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Isaac Mashman is a businessman, podcast host and public speaker. Originally from Jacksonville, Florida and hailing from a lower middle class home, he grew up seeing lack and limitation. This upbringing was what eventually led him to the idea of entrepreneurship. The ability to live a lifestyle of complete freedom, and the opposite of what he once knew was the solution to his problems. Over the span of several years, and nearly a dozen various business ideas, it was in 2020 that Isaac launched his company Mashman Ventures, a public relations firm that specializes in working with people who want to be followed, in-demand, and respected to build their personal brands. Isaac’s intention behind everything he does is to strive to live up to his potential, while both documenting and demonstrating that it is in fact possible to go from nothing, to a whole lot of something. He is the host of Chase the Vision with Isaac Mashman, a business, self-development podcast. You can connect with Isaac everywhere, but most notably on the following platforms: Website https://isaacmashman.com Instagram https://instagram.com/isaacmashman Twitter https://twitter.com/isaacmashman Linkedin https://linkedin.com/in/isaacmashman Facebook https://facebook.com/theisaacmashman Email isaac@isaacmashman.com
Jerry Anderson is know for his hard work and being successful in the business world. What most people have never seen is what it took to get there. From nights sleeping in his car on the West Coast and not sure where his future was, to following God's vision to its fullest, Jerry has seen prosperity in his life.  Jerry is the former Owner and President of Digital Dish servicing all around the midwest. He now helps own and run the Berlin Resort as one of the many great things he is doing to leave his impact on the world.
Born and raised in Franklin, Tennessee Sofie Rovenstine was Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2018 and placed Top 10 that year at Miss Teen USA. Since giving up her crown she has gone on to walk in the coveted Victoria’s Secret Fashion show, shoot their campaign, and has quickly made a name for herself as an up and coming model. With all of these accolades it would be easy to change who you are for what everyone else thinks you should be. The most inspiring thing about Sofie is that her faith walk and morals have always been at the forefront of what she does. From the start she promised herself that she wouldn't fall in to these pressures, even putting it in all of her contracts.  Sofie is no doubt a star in the making and I can't wait to see where it takes her! Sofie's Instagram - @sofie_rovenstine
What makes a small rural town able to THRIVE? Chris White, Managing Partner of White Law Office Co. in Millersburg, Ohio and I discuss these characteristics and so much more.  Chris has focused on building the firm into a multi-location entity, expanding the firm’s practice areas, and adding skilled professionals to his staff. Whether it's from the law firm angle, the private equity angle (investing in rural communities), and/or the non-profit angle (creating opportunities in rural communities), Chris believes there is several ways to help communities thrive.
Griffin grew up in the hood of Chicago. Someone who, as he says "wasn't supposed to make it out". But he kept his head down stayed true to himself and kept grinding. In high school he was #2 in the NATION for speech and debate, he eventually started working for former President Obama's senate campaign. Then tragedy struck, and he was left homeless, but if you were friends with him you never would've known. He kept that passion and purpose that he knew he deserved in his life. This story will stop you in your tracks. He now works in one of the most high end industries in the world working with the highest of net worth clients. 
The idea of starting a health club/gym in one of the poorest and unhealthiest regions of the country would probably be laughable to most, but not to Chase Jenkins. The 24 year old from Pomeroy Ohio walks us through the ups and down of running Uplift Fitness. From trying to find funding for close to two years, to now having over 300 monthly subscribers. Him and his wife Madi have big dreams and goals for themselves as well as the community. And they're not stopping any time soon!  Chase grew up in the heart of Appalachia and graduated from Ohio University. While there he was delivering pizzas in a beat down car and holes in his shoes. This time in his life would turn out to be the reason for getting funding for his vision and dream. Buckle up, this one is good! https://www.upliftfitnessohio.com/
We've always been told that exotic cars are a waste of money and a bad investment. Well it seems to all be changing and my guest today is right in the middle of this booming industry.  Hunter Shaw is an exotic car buyer and seller. He grew up in small town Ohio in Sugarcreek where he first fell in love with cars and bikes. HE got his first dirt bike in 3rd grade and hasn't stopped buying and selling since.  His life as an insurance adjuster took him all over the country, expanding his mind to new ideas and ways of living. After finding home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida he turned his passion for exotic cars into a booming business. exoticshunter.com premiermotos.com
After starting his career at JPMorgan, Darrin became extremely passionate about working with financial industry professionals and helping to grow their businesses. Darrin studied finance at Ohio University and currently lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Darrin runs a startup company in the financial sector that was founded by him and his best friend.  His life advice on being okay leave the normal and how to go about it is exactly why I chose him for the show.
Does working many different jobs in a short period of time mean you aren't loyal or are going to struggle to find jobs? Herb May is the new Director of Relations at eFuse. His love and passion for football led him through a terrific early career with the Baltimore Ravens, Ole Miss Rebels, and the National Football League. He has shifted that passion and energy towards the new and exciting esports industry. With his business development and sales experience cultivating from his time in traditional sports, he has been able to bring together unique growth opportunities within the esports ecosystem. He says, “I truly believe esports and gaming is the next generation of athletes and will be one of most profitable industries we have ever seen. I am thrilled to be a part of it and am committed to its growth.”
