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The Boys Podcast Season 2 Wrap Up

Released Monday, 26th October 2020
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We're back for the final time with The Boys Season 2 Recap. We chat all about the second season, some thoughts about what we're going to see in the Boys announced Season 3 and spin off. We also discuss all of your feedback on Season 2 and announce the winner of our Boys Pub Quiz goodies.

The Boys Season 2 Recap Synopsis

Billy Butcher lost the Boys when he was thrown to a new town by Homelander. He found them again after CIA Agent Raynor lost her head at the hands of an unknown Supe. As Kumiko discovered her superpowered brother Kenji and freed him the team bumped into a whale controlled by The Deep at speed. Kenji was hunted down and killed by the new racist member of the Seven, and Homelander’s new girlfriend, Stormfront.

When Billy finds his wife Becca and her own superpowered son he hopes to take her away from Homelanders prison but doesn’t want the kid Ryan. Becca refuses to leave so The Boys uncover another alternative to taking down the seven when they find they’ve been testing compound V on adults to turn them into new Supes.

With the help of Starlight and their former enemy Lamplighter they get the word out about the project but Vaught is too powerful. Meanwhile after The Deep hits rock bottom he convinces A-Train to join a religious cult to get them back into the Seven. A-Train is challenged by the fascist Stormfront and releases her Nazi ways to the world and Queen Meave teams up with Starlight and Kumiko to take her down. When she tries to escape and take out Becca her son Ryan shows how much power he truly has as he shreds her with his laser eyes. But his uncontrolled action kills his mother and Ryan is relocated to new protection.

As the Boys are cleared of all charges, even the ones they did do, they part ways and Hughie goes legit by joining the latest challenger to the Seven, Congresswoman Victoria Newman. While Homelander shouts to the world that he can do what he wants, Congresswoman Neuman kills The Deep and A-Trains former cult leader.

Season 2 Cast

Billy Butcher played by Karl UrbanStarlight/Annie January played by Erin MoriartyMother's Milk played by Laz AlonsoHughie Campbell played by Jack QuaidAgent Susan Raynor player By Jennifer EspositoHomelander played by Antony StarrQueen Maeve played by Dominique McElligottFrenchie played by Tomer CaponAshley Barrett played by Colby MinifieThe Deep/Kevin played by Chace CrawfordStormfront played by Aya CashThe Female/Kimiko Miyashiro played by Karen FukuharaEagle the Archer played by Langston KermanGecko played by David ThompsonStan Edgar played by Giancarlo Esposito

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That's it for the Boys until Season 3 and The Boys spin off come out. On our main feed for TV Podcast Industries we will be back with two more shows by the end of the year.

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