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It's day three of the federal government shutdown. Will today's Senate vote restore funding? Also, Vice President Pence is in Jerusalem. How's he being received in light of President Trump's controversial policy toward that city?

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Midnight tonight. That's when the federal government would shut down if the Senate can't pass a spending bill. Is there room for compromise? Also, Vice President Pence heads to the Middle East this weekend, stopping first in Cairo. How will he be received?

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The Health and Human Services Department announces a Conscience and Religious Freedom division today. Will that make it easier for doctors and nurses to opt out of certain procedures? Also, how popular is President Trump after nearly a year in office? The results of a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist po...

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With hopes of an immigration deal dimming, can a government shutdown still be avoided? Also, victims of a former USA Gymnastics doctor confront him in court. What did we learn from Larry Nassar's sentencing hearing on charges of sexual abuse?

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Where do immigration talks stand now, after an uproar over President Trump's comments? Also, North and South Korea continue to hold talks about the Olympics. When might they move on to bigger issues?

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