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Dan Winters has photographed presidents, astronauts, innovators, rock stars, sports heroes, film icons, captains of industry, honey bees, Texas gangs and The Dalai Lama. The range of interests that fuel and inspire him are as layered and textured as are his iconic photographs. We are talking to Dan about techniques, influences, lessons, origin stories, career highlights, favorite cameras, passion projects and indelible moments that live forever in memory and in photograph. Dan joins Jamie Alcroft, Danny Mann, Dina Friedman and Louise Palanker for this enlightening conversation.
Let's isolate together. We present to you an all new, all remote, all sanitized installment of Things I Found Online. We are here with you to help you find the best ways to stay productive and entertained while socially distancing. Our guests are the Grand Ol’ Opry’s backstage filmmaker Bill Filipiak and Home Organization Consultant Melinda Ruben. We’ve got all kinds of ideas for making the most of your time at home.Circle TV - The Grand Ol' Opry
Standup comedy clubs have nurtured, trained and launched the careers of every top comedian on planet earth. They serve as a hub, a gym, a proving ground and a gathering spot for all aspiring comedians and fans of the art form.  Today, we talk to the owners of Los Angeles-Area clubs to learn how the Internet is impacting the business and the show of comedy - Bob Fisher of the legendary Ice House in Pasadena and Randy Lubas from J.R.’s in Valencia and the Ventura Harbor Comedy Club. We're asking how technology is impacting marketing and branding and whether it's effecting comedy creation, material burn out, joke stealing and more. Plus we’ve got backstage stories galore and what’s twitter trending is #HotPocketHeiress.
Delight your ears to the humorous strains of this improv-aganza, lush with Firesign Theatre’s Phil Proctor, The Groundling’s Ryan Gaul, and newly minted, college improv club graduate Connor Eldredge. All present and amusing to talk about the history and future of improv and sketch comedy. We are learning about inspirations, influences, the competing schools of improv theory and how the internet is influencing the art. Plus, we are playing some improv games! Shout out your suggestions!
Michael Liben is a filmmaker who emigrated to Israel from New York. He teaches high school film classes where Jewish and Arab students collaborate to make movies. He is also a father who is living with the death of a child. Today, he joins us to talk about how he copes with the passing of his daughter Liel, the fellowship he’s found with others in the bereaved community, his decision to donate Liel's organs, podcasting and finding support online. Plus, our own Jamie Alcroft shares wisdom he gained while waiting for and receiving his previously enjoyed donor heart.HUG Podcast NetworkHUG On Patreon
Our guest is actor/comic/legend Philip Proctor from Firesign Theatre! You’ve heard Phil’s voice acting in Dr. Doolittle, Rugrats and numerous commercials and video games. Phil broke comedic molds and records in the iconic comedy group Firesign Theatre. We’re exploring how the Firesigns imprinted the counter-culture movement, influencing everyone from Jerry Seinfeld to Steve Jobs. Plus Phil shares celebrity stories and offers his thoughts on the history and the future of improv and sketch comedy. All that and Phil’s thoughts on #OkBoomer.Phil Proctor's Book, Where's My Fortune CookiePlanet Proctor
Personalized, DIY and handmade gifts become more popular every year, so we're searching the Internet for some of the best examples of customized presents and sharing a few we've given and received! Plus, we talk about outlandish luxury largesse, what charities we're supporting on Giving Tuesday and we opine on why for most, heartfelt gifts seem to be beating out the ones with a hefty price tag. And finally, Facebook is no slouch when it comes to keeping tabs on your search history.Our Show On YoutubeWeezy's Family DocumentariesRonnie Explains ThingsFan of JoannThe Mossmond GirlsShopping IdeasImagekindShutterflyWhite Elephant Gift IdeasI Want A PoemThe K.I.N.D. FundGive A GoatManscaped
Our guest is comedian/actor Jason Stuart who is all up in his feelings and here to release some steam about Pandemic dating, pandemic creativity, pandemic shopping and his mother. We’re also getting way into the coopting of trumpy hashtags by the BTS Army and is Lindsey Graham known by his male escort army as #Lady G? A lady never tells. Our panel is Jamie Alcroft, Danny Mann, Dina Friedman and Louise Palanker.Jason StuartSmothered on Youtube
Our children are watching and listening and experiencing our quarantine and our turbulence. How can you better parent through these trying experiences and come out the other side stronger, healthier, wiser and kinder? Joining us is parenting coach Katherine Saltzberg along with parents James Schanzer and our own producer Dina Friedman. Plus, our panel Jamie Alcroft and Danny Mann, our host Louise Palanker and important insight from audio engineer Lane McFaddin.Katherine Saltzberg
