Krystal is an expert at "Walmart Grocery pickup" theory. Krystal has a weird quirk about heavy forks. If you lick the bowl that is a "Fat Move". There is a giant spider hiding inside Krystal's car. We close the show with voicemails.  Check us out at: Facebook Twitter InstagramSJS Group  Twitch All Social Platforms: @Swerveyjones @TreySJS @KrystalSJS
This month's episode of background noise answers all the questions. Can you tailgate the Orlando City Soccer game and have too many drinks? If there is no toilet available why not pee in the sink? Is giving a homeless man a beer and money a mistake? Can you clean up multiple piles of dog shit drunk? The beer of the week is Unita Brewing Mango Lime Pilsner. Sport Subaru brings Josh in as a ringer for charity bowling. They Close out the show with voicemails.  Check us out at: Facebook Twitter
This week Swervey, Trey, and Krystal are joined by Juan from Yellow Brick Road to discuss our gaming tournament benefiting The Yellow Brick Road Foundation on October 20th. Trey can only wear black hats to hide his fat head. Swervey and Krystal have a peck off. Swervey finds more lightning casualties. Trey and Krystal shit on Sea World. Is peeing on someone cheating? Swervey and Juan nerd out over Fortnite. Drink of the week is mango brandy. We reveal details of the grand prize for the tournament and reminisce on screwdrivers and cruises. Juan tells us about Yellow Brick Road and the dope wagons they provide. We talk smack about the gaming tournament and make Juan available for hire for Street Fighter. We finish the show with voicemails. Yellow Brick Road Foundation: Facebook:  Instagram: Check us out at: Facebook Twitter InstagramSJS Group  Twitch All Social Platforms: @Swerveyjones @TreySJS @KrystalSJS
On this episode we have our buddy Paul in. He is from the podcast formally known as No Guarantees, and you can find him on twitter @chuPAULcabra. We talk about Swervey's daughter downloading age appropriate apps. Swervey has some eye issues and that launches us into steel shop work injuries. We talk about Voltron on Netflix. We take it old school and do a No Guarantees style bit Buzzfeed Quiz of the Week. Which just so happens to be "What Vibrator Should I Buy?" Paul's never seen Coming to America with Eddie Murphy and Trey Gets some raw chicken at a panda express. This one is long and has a lot jam packed into one show! Enjoy Check us out at: Facebook Twitter InstagramSJS Group @Swerveyjones @TreySJS  
Swervey and Trey Talk about The Netflix Animated Series Castlevania.
This week's episode is a vodka episode so you know we're drunk and giggly. We talk about Trey seeing lizard sex go down. We remember back to the times when we've been shark fishing. Trey tries to convince his wife to have sex in the garage. We dive deep into the topic of the "The Whore Couch". Trey is a nerd for G.I. Joes and backyard wrestling, and we discuss our tag team options.... You know something for everyone lol Check us out at: Facebook Twitter InstagramSJS Group @Swerveyjones @TreySJS
This week's show is a goodie. Trey, or should I say Mr. Internet,  works at the meme factory. Krystal refuses to watch a seal on penguin rape video. Swervey wants to work as cuddle for hire. We drink some beer and go on some tangents. You know.... podcasting. Check us out at: Facebook Twitter InstagramSJS Group All Social Platforms: @Swerveyjones @TreySJS @KrystalSJS  
It's that time again. Our favorite time of the year. CHRISTMAS!!!! This week's show was a live taping at our Swervey Jones Show Blue Christmas Meetup. We had a blast and we'd like to thank everyone who showed up. On this episode we learn that our pal City loves to talk to nurses. Jehovah's Witnesses love to spoil Christmas and Santa Claus for everyone. You can be a bastard and a mistake all in one day. Santa Claus does not bring the gift of womanhood. Also, We are making less than hobo's on our t-shirts. Thanks to everyone who came out, thanks for downloading, and most of all Merry Christmas from all of us at The Swervey Jones Show. Facebook Twitter InstagramSJS Group All Social Platforms: @Swerveyjones @TreySJS
Hey guys we're all back together this week on dry land for a St Patty's Day episode of the show. We go live for the first time and ruin it. Trey issues the Michael McDonald challenge for new members. Swervey was drawn with a head shlong, Krystal is hot, and Trey is fatter than ever in a special Star Wars sketch drawn by our buddy Eddie. We drink all the Irish drinks for DOTW. Krystal goes on 2 vacations and rides on Cactus Chuck's air boat. Trey loves the fluff pieces on Fox 35 and he tells a joke that falls completely flat.  Check us out at: Facebook Twitter InstagramSJS Group All Social Platforms: @Swerveyjones @TreySJS @KrystalSJS
