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The System is Down

A Society and Culture podcast featuring Dan Smotz
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If at first you don't succeed, kick and scream and try again. I wasn't planning on doing this episode today, but with the whole impeachment circus going on right now, I had a lot on my mind. If you're here to make assumptions on my stance witho
Today's episode is my conversation with Mises Institute bestselling author, Allan Stevo.  In his latest book, Face Masks in One Lesson, Allan lays out all the evidence on the ineffectiveness of face masks in this pandemic, the actual HARM that
On today's episode, I'm joined by Peter Quinones (Free Man Beyond the Wall), to discuss his recent social media bannings, whether our society is f**ked beyond recognition or hope, and some Libertarian Party insider baseball.  All that and more,
We did it! I got tired of getting kicked off of Youtube and Facebook, so I created OUR social network, which is now live at AntiNewsLive.com. If you're tired of that Stockholm Syndrome feeling you get, every time you log into Fact Check Landia,
Dear Libertarians, we need to talk.... Larry Sharpe, along with many of you, keep pushing for Tulsi to be the LP nominee... First and most glaring issue.... SHE'S NOT A LIBERTARIAN!! Let's discuss... Also, wtf is going on with GameStop Stonks?
Well... Scott's back and you better believe I've got a LOT of Q-uestions for him. I'd say it's high past time to take this theory to the cleaners.Is there still hope for "the plan"? Was Cue a failure, a psyop, or something else entirely? What's
I keep saying that 2021 needs to be the year of prioritizing. Sure, Youtube is a great fast convenient services, but if you're not allowed to seek truth on the platform, how much value does it really hold?... What, you just want your brainwashi
Surprise! Nothing happened!  On his last day in office, there was no insurrection, no coup, no hysteria, no significant pardons, no last stands, no handcuffs, no nothing. Dude just tucked his tail and scurried off into the sunset.  So naturally
So, I recorded this episode a while back, with intent to release, but then some more pressing issues came up (getting banned) and forgot to release it. So it may be a little outdated, but it's still very relevant. Enjoy. Call in and leave a vm.
This should go without saying, but apparently not.... So, please hear me loud and clear when I say... STOP PUTTING UP WITH THIS DEHUMANIZING TRAUMATIZING BULLSH*T!Call in and leave a vm. 309-716-3818   For the extended bonus episode and all of
Everyone seems to have a lot of opinions on what exactly happened at The Capitol Building on January 6. What if, once again, the media is lying to you? Let's find out from someone who was actually there.Today's episode is my conversation with K
I KNOW THERE'S A CRACKLE! JUST F***ING PRETEND YOU'RE LISTENING TO VINYL, YOU HIPSTER T***! "You cannot kill what you did not create." - Corey TaylorDowners... I need your help. The time has come, weirdos. We got BANNED from the all mighty Face
Scott is ALIVE?!! That's great news! Yes, Scott McElroy (formerly?) of the QAnon Chronicles lives and he's back to catch me up to speed on his perspective of all the insanity that's going on right now.  Is Q Anon dead? Is Epstein alive? Where's
Is it a clickbait headline?… No, not really. Am I pro-Trump? Certainly not. It turns out, there are people who don’t believe either one should be president. I am one of them.As we move into a new year, I think we need to take a step back and a
MERRY CHRISTMAS! Don't celebrate in fear!Welcome to the 2020 TSID Problematic Christmas Special. Today's episode is a variety show of all sorts of wonderful off color Christmas nonsense. From ranting about awkward Christmas exchanges, to my dad
The world is a crazy place... but at least Star Wars is looking up. On today's episode, Dan digs into all the latest news and gossip.   On the docket: *Joe Biden and Kamala Harris don't care about #BlackLivesMatter *The Mandalorian Season 2 Fin
For the big 200th episode, I was racking my brain on what to do. A part of my wanted to get crazy and talk about some out there conspiracy theories like the good old days when we talked about Flat Earth and S**** H***... then yesterday, I got a
On today's episode, Dan digs into the headlines of politics and pop culture and rambles freely.   On the Docket: *Rudy Giuliani's wine mom whitness *Lockdowns continue to destroy lives *Nobody voted for Biden *Voter fraud speculation cont'd *Th
Today's episode is sure to ruffle a few feathers, but that's what we do around here and if you're already getting triggered from the title because you're making assumptions without listening, I would ask that you just hear me out here and as al
After a long, shitty-technology-induced hiatus...Scott is back with the weird, bizarre, conspiratorial goods. In case you're asleep or comatose, things have gotten interesting in the good ol' US of A....is there hope for justice? We think so. W
On today's episode, I'm gonna rant for nearly 2 hours about ridiculous divisive news articles, have a good laugh at the absurdity that is 2020, and attempt to break down some of the nonsense to figure out what's really going on.   On the Docket
The question of the day is... How powerful can a company get, before they're considered a government? On today's episode, I am joined again by the controversial frontman of American rock band, Trapt, to discuss his recent banning from Facebook
The question of the day is…. What’s up? What else do ya wanna know about?Cala and I just got back from our much needed and long overdue vacation trip to Hilton Head Island. It was a 16 hour drive back, so we answered all your questions and yell
The question of the day is.... To be... or not to be?... That... Is the question.   Today's episode is my ocean beachfront rant that was filmed on our post-election vacation in Hilton Head Island. I sat down on the beach with a camera, a mic, a
The question of the day is…. What’s up? What do ya wanna know about?So, immediately after the election “ended” (unconfirmed), Cala and I hopped in our car and drove straight to the ocean to escape the madness and get some much needed r&r. It wa
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