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In his new book, One Faith No Longer, sociologist George Yancey looks at the polarization within Christianity that reflects the divides in the broader culture. He looks at what he calls "conservative" and "progressive" Christianity, and conclu
With the advent of abortion inducing drugs such as RU-486 and others, abortion has become increasingly private and available to anyone without a prescription or supervision of a physician. Join Scott and Sean as they interview Dr. Donna Harris
How can young people survive the challenges of religion classes in secular colleges? Dr. Michael Kruger is the author of the recent book Surviving Religion 101, which is a letter to his daughter about how to stand strong for her faith in secula
Climate change has been one of the most debated subjects around the world in recent years, with various opinions about its reality, origins and dangers. Join Scott and Sean as they interview theologian Brent Waters about his insightful take on
Bringing the truth of Scripture into discussions of marriage and sexuality can be messy, to say the least. Navigating these potentially messy conversations can be complicated and it helps to have a guide like our guest, Caleb Kaltenbach, from
Is religious liberty important for all people, including Jews, Muslims, and Hindus, or just Christians? How do we make a public case for the importance of religious liberty? In this interview, Sean and Scott talk with Dr. Andrew Walker about hi
How do we truly make a difference in the world? How can we fight for justice in a broken world? Lila Rose is the author of the recent book Fighting for Life: Becoming A Force for Change In A Wounded World. In this interview, she shares the stor
Since mass migration from Africa and the Middle East into Europe since 2015, there has been a marked increase in the sexual assault and harassment of women, especially in public in Europe. Women's rights activist and best selling author Ayaan
What are the most common mistakes Christians make when approaching the Bible? Seasoned biblical scholar Michael Bird takes on seven of the biggest ones, including how the Bible was put together, how to interpret the Bible, and how we know it is
In partnership with the Barna Research Group, Impact 360 has commissioned a massive new study on Gen Z. It focuses on caring for young people, and is a second volume to the initial 2018 study. In this interview, I talk with Jonathan Morrow abou
"Purity culture" has a complicated legacy. Some is positive and some needs biblical correction. Rachel Joy Welcher has written an excellent book critiquing purity culture, but also offering a hopeful, biblical way forward. Her story is powerful
The conventional wisdom concerning same sex parenting is that it is not substantively different from oppoosite sex parenting-the notion that children simply need to be loved and it doesn't matter by whom. Dr. Walter Schumm, a specialist in fam
Is there actually good archaeological evidence supporting the Bible? Sean interviews archaeologist Joel Kramer about his recent book Where God Came Down. They discuss some of the evidence for the Patriarchs as well as positive evidence that sup
We hear an increasing number of stories - tragic ones - of recognizable Christian leaders abandoning their faith. What contributes to these accounts of de-conversion? Join Scott and Sean as they interview Dr. John Marriott-a specialist in the
Does life really have any meaning? Are all human beings actually equal? These are some of the big questions of life, which we wrestle with in this episode. At its core, these are deep worldview questions that have powerful and practical implica
Is the scientific data pointing towards a universe of design or towards a universe that needs no supernatural explanation? In this interview, Sean and Scott talk with leading intelligent design proponent Stephen Meyer about his latest book The
From certain reproductive technologies to divorce and to same-sex marriages, our culture focuses far more on the desires of adults than the rights of children. In her book Them Before Us, Katy Faust argues that we need a movement that restores
Prayer is often a hard subject to talk about, and one reason for that is the guilt that it induces as people inevitably face up to the challenges and failures in their life of prayer. Talbot spiritual formation professors Kyle Strobel and John
Since the summer of 2020, Critical Race Theory, and Critical Theory in general, have come out from the academic world and moved into popular culture. Helen Pluckrose, a self-described "exile from the humanities" and James Lindsay, have co-auth
The people of God are called to engage with the issues of the culture, which can involve at times, some difficult and challenging conversations. How to insure that the church's cultural engagement remains a positive contribution instead of fur
What is "progressive Christianity" and why is it so important to understand today? In this interview, we talk with Alisa Childers about her latest book Another Gospel? A Lifelong Christian Seeks Truth in Response to Progressive Christianity. As
The intersection of the transgender movement and sport is at the forefront of sport policy discussions. Dr. Higerd recently finished his doctoral dissertation examining the effects that transgender sports policies would have on girl's track and
Is there a difference between sex and gender? What does it mean to be transgender? And what about intersex? In this interview, Sean and Scott talk with Dr. Preston Sprinkle about these important questions and more. They discuss his latest book
Many consider the Equality Act the most serious threat to religious liberty in our lifetime. What is it? And how should Christians respond? Sean interviews author Caleb Kaltenbach, who has researched the issue extensively, to understand it bett
What does it mean to truly live the abundant life that Jesus described? And why are so many Christians not experiencing it? Ken Baugh is a longtime pastor and writer who offers a roadmap for spiritual growth in this interview and in his latest
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