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Mike is joined by Scottye Moore from the A Load of BS podcast to dissect pets this week!  Which of this week's competitors would be most likely to narc on you?  Can you keep a little raptor as a pet?   Tune in to fine out!     Onto this week's competitors : Round 1Guinea Pig vs Parrot (4:50)Turtle vs Cat (7:50)Pig vs Goat (15:35)Chicken vs Dog (20:35)Round 2 : (26:40) and (29:15)Championship : (34:55)Reach out to us on all major social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, and even Facebook for the gertiatrics) @wackbrackets
Mike had a couple of alcoholic beverages with the fellas from the always entertaining Movies on the Rocks podcast (Derryk, Guri, and Tomas).  Together, the Drinkers of TV and Movies.   Sadly, Randy Marsh was NOT included (he was in a previous bracket) but he does make a special appearance, as does a new tie breaking mechanism for this raucous 4 guest episode.  Mayhem ensues in the following order : (3:15) Norm (Cheers) vs "The Dude" (Big Lebowski)(9:35) Frank The Tank (Old School) vs Doc Holliday (Tombstone)(19:50) Barney Gumble (The Simpsons) vs Willie (Bad Santa)(27:45) Don Draper (Mad Men) vs Jessica JonesRound 2 -(35:45) and (40:15)  Finals(49:30) 
How many late 70's cartoons were really just retooled versions of Scooby Doo?  More than you'd think!   Mike is joined by Joel and Andrew from the awesomely hilarious Cartoon Dumpster Dive podcast to bracket off a few of the most memorable ones from Mike's past.  Here's how it goes down!Speed Buggy vs Clue Club(3:25) Higher % of (Un)solved mysteries after they were off the air?New Shmoo  vs Jabber Jaw(8:40) More Realistic Story Line?Championship(13:00) More satisfying Happy Meal Toy Line?
Everybody loves games - and who better to help Mike give 'em the Wack Brackets treatment than the pros from the Cards with Ester and Rachel podcast - Ester and Rachel?  The game plays out as follows :(2:40) Spin the Bottle vs Twister(6:05) Monopoly vs Pokemon(9:30) D n' D vs Risk(14:30) Mortal Combat vs Mario KartRound 2:(18:40) and (21:15)  Championship:(23:45)  
Mike is once again joined by Glenn and Taylor from the Pulp Culture podcast to bracket off Pathetic College Dinners!   Listen as we discuss the trials and tribulations of the poor college student while discussing the ways we have jazzed up sorry meals to trick the palette.  This week's contestants :(2:05) Better post-breakup dinnerRamen Noodles vs Cheese Sandwich(8:05) Less pathetic to serve to someone you're actually interested inFrozen Pizza vs Frozen Burrito(12:50) Which would you still enjoy most for dinner to this day?Championship
Mike is joined by Zack and Dylan from a plethora of podcasts (including The Podcast Podcast, Some Nobodies Review Lovecraft County) as well as a show on IBM.TV (Talking Upstream) to do publicly what everyone does on the road : judge people solely on the car they drive bracket style. Difficulty : we change the question every time!(2:35) Hummer vs F-150(6:25) Chrysler 300 vs Mustang(9:20) Tesla vs Mercedes Benz(13:20) VW Bug vs MinivanRound 2 :(17:05) and (19:30)Finals:(22:40)
Mike is joined by CJ and Mattx from the world renowned Talkin' Shiz podcast.  Together, they tackled Cartoon A-Holes.   And no - you can't get the question too disturbing for air on my Patreon (primarily because I don't have one, but even if I did it's under lock and key).This is how the shiz goes down :(3:30) Mr. Burns (The Simpsons) vs Scrooge McDuck(7:30) Gargamel (The Smurfs) vs Wiley Coyote (Looney Toons)(12:20) Shredder (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) vs Dr. Klaw (Inspector Gadget)(14:45) Stewie (Family Guy) vs Cobra Commander (GI Joe)Round 2:(20:00) and (22:40)Championship:(26:55)
Guess who's back.. back again.. ya boy Kellz from The Culture Marauders is back.. tell a friend!  Curtis and Mike maraud on WWF... err... WWE wrestlers for this Snack Bracket... Guy Fieri approved!    The card looks like this :Better at manning a grill(1:45)  Mankind vs Stone Cold Steve AustinWho owns the Lamborghini outside of the Hooters?(5:45) Ric Flair vs Kevin NashChampionship :(9:35) More likely to sell a feud with David Hasselhoff?