This week I decided to do things a little differently and not interview anyone, and let you all interview me.  Loved getting a chance to talk about some of the things I am most passionate about. I talk about how to find a like minded community as well as sharing what my WHY in life is. With things from Servant Leadership to building a foundation in life that everything else gets built off of this was fun! 
Kevin has spent the past twenty years as a head basketball coach at the collegiate and high school levels, as well as being an athletic administrator. Sports have played an integral part in his life ever since he was young and it culminated with him playing collegiate basketball at nearby Walsh University and even as far as Germany, where he spent time as a professional basketball player.  "I’ve met so many people, gone to so many different places, and have an infinite number of things I’ve taken away from the sport to make me who I am today. To say I’m grateful for all of that would be a massive understatement." "Good Stuff" podcast - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCamCPXoofouMER-cz-7v46A Twitter - @CoachBille
From entrepreneur and real estate investor to stand up comedian at times, Jeff Conn has really done it all and been able to be very successful at it. He walks us through the idea and hard times of growing their now very successful Amish Country Theater in to what it is today. They have since added a brand new Berlin Encore Hotel with a gorgeous event center.  Jeff also walks us through how he has grown his real estate portfolio from the ground up and added over 50 rental units in just three years.  Amish Country Theater - https://amishcountrytheater.com/ Berlin Encore Hotel - https://berlinencorehotel.com/
LeeAnn Miller is a cook on Fox affiliates in Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinatti and has been doing it for over a decade. What most people don't see though is the hard work and time that goes into a five minute segment on tv. LeeAnn gave us a behind the scenes look into that preparation and how important building relationships are. We all struggle to maintain relationships at a distance so LeeAnn gives us some tips and tricks into all of it. Her personality is infections and can light up any room, even a podcast! You can follow her on Instagram for more at @leeannmiller
Whether on the court or off, Coach Ramsey, leads by example. Her commitment to excellence is shadowed only by her deep and abiding faith. Retired from a 35 year coaching career, 20 of which she served as head coach for the Ashland University Women’s Basketball Team, Sue is ready to share her expertise beyond the hardwood. She led the Ashland Eagles to a Division II National Title in 2013, which followed on the heels of being 2012 national runner-up. That same year Coach Ramsey was named the 2012 Conference, Regional and NCAA Division 2 National Coach of the Year and inducted into Miami University’s prestigious Cradle of Coaches. Coach Ramsey’s holistic approach to coaching has led to other honors including the induction into the Athletes in Action “Hall of Faith” in 2013. She has also been recognized by receiving the Carol Eckman Award (2012) for demonstrating outstanding values and character, as well as the Kay Yow Heart of a Coach Award (2011).
Leadership. Being okay being alone. Staying humble. Learning from others.  These are a few of the things I have picked up from others, during my time. Today I had the pleasure of being joined by a long time great friend of mine, Nick Ruebel, to help me dive into these and my journey. Nick was a manager and Video Coordinator at Ohio State when I was there and after went to be an Assistant at The University of North Alabama for two years. We have traveled to San Francisco, San Diego, Tampa Bay and Nashville together and hopefully some more stops down the road.  A conversation you don't want to miss! 
Can SCIENCE and FAITH be on the same page? Jeremy Miller, President of Rosedale Bible College in Columbus helps answer this question that I feel like a lot of us have. It can be so easy to get caught up in the “my way or the highway” thinking and not be able to see similarities right in front of us. Jeremy's’ patient approach to life and people is evident in the way he lives his life!  We also have a good discussion on the similarities and differences between running a church and a college, along with the different styles of leadership needed for each.
From full time firefighter to dietitian for an MLB team Maureen has excelled at a lot of things. She has recognized the importance of being nice to people and building relationships. We discuss the mindset a firefighter has when running into a burning building and the training that goes into the preparation of it.  Do all great athletes stick to a specific diet regimen? We talk about that and what it is like being the dietician of a professional sports team in New York, while living in Michigan and being a full time fire fighter. If you need any motivation to do something that seems to tough to do, this is the episode for you! Maureens Instagram - @maureenstoeckrd 
PEOPLE, IMPACT AND FAITH... The three things that have gotten him where he is today, and what is going to get him where he wants to be. Zach Fleer has become a household name in Columbus and has impacted the lives of countless young athletes across the city.  As Co-Founder and Owner of 270 Hoops, he gives us insight into how he built the monster that is 270. He shares how he gained the confidence to pursue his vision through faith in God. Zach has realized that you can only be as successful as the people that you put around you, especially when you cant pay them what they deserve.  We can all take a page out of his book when it comes to pursuing our passions, regardless of the opinions of others!!
