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Ep.8 Back, Back, Back it Up (Backtesting)
Forming a backtest is a skill I’ve spent the past 8 years honing, and after many years of toiling, I share with you some of the secrets I’ve uncovered. Hear the lessons I’ve learned the hard way and the biggest mistakes I see traders and investors make, including experienced ones at banks and hedge funds. This is an easy-to-follow episode that discusses different ways to conduct backtests and the gotchas behind them. I also share a rigorous 10 question check-list I always use when running a new study. This episode is applicable even if you’re a purely discretionary/gut trader as the greatest discretionary traders also rely on historical studies. And if you’re a data scientist, you’ll especially enjoy this episode.
QA.2 What is Shorting and How Do People Make Money When Stocks Fall?
Short-selling can allow somebody to make money when the price of a stock falls. I've been thinking for years on how to best explain this, because I myself struggled with this concept for a very, very long time. Luckily, I found a way! I share with you not only what short-selling is, but how it works, and what to be wary of.
Ch.4 The Employment Episode
We sit down with Jonathon Jones and Jaimi Goodfriend of Point72 to discuss what it takes for a university student to enter the financial industry. In this episode we discuss interview tips, what an analyst program is, and how you can make the most of your internship. We also kick off our collaboration in which Point72 uses a portfolio competition on Tiingo to help find new talent! Join the Tiingo – Point72 Portfolio game, where winners may get the opportunity to interview at Point72 along with other prizes: https://www.tiingo.com/point72
Ep.3 One Portfolio and Broker Please!
Learn more than basic portfolio advice and take a much deeper dive. This episode explains how we can measure our portfolios (more than just returns), and why financial advisors give the advice they do. It discusses what volatility is, why it's important, and how our portfolios should change as we change. Finally, we discuss important things to look for in choosing a broker that can help you save money and fulfill your goals.
FT.1 Keeping Your Advisor Honest Through Fee Reduction (And Saving $25k/Hour)
We sit down with Sean Kruzel, an MIT poker player turned portfolio manager and now financial technology founder, to discuss the changing landscape of Mutual Fund and ETF fees. In this episode we not only discuss his views on financial technology and markets, but also break down the real dollar cost of moving your portfolio to lower fee alternatives. We also discuss how you can use fee tracking to keep your wealth manager accountable. Check out Sean’s firm, Astrocyte Research and their latest fee tracking web app: Portformer https://use.portformer.com
Ep.7 Your First Hedge Fund Strategy (Putting It All Together)
In this episode we cover not only what hedge funds are, but one of the most recently used hedge fund allocation strategies: risk parity. The largest quantitative hedge funds are using this method and it is now presenting some real dangers. We use this example to touch upon how we can skeptically look at performance and also what to beware of with 13F filings. This episode synthesizes everything we've learned into a single practical episode.
Ep.4 Portfolio Diversification (Beta and Correlation)
This is the pilot episode of Tiingo Investing that explores what true portfolio diversification is, what metrics we can use to measure diversification, and how we can prevent misusing them. Understanding these concepts will help you create a more stable investment and retirement portfolio. This podcast later explores more advanced topics and is meant for the beginning investor to the professional.
Ch.3 The Retirement Episode
We sit down with Samer Habl, CEO and Founder of Fingage.com to learn about the different retirement plans and what we can do, based on our age and circumstance, to ensure we have enough for retirement. In this episode you will learn the difference between IRAs, 401ks, and Pensions, and for the more advanced listener, you will learn what you can do to improve your current retirement strategy.
Ep.1 The Amped Up Basics Pt. 1 (Stocks, Bonds, and Commodities)
This episode describes stocks, bonds, and commodities and then amps it up. It not only covers them, but also discusses stock indices, exchanges, how these assets are traded, and what kind of risk they typically present. The episode then covers deeper topics like how to value a company, how the stock indices measure different things, and what can happen when a country defaults. It even discusses the deficiencies in certain stock indices, like the DOW. This is a perfect starter episode to somebody who wants to get their feet wet with investing, or wants to get a deeper understanding of the basics.
QA.1 How I Hustled My Way onto Wall St: An Elaborate Tale of Overcoming Many Setbacks
I've been asked by many students, and those looking to change industries, about how they can land a job at a bank or hedge fund. I share my experiences - the countless setbacks I faced and what I had to do to land the job I wanted. It will give you ideas on how you can forge your own path and land your dream finance job.
Ep.5 I Need Stats, Stat! (Volatility and Statistics)
Volatility is one of the most important metrics in understanding markets, uncertainty, risk, and also the context of current market movements. This episode delves right into what it is and how to calculate it. You will learn why uncertainty matters and also how to judge current market movements and see if they significant.
Ep.6 The Different Styles of Top Investors and Traders (Value, Growth, Discretionary, and Quantitative)
Many of us have heard of the big name investors and traders out there, but what makes them different? What styles do they use? How do they approach markets? What separates the best from the good? This episode is an intro into the different type of investing and trading styles, so you can find one that best suits you. This will help separate some of the confusion when you see "value" and "growth" funds or when reading about discretionary and quantitative traders. We conclude with a discussion about how the top traders approach markets.
Ch.2 Better Psych, Better Investing
I am so honored to kick off the podcast again as we sit down with prominent trading psychologist Dr. Daniel Crosby. Dr. Crosby is a NYT best-seller, fund manager, and recently released his latest book: The Laws of Wealth. In this episode, we discuss how many people view our psychology as a detriment to our investing, but Daniel takes it a step further and helps us understand how we can use this awareness to make ourselves better investors through practical steps, advice, and rules. Check out his book, The Laws of Wealth, here: http://a.co/he3hzGN
Ch.1 Sifting Through the Noise and Taking Action – A Chat with Garrett Baldwin
We sit down and chat with Garrett Baldwin, a financial journalist and academic. Garrett is the Managing editor of AlphaPages.com and a contributing editor to Futures Magazine, Modern Trader, and FinAlternatives. In this episode, we touch upon a variety of topics including the journalistic process in finance, holding Wall Street analysts and bloggers accountable, and tips on building an investment process. Learn how financial journalism is changing today and how the latest financial technology tools can sift through the noise and find meaningful, actionable data.
Ep.2 The Amped Up Basics Pt. 2 (Mutual Funds, Index Funds, and ETFs)
This episode describes mutual funds, index funds, and ETFs. It then takes it further by describing the background behind each one and how to tell if they are worth your money. The episode then describes fee structures and how certain fees may be deceptive. The podcast concludes with cost analysis and tells you which ones may save you the most amount of money and increase the returns of your portfolio. This is a perfect starter episode to somebody who wants to get their feet wet with investing, or wants to get a deeper understanding of the basics.
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