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Trump finally crosses the line for Mickey (again) ... Why is Trump threatening to undermine Republicans in the midterms? ... Mickey: It’s smart politics to dump the child tax credit ... Are some of Dave Chappelle’s jokes antisemitic? ... R
Aryeh's new YouTube channel ... The early technological innovations of Bloggingheads ... Bloggingheads's curatorial principles ... How the #Resistance media further alienated Trump supporters ... Is journalistic neutrality an obsolete conce
Joe Manchin’s infrastructure shell game ... The Monty Hall problem explained ... What does Bernie want from the infrastructure deal? ... If the Taliban collapses, can Biden count it as a win? ... The exaggerated claims about China’s “incurs
Sam's new book, Humane: How the United States Abandoned Peace and Reinvented War ... The murky legal standing of the Forever War ... Obama’s transition from traditional war to “humane” war ... Are presidents incentivized to keep war going fo
Reconstructing Pelosi’s infrastructure dealmaking ... Does Biden actually need both infrastructure bills to pass? ... Time for some game theory (to explain infrastructure negotiations) ... Positive pandemic news: Declining US case rates, Mer
Matt and Chris's podcast, Decoding the Gurus ... What makes a guru a guru? ... Are we living in an age of secular gurus? ... Chris: I have an issue with "unevenly applied" skepticism ... Scott Adams's selectively "pro-science" stance ...
Pelosi preps for infrastructure vote with trouble all around ... The cost of zero sum politics: the wrath of the voters ... Throwing Biden into the ash heap of history ... What do Manchin & Sinema really want? ... Is Mickey feeling schadenf
Remembering Michael Brooks ... The existential stakes of enlightenment ... Overcoming the affective dimension of cognitive bias ... Bringing broader awareness to the concept of cognitive bias ... Cognitive bias and the roots of war ... T
Mickey proposes a parking garage-based theory of everything ... Bob’s plan for passing Biden’s "soft infrastructure" bill ... Mickey does some Monday morning quarterbacking for Larry Elder ... Bob’s near-death experience with British food
Oliver's new book, Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals ... Oliver outlines “compatibilism,” the idea that free will and determinism can coexist ... Bob: Everyone should be a free will agnostic ... The occasionally dramatic conse
Mickey: Biden’s weakness is his strength ... Is Biden’s vaccine mandate constitutional? And will it work? ... A reason to root for the Delta variant? ... JD Vance urges people to resist the vaccine mandate ... Looking back at 9/11-inspired
John's recent bout of fever-induced hallucinations ... Does math actually help you understand QM? ... What experiments in QM have and have not verified ... John: All interpretations of QM are bad ... What do we want from science? ... "A
Bob and Mickey’s most erotic cold open yet ... Mickey mildly critiques Bob’s latest Afghanistan piece ... Eight ways Biden messed up the Afghanistan withdrawal (according to Mickey) ... Will Pelosi get the infrastructure bill she wants? ...
What is "realism" in international relations? ... How John predicted the disastrous outcome of the Iraq invasion ... How to convince neocons to respect international law ... John: Sometimes nations just have to break the law ... Bob: The U
Bob and Mickey’s vaccination vacation ... American cluelessness persists in Afghanistan ... Can the Taliban be incorporated into the global community? ... Radicalized by Microsoft ... Bret Weinstein’s ivermectin crusade (cont’d) ... Has P
Disavowing the naturalistic fallacy ... Why “sex” may not mean what you think it means ... Did evolution make women “choosier” about sex partners than men? ... Haggling over the price of sperm and eggs ... Agustín: Empirical studies compli
Unmasked liberals in their natural environment ... The sharply rising Covid-related death rate in the US ... Should the US send vaccine doses abroad before giving boosters at home? ... Bob: The Afghanistan withdrawal could reduce the risk o
A prehistory of critical race theory ... What CRT isn't ... Why CRT gets so much pushback ... When (possibly) well-meaning jokes go wrong ... CRT and the language of the elite ... The shifting definitions of "racist" and "white supremacist
Meet the new virus, same as the old virus ... The confounding Covid numbers coming out of Florida ... Just a couple of cowards talking about JD Vance ... The Biden administration’s lackluster messaging on the Delta variant ... Hunter Biden
Adam's military service in Afghanistan ... How much popular support does the Taliban have? ... Adam: If the US didn’t withdraw there would be no end in sight ... Why is the Afghan military struggling to hold off the Taliban? ... A primer on
Mickey restrains himself ... What’s Cuomo’s sex scandal strategy? ... Bob’s encounters with Cuomo the elder ... Was Bob too optimistic about the Delta variant? ... Simon Biles sticks the landing ... The implications of China’s crackdown
Oliver’s new book, Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals ... Why is it so hard to accept the limits of our productivity? ... Prioritizing mindfully ... Heideggerian time management ... Finding value in even "meaningless" work .
Mickey protests the sexualization of Bloggingheads ... The tribal response to Simone Biles' troubles ... Mickey: The left puts too much blame on unvaccinated Trumpers ... Bob campaigns for vaccine czar ... How should Biden talk about the De
Last year's Beirut port explosion ... The roots of Lebanon's economic crisis ... Sectarianism and the dueling narratives of the Lebanese civil war ... Why did Hezbollah intervene in Syria? ... Rania: US policy in Syria helped lead to the ri
Bob and Mickey enter the Cone of Silence ... Mickey: The narrative about vaccination has collapsed ... Should Bob worry about Eric Weinstein’s latest weird tweet? ... Are we stuck with Covid forever? ... Mickey: If Americans start to see
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