With the help of his parents, Seth launched his own customized sock company, Seth’s Socks, when he was 16. Today, Seth’s Socks has achieved over 7 Figures in online sales across Amazon, Wal-Mart, Etsy, eBay and the e-commerce website. He started Altoona Gaming in February of 2018. Altoona Gaming was his first step in Esports. With the help of friends, he hosted a Madden tournament in his college apartment at Penn State. That tournament was such a success, he began to research the industry and develop the concept of the gaming center. In 2019, Altoona Gaming was acquired by American Esports. Seth was fortunate to experience a business being built from the ground and then up with an exit. Once Seth parted ways, it lead to his next opportunity and company. In 2020, he launched The Esport Company. The Esport Company provides opportunities and experience in Esports at every level. — Services, Leagues, and Curriculum for High Schools, Universities, and Amateur Gamers alike!
D. Anthony Kaufman is the President of Kaufman Realty and Auctions which was founded on honesty, integrity, and professionalism. He has been a prominent member of the Holmes County community since a young age and always strives for bigger and better. As president he runs the day to day of the office but specializes in communication and the bigger picture. He talks about understanding how to delegate your weaknesses as well as improve upon your strengths. No matter where you're at in life you can learn a lot from his ideas and experiences. 
Matthew Benson is the founder and CEO of eFuse, a professional social network for esports & video games. Prior to entering the gaming industry, Matthew was an Investment Analyst at Ohio Innovation Fund. Leveraging his experiences at OIF, Matthew was able to secure a successful seed round of funding of $1.4 million and solidified partnerships with known influencers in the gaming space and professional athletes, including chacoTaco and Braxton Miller. With the full platform built out and a 12 person full-time team of experienced gaming and social network executives, eFuse, an OIF-backed venture, is rapidly gaining recognition in the esports industry as the leading social network for gamers.
The healthcare industry is an industry very resistant to change. CEO Geneva Schlabach and her team have built a software that is looking to revolutionize the way hospitals are run. Her company Vispa is a web-based software that helps boost revenue faster, simpler, and more efficiently. Geneva has been an entrepreneur at heart all her life and is finally getting to showcase the talents and ideas she has developed along the way. Whether it is with Vispa or her Life Coaching business she exemplifies what it means to be a servant leader. She is a family first, woman of faith and excellence, and we are able to get some insight into how she does it.  I am especially proud of her because she happens to be my aunt as well and I’ve had the opportunity to see her journey firsthand. This conversation felt the same as family dinners and I’m extremely excited for you to get a chance to hear from her. 
Putting your teams in uncomfortable situations in practice allows for comfort in uncertain times of action. On today's episode I am joined by the Principal of Sugarcreek Garaway Local Schools, Ryan Taggart. Taggart was the head coach of a decade of excellence with the Garaway Golf Team from 2005-2016. He led them to 9 straight State Tournament appearances as head coach and three State Championships. We discuss his different leadership styles and how they changed over the years. Learning how to put his players in difficult situations in practice and matches was vital to their success. We also discuss the work he has done helping other teams develop leaders and people on their own teams. Being the principle of a school I also had the opportunity to hear the different ways they adapted to COVID-19 and how they were able to support their seniors the best they could. 
It's good to FAIL! It means you're getting closer to success. How does someone go from star quarterback, to successful engineer, to a four hour work week and it be the happiest he's ever been? It has to do with following your passions... and my next guest is letting us know the secrets... all the way from Taiwan! My guest Tyler Walter is a corporate dropout who followed his passions to life full of travel and greatness. In his own words he says, "You see everyone else thought I was successful but, I felt miserable. Everyone else seemed to be fine signing up for the next 40 years chained to their cubicle but, I was bored to tears. I felt like I was somebody else 40 hours a week and I got to be myself on the weekends where I spent my free time drinking to much and wasting time watching Netflix. I had unhealthy habits and an unhealthy mindset. BUT, I knew I wanted more. I wanted to travel, spend more time with friends, work on something energizing, and live a LIFE BY DESIGN not a life someone else designed for me." Tyler gives incredible tips on how important healthy habits are. We discuss how important who you surround yourself with is, as well as his favorite books. Grab a pen and paper, you're gonna need it! Instagram: @tyler.walter_
Dan has always believed that Authentic Leaders are servants first. That’s why he has made it his mission to help others achieve exceptional results by leading from a mindset of serving. Drawing upon his talent for storytelling and his passion for connecting with others, Dan has spent the past 15 years working to empower those around him. For nearly a decade, he served as a public school teacher and pastor in Northeast Ohio. The work, while demanding, was incredibly rewarding—so in 2017, Dan decided to take his passion for developing leaders to a wider audience. His immediate success and subsequent speaking invitations eventually led Dan to start The Owolabi Leadership Company dedicated to training and inspiring leaders around the world. By guiding them to build stronger relationships, he has been able to share his fiercely held principle that leadership isn’t a status you get, but a service you give. The most effective leaders have learned the secret of Authenticity. They have nothing to hide, nothing to prove and nothing to lose. They know how to battle insecurity and lead with influence by making four key decisions: Decide to understand yourself Decide to lead yourself Decide to understand others Decide to lead others Instagram - @iamdanowolabi Website - owolabileadership.com
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