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This week it's all about DCOMs, baby, that's Disney Channel Original Movies for you casuals. We cover the best and the worst and attempt to put together a definitive top 5 list in the process. Turns out the last part is a lot harder than we imagined. Also, a disagreement over whether Johnny Tsunami is memorable or not almost tears us apart even though one of us may or may not have been thinking of an entirely different movie their entire life, tune in to find out who!
The b-b-boys are back again! This week we're talking about those musical accompaniments that really set the whole tone of the movies you love: the soundtrack. Most of the time you see a dope movie, it's almost a given it's also going to have a dope soundtrack. It's rare, but sometimes an absolute garbage film can put out a compilation of heat too! This episode started as an exploration into some of the most memorable soundtracks, it mainly just ended up as karaoke, but it's still a vibe. Tune in to hear us know some of the words to the greatest soundtrack bops of all time!
Game shows get their own special episode even though they're essentially just reality shows with prizes. We had no idea they could inspire such deep philosophical thoughts. Would you sell out your morals for a million dollars? Are sports game shows? Why were all the grand prizes for Nickelodeon game shows just a trip back to the theme park you're already at? We tackle all these pressing questions and more this week.
This week we're breaking down the best of reality shows, which by default is also the worst. Reality shows aren't great and you know what, we're okay with that. Not everything can bring out the best in you all the time, sometimes you just need some  absolute trash in your life and for those times: reality shows. We won't lie to you, one show gets a lot more focus than the rest, see if you can guess which one. We cap the episode off strong with some original reality show pitches from Semaj, so if you see one of these shows on TV you know where they stole it from!
Shouts out to all the dads worldwide. Happy Father's Day to all y'all and our very own, Semaj! This episode we're honoring all the dads across every media platform, even the terrible ones, because...you gotta take the good with the bad. We were hard-pressed to find a lot of worthy picks, apparently pop culture is just full of swaggerless dads. But, fear not, we've still got a solid list of Top Pops that we think stand out above the rest. Come fox with your boys for another one!
We took a week off out of respect and solidarity for the events going on around the world, but the b-b-boys are back again! And this week we're revisiting video games, talking about franchises. The ones so good that they had to come back with 2, 3, 4, 5 of them. There's probably a lot of popular takes you won't hear on this list, mainly because you can go anywhere for those, we know you come to the Tighgeist Boys for those exclusive deep cuts mixed in...and also there's just a lot of awesome video game franchises and there's no way to cover them all. Also, Trent may or may not be drunk during this episode, tune in and see if you can tell.
My fellow pop culture aficionados, we took a week off, but now we're back in full effect with the State of the Culture address! There's a lot that's been going on in pop culture, and just culture in general these days, some good...some not so good. It's hard to keep up with it all, but luckily that's where we come in. This episode we break down some of the bigger trends of the year so far. We take the good with the bad and let you know what's hitting and what's trash in the way only Tightgeist can!  
Long story short, somebody messed up the recording for this week's originally planned topic after we’d already gotten through the entire thing *cough* Trent *cough* but luckily everyone was still at the mic, so we just decided to riff on some random topics and random they were. This episode hits on a little bit of everything from Hot Pockets to Florida to J. Cole, we got takes for days! It’s a very Seinfeldian episode, we're talking about everything and nothing all at once.
First of all, shout out to all the moms, step moms, soon-to-be moms and especially our moms! In honor of the awesomeness of motherhood, this week we're talking about a group that gets overlooked often on this holiday just because "they aren't real" or "their families don't actually exist", that's right: TV moms matter too! There are literally way too many dope mothers out there to choose from so we're going rapid fire again and talking about as many of our favorites as we can. Stay tuned after the end of the episode for a special Mother's Day serenade from your boys! 
This week we take a slight departure from the normal format of offering up our takes on what the "best" is and just have a rapid fire riff session about some of the dopest toys from back in the day. From Furbies to Poo-Chis to Super Soakers, these are all toys, but we don't talk about any of those here. Come check out what did make our list and revisit some of your favorites, or just listen to us rant about some gems you never even heard about, whatever you want. It's a real do-what-you-feel kinda episode, we're accepting all vibes over here!
This week we buff our stats, equip all our rare end-game armor and spend hours managing our packs as we prepare for an epic quest in the realm of Best RPG Video Games. RPGs (Role Playing Games) exist in all sorts of forms and hybrids, the most popular of the formats probably being the tabletop RPG, Dungeons & Dragons, but this week we'll be focusing only on video game formats. Basically RPGs put you inside the character and give you control over how you approach the narrative and focuses a lot more on decision-making and character development than traditional games in other genres. It's a fully immersive experience and they're easy to sink several...several...hours into. If you've never played one or if you're just trying to see if your favorite made our list, come party up with your boys as we prepare for battle!