Can Becca Tilley explain social media influencing to a panel of boomers? She makes a heroic attempt.TV/Podcast personality and social media influencer Becca Tilley fills us in on Bachelor Nation dish, branding wisdom, Instagram pro tips and we recommend the cancelation of cancel culture.  Becca joins Jamie Alcroft, Danny Mann, Dina Friedman and Louise Palanker for the conversation.Becca TilleyBecca Tilley on InstagramBecca Tilley on TwitterPhoebe Tilley on Twitter
If you are feeling pandemicly panicked then we have just the guest for you. Dr. Marc Schoen specializes in altering the mind's response to fear. So, be unafraid. Be very unafraid and settle in with our panel, Danny Mann, Jamie Alcroft, Dina Friedman and Louise Palanker. Dr. Marc has specialized in mind-body medicine for over 25 years and he is uniquely qualified to help us all survive and thrive through and beyond this pandemic.Dr. Schoen was among the first to examine how the mind and body can be retrained to reduce an inflammatory response to emotions and events that may trigger us. His work is helping athletes, military veterans, police officers, lawyers and corporate executives tame their fear response and perform better under pressure. His advice can help all of us better handle our current crisis and come out the other side stronger and calmer.Dr. Marc Schoen
Our guest is Jessica Porter, the author of The Hip Chick's Guide to Macrobiotics and the co-author of The Kind Diet with Alicia Silverstone. Jessica teaches macrobiotic cooking classes and she has travelled the world as a private, macrobiotic chef. Jessica is also a hypnotherapist specializing in hypno-birthing, and hypnotherapy for actors. Jessica joins our panel Danny Mann, Jamie Alcroft, Dina Friedman and Louise Palanker to talk about wellness, meditation and the mind-body connection. The Healthy Hip Chick
We offer you an intersection of broadcasters. Ryan Tabb is fresh out of college and beginning his radio career at KNTK 93.7, The Ticket FM in Lincoln, Nebraska. Two months into his career, Ryan is a sportscaster in a world without sports. David H. Lawrence XVII is a radio and voice over renaissance man who has moved into acting and entrepreneurialism. David has created a video course for teachers designed to meet our stay-at-home moment called Teach Your Course Online. David and Ryan join our panel, Louise Palanker, Jamie Alcroft, Danny Mann and Dina Friedman.
Our guest, Kyle Fitzharris is a best selling author and a former intelligence officer who has risked life and limb serving undercover in drug rings. He has lead task forces to stop drug smugglers, murder for hire rings and international terrorists. Today, he embarks on his boldest mission yet. Guesting on Things I Found Online with panel, Jamie Alcroft, Danny Mann, Dina Friedman and host, Louise Palanker. Kyle talks about his experiences working NOC for the government (NOC), infiltrating drug rings and being handpicked by Leon Panetta and nominated by the Joint Chiefs of Staff as well as the Department of Defense to the prestigious JCOC & DOCA. At the Pentagon, Fitzharris was assigned liaisons, briefed, and then flown by C-17 to Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, U.S. Coast Guard, Homeland Security, and ICE bases up and down the Eastern Seaboard. Kyle writes what he knows and his newest political thriller The Eighth Plague could not be more eerily topical.Kyle FitzharrisThe Eighth Plague 
We have been graced by meme greatness. You know him as "Hide The Pain Harold." He knows himself as Andras Arato and you are about to find out what happens when a mild mannered retired engineer poses for a stock photographer and wakes up to discover that he has become a meme.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a meme is worth a thousand words times the words typed on the meme. For Andras a viral picture of himself is also worth a valuable lesson in embracing the surprises that life has to offer. Andras shares his story with our panel, Danny Mann, Jamie Alcroft, Bill Filipiak, Dina Friedman and Louise PalankerHide The Pain HaroldHide The Pain Harold on FacebookHide The Pain Harold on Instagram
The podcast Chasing Cosby takes you inside the headlines and bullet points of the case against Bill Cosby and the double life led by an icon who was once known as America's Dad. While Bill Cosby was rising through the ranks of stand-up comedy, winning an Emmy as the first black actor to co-star on a TV show, I Spy and redefining how the world relates to a typical African American family he was also serially and systematically drugging and raping women and then silencing their voices. The intense and powerful story of how he was finally brought to justice is told in the six episode podcast Chasing Cosby produced by Alexandra Zaslow and featuring Cosby survivor Lili Bernard. Both of whom join us for this insightful conversation with Louise Palanker, Danny Mann and Jamie Alcroft and Dina Friedman.Chasing Cosby PodcastLili Bernard on Twitter
Isolate with us as a 16 year old attempts to explain Stan Twitter to a group of boomers. Results are amusing and informative. Plus we take a look at soothing online games. We look at how Nashville is reacting to social distancing and What’s Twitter Trending is #ImDoingFineBecause. You will simply Stan this episode of Things I Found Online with Jamie Alcroft, Danny Mann, Bill Filipiak, Dina Friedman, Louise Palanker and our guest Juliana Postrel.
