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Earth faces annihilation, and the only thing that can save humanity is… two humpback whales? Join us for a chat about the Lorax’s agenda, a weird thing to say on a stump button, and the dangers of working in a fireworks factory. Then we find o
Spock is dead… or is he? Kirk is on a mission to find his friend, who may have been brought back to life. Join us for a conversation about the measured response to a yellow alert, the logic of Vulcan mysticism, and why our podcast episodes are
Admiral James Kirk and an old enemy battle over a device that can create life... or destroy it.   We kick off Star Trek September by talking about James' imaginary friend, the Shakespeare lines we actually remember, and the difference between
Snake Plissken has a new mission in a city that’s been turned into a prison… only this time, he’s got to survive a night in Los Angeles. Join us as we chat about sequels that are basically remakes, maps to Tom Arnold’s house, and how hard it i
In the future year 1997, the island of Manhattan has been turned into a prison. When the President is held hostage inside the city, it's up to one man to go in and rescue him: Snake Plissken. Listen as we talk about Walt Disney’s last words, c
A man with an overactive imagination turns a UHF station into the most popular TV channel in town. Two very special mystery guests join us for a conversation about how to make Livin’ on a Prayer funnier, the wrong way to clean your glasses, an
Two British runners go for gold at the 1924 Olympics. Join us as we talk about the disastrous Dan and Dave ad campaign, random facts you learn from The Simpsons, and why newspapers spin in the movies. Then we find out if Chariots of Fire—a mov
A lonely and frustrated boy discovers a magical world of monsters under his bed. Special guest Samantha Noah joins us to discuss monster Bar Mitzvahs, what constitutes cheating in pinball, and the only acceptable way to hang baseball cards on
A man who's obsessed with weddings gets left at the altar, then falls in love with a woman who’s engaged to a serial cheater. Join us as we discuss songs that should never be played at weddings, what Hook by Blues Traveler really means, and th
Michael Jordan teams up with the Looney Tunes for a high-stakes basketball game. Join us as we chat about using Mad Libs to write a script, the enduring appeal of Jock Jams, and what Michael Jordan has in common with Britney Spears. Then we fi
To catch a gang of bank robbers, an undercover FBI agent must first catch some waves. Special guest Adam Pincas joins us to discuss the many wives of James Cameron, a very uncomfortable fetish, and the scariest thing about skydiving. Then we f
To save Doc, Marty travels back in time to the Old West. But without any fuel for the DeLorean, how will they make it home? As we wrap up our Back to the Future trilogy, we talk about the highest number imaginable, the one guy in ZZ Top who do
Marty and Doc travel to the future, and unwittingly create an alternate present. To set things right, they need to go back... to the past! This week, we talk about the movie James wants to marry, the lie Robert Zemeckis told children, and why
A teenager from 1985 travels to 1955 and gets in the way of his parents falling in love, threatening to erase his very existence. This week, we geek out for one of our favorite movies ever, discussing semiprime numbers, cars that look like the
Two slackers enlist in the U.S. Army and find out that basic training is harder than they thought. This week, we debate if anyone knows anything about Tintin, if people think Harry Potter is real, and if Stephen Baldwin can deliver a line bett
Five young astronaut hopefuls go on an out-of-this-world adventure (sorry) when they're accidentally launched into orbit. This week, we talk about Canada’s contribution to the space program, how to prevent Martians from stealing your oxygen, a
At the end of the Persian Gulf War, a group of American soldiers try to steal some of Saddam Hussein’s gold for themselves. This week, we chat about the plural of court-martial, how a young Jim Gaffigan looks like a young Jesse Plemons, and Ja
Two pilots fall in love with the same woman as America is drawn into the second World War. This week, we discuss having multiple zeroes on your six, how Rob Schneider cashed in on being a schmo, and what Michael Bay is like in a pitch meeting.
A bounty hunter and a mob accountant travel cross country, avoiding government agents and mafia hitmen.   This week, we chat about confusing ways to give someone a phone number, credit card scams in the 1980s, and a surprising fact about horse
To prove her soccer skills, a girl pretends to be her twin brother and joins a rival high school's team. This week, we discuss what not to do when you have a nosebleed, the dainty way to eat chicken wings, and if kissing booths exist in real l
A teenager, fed up with the way she's treated as a pretty girl, finds out what life is like as a boy. This week, we chat about surprise jockstrap inspections, James’ high school hero, and why Alan has a tuxedo t-shirt. Then we find out if Just
To win a championship, a girls’ soccer team has a secret weapon: a boy in a wig. This week, we talk about salesmen’s confidence levels, why it’s a bad idea to let your hair down when playing sports, and the reason every movie needs the Oscar M
Two hitmen, a crooked boxer, a dancing drug addict, and a gimp share a series of interconnected adventures. It’s our 250th episode, and we’re celebrating with a conversation about the evolution of cell phone antennas, how heroin makes you cons
Misters Pink, White, Blonde, and Orange deal with the aftermath of a diamond robbery gone terribly wrong. This week, we discuss who Jerry Seinfeld is scared of, the difference between a psychopath and a sociopath, and what you shouldn’t eat i
A master of disguise tries to outmaneuver a Russian oligarch in the race to unlock the secret to cold fusion. This week, special guest Daron from the Board Games are for Losers podcast joins us to discuss buying art in sewers, why James owes V
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