Since the world is still on lockdown and everybody's got a lot of newfound free time on their hands to develop a closer personal relationship with our TVs, we figured it's no better time to kick off our Quarantine Stream Series. We will eventually hit all of the major streaming platforms, but there's no better place to start than the platform with the most original shows, Netflix. I speak in no hyperbole when I say there is a metric buttload of content to choose from, there's too many options, where do you even begin? Don't worry, that's where your boys come in! We'll navigate the sea of content and pick out some gems for you to get your binge on with. So come Netflix and Chill with us
Anybody with a sliver of talent can make a good movie and any hack can make a bad movie on purpose, but it takes a true visionary to aim high for greatness only to fall flat on their faces, oh so hard. We're talking spectacular failures that, even despite their terrible final forms, still find a way to be "good" again and entertain people. Definitely not for the reasons the filmmakers originally intended, but they entertain nonetheless. This episode is dedicated to those movies and the brave souls who stood in the face of conventional wisdom to the contrary and went out to make the utter trash of their dreams. It's nothing short of inspirational and we salute you!
You gotta take the good with the bad. So in honor of the unofficial motto of the show, this week we're focusing on the BAD. For the good would not taste as sweet without the evil. Plus, being good all the time is just mad boring, give us that drama! We're talking about some of the most dastardly fiends here and maybe even a hero or two that aren't so squeaky clean themselves. We also talk about the bad deeds we've committed in our own lives and discover one of us might be the biggest villain of all. Hint: it's not Trent or Semaj. 
This week ya boys dive into the movie realm and talk best trilogies, we might have expanded the topic a bit to include a franchise or two. See which ones made the list and listen as we tackle the tough questions, like: is there a trilogy that exists where the third movie isn't absolute trash? Find out that answer and more!
Amid literally every other sport cancelling events over coronavirus, one man had the courage to think of nobody but his bottom line, the P. Diddy of wrestling management: Vince McMahon. So, since the WWE is the only game in town now, what better time for a wrestling episode! This week we lace up our boots, slide into our tights and step into the squared circle to give you our takes on some of our favorite wrestlers, brother!
This week the gang takes a trip back to childhoodland and simpler times when we had bastions dedicated solely to our entertainment. That's right, we're talking gross ball pits, gum-stained carpets, video games and prizes...and that's just Chuck E. Cheese! Join us as we dive deep into some of the best childhood play places that ever were and ever will be. This one's for you, you ill-conceived, financially-unsustainable palaces of fun. You made growing up extra sweet and our parents wallets extra empty. We salute you!
This episode the gang talks best 90s R&B artist and the influence and impact they had on pop culture and music. R&B was literally everywhere in the 90s, you couldn't avoid it, even if you hated the genre. It was on TV, movie soundtracks, labels were stacking their rosters with artists to push out. But through all the clutter a lot of gems rose to the top...like A LOT. Too many for us to name in an hour, so it's a good chance we missed you favorite on this list. But the choices we did pick definitely all had their distinct impact on music in their own rights. Put those headphones on, get that mixtape ready and let's do this!
It's game night at the Tightgeist studio! This week is all about best board games: which ones we love, which ones we hate and which ones will tear apart happy families and friendships. We'll even talk about some deep cuts you might have forgotten about or never even knew to begin with. Break them dice out and let's go!
Ah, nostalgia! This week the gang takes a step back in time to talk about the best cartoons from the 90s-early 00s era. The renaissance of cartoons. Yeah, we said it. Come revisit some of these childhood gems with us!***HEAD'S UP:*** There's about 3 minutes in this episode where our audio recorder ran out of memory and stopped so we had to fill in the gaps with the audio from our camera, which is...not great. Ya boys are still getting the hang of this production thing, but thanks for sticking with us!
The inaugural episode, the one that starts it all!And what better place, for three black dudes that grew up in the suburbs, to start than by talking about the best white sitcoms ever made. If you've owned a TV, it's a good chance you've seen some of them at one point. Basically any sitcom featuring a majority white cast is fair game for debate here, so, you know...most of them. Tune in and see what makes our list, what doesn't and what shows are just absolute trash! Shout out to Aisha TYLER whose name Trent butchers this whole episode!
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