Our guest is science reporter, author, instructor, editor and three-time Emmy award winner, Michael Guillen, who resides at the intersection of science and religion. He’s talking to us about the extensive impact of the Internet & technology on humans as a species and what we'll be seeing next in the evolution of artificial intelligence. We'll also explore the struggle between science and morality, how our reality is impacted by the search for absolute truths and finding a balance between Absolute truth and faith. And What’s Twitter trending is Laura Petrie. But why?
What do Barbra, Bloomberg, cows & combustible cell phones have in common? They all come up in conversations about The Streisand Effect, which we're discussing today with our tech expert Jake Palanker! The Streisand Effect is the bear you poke when daring to instruct the internet. We'll talk about the psychological underpinnings and various instances of this occurrence, some of which are global in nature, as is the case with political repercussions under authoritarian regimes. Hitting closer to home we’re exploring how a hotel attempted to stifle bad Yelp reviews, The Bloomberg Meme effort and a Twitter cow who is more popular than Devin Nunes. Plus, #SuperTuesday is what’s Twitter Trending.
From “Compassionate Search” to "Here for You,” recent tech company developments indicate an increased sense of responsibility for our online mental health. We are joined by writer, speaker, director and equality advocate Dawn Garcia for a discussion on the intersection of the Internet and mental health. Dawn is crowdsourcing a short film to help spread suicide risk awareness. She is joined by high tech insider Jake Palanker as we explore the role of social media companies in amplifying marginalized voices and promoting positive speech. How can we positively affect our online experiences? Can we customize our social media feeds? Should we respond to cruelty with kindness and how did Twitter facilitate an important dialogue between Weezy, Joe Biden and Cher!?
Award winning documentarian Roger Nygard’s new film is called The Truth About Marriage. He’s stacked and layered it with experts and couples who share their knowledge, research, wisdom and experiences about love, sex, coupling and marriage. Joining us from the film are comedian Doug Williams and author Rachel Hope. The various perspectives and points of view depicted in the film present a framework for examining why we mate and how to do it better. We are discussing compatibility, biology, attraction, poly-armory, alternative families, and how the internet is impacting our marriage expectations. Plus we dive into online wedding shaming and What’s Twitter Trending is #WeddingFailThe Truth About Marriage
Brace for transformation. Our guest is the highly motivated Emmy winning TV host &, writer, author, YouTuber, comedian,  businessman and motivational speaker, Ross Shafer! Ross is here to share his leadership, empowerment, and success secrets with you along with his views on how the internet is changing the keynote speaker space. Just exactly how does one get motivated enough to become a motivational speaker? Ross has answers. Plus, we talk about the importance of humor and humanity when it comes to work and achieving your full potential.Ross Shafer's Website
There is little more romantic than voice actors in love. Real life couple Kyle McCarley and Katelyn Gault are here to explain Twitch to a panel of boomers. They also share their love story, their voice over experiences and their cheats, tips and hints for a happy, creative life together. Katelyn and Kyle voice act for animation, commercials, voice prompts, plushy toys AND they stream live on Twitch every weekend, talking back to their own characters. They are here answering questions about their Twitchcast set up, fan involvement, live events and conventions, the Twitch community and their fan group The Hacker Clan. It’s a thing and there is Merch!Kyle McCarley on TwitchKatelyn GaultKyle McCarleyHacker Clan Merch
Get yourself inspired and educated on gender empowerment and equality in the workplace with international authority on the obstacles faced by women in the workplace Sara Laschever and Herstory podcaster Julie Harris Walker. Julie used to think it was cool that she was often the only woman in the room. Now she sees it as a symptom of a larger problem and she is podcasting about it. Sara is a speaker and author who has dedicated her career to investigating what stands between women and success and what can be done to promote positive changes. We’re talking about leadership, career advancement barriers, professional growth tips,  online networking opportunities and how the internet birthed #metoo.Sara LascheverJulie Harris Walker and The Other 50%Sara Laschever's Appearance On Julie Harris Walker's Podcast
Singer/Songwriter/Icon Hayley Kiyoko joins us with her Dad Jamie Alcroft and two outstanding fans for a conversation that will move and delight you. Hayley talks about her music, her methods, her moods, her message and the purpose and meaning she infuses into all she does. What does 2020 hold for Hayley and Kiyokians? So much! Her new project, I'M TOO SENSITIVE FOR THIS SHIT is rolling out with tremendous tracks like L.O.V.E Me, Demons and I Wish. Her upcoming headlining North American tour will take her to Terminal 5 in NYC, L.A.’s Palladium and beyond. All that plus questions are pouring in for Hayley on Twitter and she’s got answers and wisdom that will inspire and delight. Hayley is Lesbian Jesus and she is wishing us a happy and blessed new Kiyokiyear.
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