Aww hell yea.. ya boy Kellz from The Culture Marauders is back again, and we do a mini-bracket on everyone's favorite thing... Strip Mall Stores (this one was originally scheduled as a Snack Bracket, but was just too much fun to sit on)!    Everyone's favorite Hooter's waitress Tammy Lynn get much deserved love in this bad boy!This podcast's schedule plays out as follows : (1:00) Which store are you more likely to find a customer named Tammy LynnSmoke Shoppe vs Tanning Bed(4:00) Which store would you be more likely to find a good hitmanKarate Dojo vs Pawn ShopChampionship(11:20) More likely to be run by an ex-con
70's and 80's bands... so good.. so terrible...  Mike is once again joined by fellow old school music aficionados Joe and Chris from the Hot Takes and Cold Beers podcast to answer determine a so-called "winner" when we bracket off the deep questions no one else will even tackle :Cheesier Lyric Writing(1:50) Bad Company vs ForeignerDouchier Lyric Writing(6:25) Styx vs KansasMore annoying to hear a really bad cover band play(11:10) Championship
Erika and Cassandra from the always entertaining Trashy Trashy podcast join Mike to bracket off some of the most "eccentric" celebrities in the world.  Come dive in the celebrity dumpster with us!(3:50) Justin Bieber vs Miley Cyrus(7:40) Mel Gibson vs Bill Cosby(11:05) Steven Segal vs Jenny McCarthy(14:45) Charlie Sheen vs Lindsey LohanSecond Round(19:15) and (22:40)Final(28:20)
Our most popular guest, Mia, is back - along with Jennifer from the Only Stupid People podcast.  Together, they school Wack Bracket host/moron Mike on how to bracket off Harry Potter Spells!   More Useful to a Black Friday Shopper(1:35) Piertotum Locomotor vs Bat Bogey Spells More Userful to a Small Business Restaurant Owner(6:55) Accio vs Reparo(10:35) Cooler Spell to Have in Minecraft
Only the best need apply!   Nathan from the ChinWatched podcast joins Mike all the way from Australia to help pick a Wack Bracket winner from some of the most legendary movie characters ever.   The madness ensues at the following pace :(2:55) Doc Brown (Back to the Future) vs Shaun (Shaun of the Dead)(7:20) Buddy (Elf) vs Shaggy (Scooby Doo)(11:20) Han Solo (Star Wars) vs Ferris Bueller(13:55) Cliff Booth (Once Upon a Time In Hollywood) vs Jules Winnfield (Pulp Fiction)Round 2:(18:10) and (20:45)Championship:(23:55)
This is Snack Brackets - our snack sized complement to a healthy Wack Brackets diet!   In our premier episode, Mike is joined by the always entertaining Hot Takes and Cold Beers podcast duo of Chris and Joe as they help pit 4 Pro Football Fanbases against one another in a series of wack brackets! This episode includes :More likely to endanger the lives of others for a pack of smokes ?Raiders Fan vs Cowboys Fan (1:55) More exhausting fan when they're good?Patriots Fan vs Packers Fan(6:05)More likely to get in a fight with a ref at their son's rec league football game?Championship (11:15)
The Center Cut boys are BACK baby!  Michael and Dave from the most excellent "The Center Cut" podcast bring the "haysbert-level" lumber and help me riff on the most iconic advertising icons of the last 10 years or so (except for Lily from AT&T.. because, well, she's a friggin' national treasure and doesn't need this kind of drama in her life). Round 1 :Flo (Progressive) vs Verizon/Sprint guy (4:25)Old Spice Guy vs Captain Obvious (9:50)Allstate Guy (Dennis Hasybert) vs Most Interesting Man in the World (15:15)Shaq vs Peyton Manning (20:35)Round 2:(25:40) and (29:30)Final :(33:10)
Beer and 3 assholes together on a podcasts - what could go wrong?   Mike is joined by CJ and Tyler from the Boozed Reviews podcast to bracket off completely overdone Movie Plot Devices.  Come for tired ass plot lines, and stay for the hangover.   Round 1:Sex w/the Enemy vs. A Main Character Sleeps with their Significant Other's Friend (4:15)Surprise Death vs Intro of an Unknown Close Relative (7:45)1 in a Milllion Shot to Resolve the Storyline vs Intro of Magic/Supernatural to Resolve the Story Line (13:00)And Unexpected Backstabbing  vs Bad Guy Helping the Good Guy (22:25)Round 2 : (31:05) vs (35:55)Finals :(42:15)