So we have our good buddy Paul aka Smooth Nipples, aka Mr. Formally, aka Golden nipples in and we've started a tradition of polishing off a bottle of whiskey every time he's on the show. With fantastic results may I add. Anywho.... We cover quite a bit on this show including but not limited to: Horse faced nude protesters, Orlando Weekly's best podcast 2017, Hoarding, Swervey and Trey ruining Josh and Krystal's relationship, Samantha and Travis are Vampires, Castlevania, Penis hats art and decor, Indian burial grounds, and Trey's haunted thermostat. None of that probably makes sense if you don't listen to the show. Sooo give it a shot. You won't be disappointed. Check us out at: Facebook Twitter InstagramSJS Group Mixlr All Social Platforms: @Swerveyjones @TreySJS @KrystalSJS
On today's show we learn that Trey looked like a mexican to Swervey when they first met. We talk a little about the school shooting that happened this past week. Swervey wants to pull kids out of school and we weigh the social interaction issues of Homeschooling vs public school. Amazon's Alexa works for the cia. We tell Safety patrol and peer mediator stories. We announce our show that we recorded for A Corporate Time with Tom and Dan. We learn That Swervey doesn't watch live comedy and we ruin Louis C. K. for Krystal. We talk about Krystal and Trey's trip to Koy Wan on Valentines Day, out trip to the outlets, and a horrible restaurant experience at Duffy's. We wrap up the show with voicemails.  Check us out at: Facebook Twitter InstagramSJS Group Mixlr All Social Platforms: @Swerveyjones @TreySJS @KrystalSJS
This week's show Trey and Swervey go back to the shedio to record and OG episode. We discuss redneck starter kits on the price is right. We discuss the death of Sinbad's the restaurant. Drink of the week is Ciderboy's first press and Swervey hates it. Swervey goes to Ikea. Crank windows VS Automatic. Putt Putt Golf With Krystal's family and the Dunn's. What if your daughter drew a murder wolf?   Check us out at: Facebook Twitter InstagramSJS Group Mixlr All Social Platforms: @Swerveyjones @TreySJS @KrystalSJS
We'd like to thank all the podcasters who came out to the Swervey Jones Show and Cinema Crespodiso Birthday Bash especially those of you who are in the #podcastmafia community. We'd like to thank Owen from Oh No Radio Show for coming out we never get to see him enough. Shout out to the guys over at What's the Fuss Podcast Bill, Rocky, and Etchie who is also from Tidbits which are all on PFFT Radio. Last but certainly not least, we'd like to thank, comedian and writer Abby Stassen for sitting in and writing that rad ass story about local podcasting in the Orlando Weekly. Here's what happens when all the equipment is hooked up and you have a lot of guys who are used to holding mics and hearing themselves talk get together.  Check us out at: Facebook Twitter InstagramSJS Group All Social Platforms: @Swerveyjones @TreySJS
This week's show we had a blast in the only way we know how, being sexually inquisitive. Facebook police caught Swervey red handed of "Copyright infringement". We talk penis extenders. Does it work or do you feel the elbow? Trey does a drink of the week Blueberry Cobbler. Trey brings up his thoughts on the country being over worked. Krystal planned an adventure to Halloween Horror Nights and got denyed by Microsoft. We discover once again why Krystal shouldn't tell jokes. Elon Musk is an evil geneious trying to take over the world with solar power. Check us out at: Facebook Twitter InstagramSJS Group Mixlr All Social Platforms: @Swerveyjones @TreySJS @KrystalSJS  
Hey Guys I'm gonna make this quick cause it's Father's Day and I have steaks to cook. We had a great time bowling at Oh No Radio Show's event for their 300th episode and Steezy was kind enough to let us record this fine episode at the Trap House. We talk about winning the bowling tournament, ball cleanliness and maintenance, Lazy Moon victory Pizza, bodily functions, and Time travel. We love everyone in the Podcast Mafia and will follow them to the ends of the earth.  Find the Traphouse! Facebook Twitter @SteezyTrapHouse STH Show Group Check us out at: Facebook Twitter InstagramSJS Group Mixlr All Social Platforms: @Swerveyjones @TreySJS @KrystalSJS
Hey Guys! This week we give the live thing ago and it goes slightly smoother. Trey googles a random insurance salesman from Montana. Swervey loses all his sleep due to toons. We talk about the Star Wars shirt we're about to release. Trey cooks himself while trying to eat healthy. We mention some ideas for the up and coming weight loss challenge. Swervey contemplates switching teams, and trey would consider cross dressing for charity. Would you eat dog meat? Krystal is a ribeye expert apparently. We talk about derpy cats and devil cats. Check us out at: Facebook Twitter InstagramSJS Group All Social Platforms: @Swerveyjones @TreySJS @KrystalSJS