..not Felix the Cat level here, but cartoons targeted at adults but (usually) watchable by kids as well.. you dirtbag.   Mike invites Taylor and Glenn from the Pulp Culture podcast on, and we have a great time bracketing some of legendary adult cartoon characters against one another!   Round 1 :(3:50) Early Cuyler (Squidbillies) vs Roger (American Dad) (6:25) Homer (The Simpsons) vs Randy Marsh (South Park)(9:00) Bobby Hill (King of the Hill) vs Zoidberg ( Futurama)(12:40) Daria Morgendorffer (Daria / Beavis and Butthead) vs Louise Belcher (Bobs' Burgers)Round 2 :(20:20) and (26:30)Championship :(31:55)
Get your thinking caps on for this Wackateers : Mike is joined by 2AM conversation experts Joon and Tad from the Puzzled Minds podcast to bracket off Experiences.   How does one even do that?   Sit back for a fun little 45 minute jaunt through things that most folks will never experience, but it doesn't stop us from trying to compare them against one another inside the Wack Bracket podcast arena using our usual litany of randomness!   This week's "contestants" are :Round 1 :Time Travel vs Alien Abduction (3:55)Near Death Experiences vs Ghost Encounter (7:45)Discovering an Egyptian Tomb vs Beating Joey Chestnut on a Hot Dog Eating Contest (13:55)Beating Gary Kasparov at Chess vs Being Closely Related to the Pope (21:15)Round 2 :(27:50) and (32:10)Finals :(37:00)
What's more manly than a moustache?  Daniel, the guest host of the Moustachioed Podcastio podcast, that's what.  He join Mike to determine a winner in this week's "Moustachioed Characters" bracket.  This week's schedule includes :Danny Trejo (Machete) vs Chuck Norris (Missing in Action) (4:20)Yosemite Sam (Bugs Bunny) vs Sam Elliot (The Big Lebowski) (9:05)Charles Bronson (Deathwish) vs Carl Weathers (Rocky) (16:30)Burt  Reynolds (Smokey and the Bandit) vs Ned Flanders (24:55)Second Round : (30:15) and (35:15)Finals : (41:50)
This week we bracket some icons from our youth : Fictional Athletes!  Mike is joined by Joe and Chris from the Hot Topics and Cold Beers podcast!    Alcohol is consumed... power is cut... and a lead singer is chosen for the Wack Brackets heavy metal band! First Round :Danny LaRusso (Karate Kid) vs. Danny Noonan (Caddyshack) (3:05) Teen Wolf vs Pete LaFleur (Dodgeball) (8:45)Sidney Deane (White Men Can't Jump) vs Ricky Vaughn (Major League) (13:30)Rocky vs. Steamin' Willie Beamon (20:10)Second Round :(25:20) and (30:50)Championship (34:55)
More likely to have a beanie baby collection?   How about date a toaster?   And WTH is a long furby?!?  Mike is joined from across the pond this episode by fellow podcasters Nadia and Phil from Phil+Nadia's Unreal Prognosis to determine a Wack Brackets champion in our ROBOTS edition!  First Round :Bender vs. Tinman (5:15)Roomba vs. A Special Guest? (9:10)Rosey (The Jetsons) vs Ultron (Marvel Comic Universe) (12:25)Furby vs. C3PO (16:55)Second Round : (23:35) and (28:10)Championship : (31:45)
Mike is joined by fellow podcaster Sean from 103.9 The Sean (not to be confused with the imposter The Shawn).   Hear them as they determine the best Junk Food Mascot in a rousing game of Wack Brackets!Round 1 :Sonny (Cocoa Puffs) vs Trix Rabbit (3:30)Cap'n Crunch vs Red (M&M) (6:05)Hamburglar vs Chuck E. Cheese (8:35)Tony the Tiger vs Kool Aid Man (11:30)Round 2 :(15:45) and (18:25)Championship (21:35)
The fellas from The Center Cut podcast (Michael and Dave) join Mike this week to blow oak trees, pull wack handles, and discuss times when dickery was the norm.     Segments include :Abed (Community) vs Michael Scott (The Office) (5:20)Gilfoyle (Silicon Valley) vs Al Swearengen (Deadwood) (10:00)Tony Soprano (The Sopranos) vs Saul Goodman (Better Call Saul ; Breaking Bad) (14:00)Rickey (Trailer Park Boys) vs Ross (Friends) (17:15)Round 2(22:30) and (26:55)Finals(29:45)
Kellz from The Culture Marauders podcasts visits the Wack Brackets arena, and he and Mike pick a "winner" as they maraud through restaurants!   Your mom gave you that name? You wrote with what on the bathroom wall?   And always #respectthegame...Including -Waffle House vs. Hooters (5:05)Applebee's vs Golden Corral (11:00)Outback Steakhouse vs. Panera Bread (14:40)Olive Garden vs. Cheesecake Factory (18:40)Second Round : (24:10) and (27:45)Championship : (31:25)
Note - our format changed to interviewing fellow podcasts in episode 4.Mia joins Jen and Mike again to have the ultimate argumentative showdown, but the questions chosen lead to some surprise advancements along the way!Cheetos vs. Fritos (2:00)Pork Rinds vs. Sun Chips (4:23)Potato Chips vs. Tostitos (6:10)Doritos vs. Funyuns (8:30)Second Round : (11:15) and (12:50)Final Round : (16:10)
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