This is what happens when 3 grown men polish off a bottle of whiskey bourbon. We get Disney sing songy. Trey's Shakin' his ass and gets beeped out. More talk about sex cause we tend to get horney while drunk, but I don't wanna spoil it all just listen to us while we get a touch tipsy.... wink Check us out at: Facebook Twitter InstagramSJS Group @Swerveyjones @TreySJS
We start out the week with wishing Trey a happy birthday. Ken the Meme God and Kastin with a "K" are in studio and we're trying to stay one "K" away as usual. We shout out an ohio listener who contacted us. Drink of the week is Ken's Pudding Shots from the Member's BBQ. Swervey tells us a little more about his best friend Shawn Wasson. We call Krystal while she's on the road. Deep Fried Surprise is Korean BBQ wings. Swervey suggests butt stuff as a present for Trey on his birthday. We end the show with voicemails and Texts.  Check us out at: Facebook Twitter InstagramSJS Group Mixlr All Social Platforms: @Swerveyjones @TreySJS @KrystalSJS
This Episode is brought to you by... Happy 4th of July everyone! This week's show we start out with shots all around! We talk about the Nerdy and Dirty Movie Review and listener requests. We Talk about Trey's "side hustle" for The Pipe Pint and Platter and Swervey's New Mediocre Toons. We talk about how Trey was Pre-Guy Fieri and Swervey was mistaken as the Teenage pop band Hanson. James is in studio to talk about being in the SJS Weight-loss Challenge. Swervey does a bunch of "consecutive" pushups. Trey has a moment with another fat guy, and we wrap up with discussing The generational gap and its relationship to the technology age. Oh and did I mention we're wasted drunk on Jameson so there's that.... Check us out at: Facebook Twitter InstagramSJS Group @Swerveyjones @TreySJS
On Today's show we rant and rave a bit. Swervey goes school shopping at target and no one knows what they're doing or where they're going. Trey takes his "Bi-Annual" trip to Walmart and we discuss shopping cart isle edicate. We both agree getting the fuck out of the way is the best policy. We dive into Trey watching Game of Thrones for the first time and discover that he's not really much of a binge watcher. On the other hand, Swervey is a binge watcher and finished the entire 1st season of stranger things. Thanks for listening to the show everyone! We'll see you next week. Check us out at: Facebook Twitter InstagramSJS Group @Swerveyjones @TreySJS
This week AJ in Evolution is in studio with us and we had a blast. We talk about using incognito mode to hide your browser history because it can be a distraction when on performing business tasks. AJ sings poopin and poking. Swervey is bad at returning FB messages. Fried spam is good to go but only if you suck that roll up with it. Swervey does does the sticky ball stretch. Trey discusses his rules for buoyancy. AJ sings an original called Liquor Store (Never Let Me Go Down). We play Marvel poster Horse. Trey makes a nerd dad joke unknowingly, and the night begins to shine. you can find AJ in Evolution here: Twitter: @AJinEvolutionYoutube Channel Facebook: PersonalFacebook: Fan Page
Josh is joined by Trey's wife Kastin for this episode. Josh's Number on listener gives him a bottle of whiskey that he pairs with a cigar and Kastin keeps a lot of nonsense in her purse.  Check us out at: Facebook Twitter Instagram
Hey Guy's! It's time for another episode of The Swervey Jones Show. This week with just Swervey and Trey. We start the show with the eyeball flutters. Swervey explains to us his scratch off lotto ticket logic. Trey got a new couch and it's causing him to be lazy. We talk about old school street skating vs skating at the skating at the skate parks. Swervey hates HOA's cause he lives on a dirt road. That snake is trying to eat that baby. Calling out of work cause your dick is too big. Billy Jean is blowing up Swervey's messenger. Levis reaches back out to us and we think of the long con. We talk briefly about Spiderman Homecoming. Swervey's son is turning into a lemon hating real man. We invent Shopkins.  Check us out at: Facebook Twitter InstagramSJS Group Mixlr All Social Platforms: @Swerveyjones @TreySJS @KrystalSJS
This week's episode we go mobile to a fancy hotel room near Walt Disney World. It was a pretty crazy one so I'll keep it short. We discuss the pros and cons of the master suite doo doo closet. Trey is sleeping in a turkish bath. Swervey went to his dad's November Halloween extravaganza. Justin Dunn answers a phone call mid-episode, and we shit all over Krystal as always.  
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