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Warcraft Less Traveled #20 – Elemental Invasion!
Episode #20 Timecapsule: The long-forgotten Elemental Invasion is available for all explorers of Less Traveled Azeroth. Elite Elemental bosses of earth, fire, water, and air rage in four zones in Kalimdor. And more interesting still… will the invader bosses of Avalanchion, Baron Charr, Princess Tempestia, and The Windreaver lead the Cataclysm expansion pre-launch event? [ Direct MP3 Download ] [ iTunes Feed ] [ Subscribe to the RSS Feed! ]
Warcraft Less Traveled #19 – Friday the 13th in Goldshire
Episode #19 Timecapsule: A quick re-visit to the Goldshire Haunted House and the various rumors that are supposed to materialize on an actual Friday the Thirteenth. Would anything extra-ghostly appear when the Children of Goldshire arrive or disappear at the house? Warcraft Less Traveled received plenty of email requests to learn if anything occurred… I’ll share what I experienced… [ Direct MP3 Download ] [ iTunes Feed ] [ Subscribe to the RSS Feed! ]
Warcraft Less Traveled #15 – In Loving Memory and The Phoenix of Ezra
Episode #15 Timecapsule: Ezra Phoenix Chatterton and Anthony Stark (In Loving Memory) help us remember that we are all part of a tight Azeroth community that shares a common dream. Ezra is forever immortalized as the boy who rode the first Pheonix mount and now lives eternal as the voice of Ahab Wheathoof. Blizzard and the Make a Wish Foundation helped make his dream come true. Take time to visit these lasting tributes… it goes to the heart of what exploring Less Traveled Azeroth is all about… Destination:  Ahab Wheathoof, “Kyle’s Gone Missing” quest Zone:  Stonebull Lake, Mulgore (48,53) Available in Game:  TBC, WotLK References & Resource links:  Ezra Chatterton Visits Blizzard Destination: In Loving Memory Memorial Zone:  Hillsbrad Foothills (67, 83) Available in Game: WoW, TBC, WotLK References & Resource links: Rousch NPC [ Direct MP3 Download ] [ iTunes Feed ] [ Subscribe to the RSS Feed! ]
Warcraft Less Traveled #25 – Wetlands Dwarven Farm
Episode #25 Timecapsule: Tucked into the southern edge of the Wetlands zone, a secret farm is tended by dwarven farmers. The farm and surrounding plateau can only be accessed by descending the mountain up from Dun Morogh’s Ironforge Airport. The landscape comes complete with ram stable, icy waterfall (with skeleton behind), roaming farm animals, Ironforge guards and inaccessible mountainside homes. Besides a unique road-sign, any visitor to this destination should travel the one-way trip into the infamous ‘Tunnel to Nowhere’. [ Direct MP3 Download ] [ iTunes Feed ] [ Subscribe to the RSS Feed! ]
Warcraft Less Traveled #66 – The Unseen
Episode #66 Lost Adventurers Journal: Found in the Duskwood village of Raven Hill, a number of invisible specters haunt the shadows. The ghostly creatures, called The Unseen, are unknown to most players in Azeroth today. Only explorers who use detect invisibility (or similar) spells will have the opportunity to witness this hidden NPC in game. The Unseen live up to their name and make the old houses in Raven Hill truly haunted. This Warcraft Less Traveled episode was produced for the Darkmoon Herald Podcast. The Darkmoon Herald is a WoW podcast hosted by my great friends Kevin, Apsana, and Walsh. I highly recommend you take a listen and subscribe to their full show on iTunes or at DarkmoonHerald.com [ Direct MP3 Download ] [ iTunes Feed ] [ Subscribe to the RSS Feed! ]
Warcraft Less Traveled #55 – Steam Pools Resort
Episode #55 Timecapsule: Introduced in the southern mountains of Feralas with patch 4.1, the Gadgetzan Goblins have founded a hidden “vacation” destination called The Steam Pools Resort. Run by gobin Resort Director Lasha Gearwheel, the Steam Pools is a well designed subzone @(70,73) that is formed around a number of warm mountain lakes. The resort is made up a numerous NPC vacation houses, a Head Chef NPC named Gordon Tramsay, an NPC named Johnny Awesome, a large sandy beach, and dozens of horde/alliance NPC races found relaxing near the lakeshore. There are no current quests/achievements associated with the Steam Pools Resort – aside from this sub-zone’s use during the Mysterious Grey Camel Figurine event. The Steam Pools is a fun, in-game destination that showcases dwarves, humans, blood elves, and Tauran NPC clad in swimsuits and bikinis… whether you were prepared to see them, or not. [ Direct MP3 Download ] [ iTunes Feed ] [ Subscribe to the RSS Feed! ]
Warcraft Less Traveled #75 – Krasarang Wilds Stack of Papers
Episode #75: Found off the southern Krasarang Wilds coast, atop a rocky hill on Marista Island, a strange scene awaits every Pandaren explorer. Surrounded by seven small skeletons, a large metal hatch can be discovered (coordinates 52,73). Hidden next to the hatch, a special gray-quality item called Stack of Papers, can be looted from the ground. With a vendor price of 15g, the flavor text of the Stack of Papers offers the lost adventurer a puzzle to explain the scene: “It looks like a journal of some kind. The last entry: ‘05151212:01 SYSTEM FAILURE’. What could it mean?”. This unique item may be a combination of fun references to the Diablo 3 launch failures from May 15, 2012 AND the log printout message from the TV series Lost. [ Direct MP3 Download ] [ iTunes Feed ]
Warcraft Less Traveled #44 – Goblin Amusement Park?
Episode #44 Timecapsule: Deep under Ironforge, would you believe that the goblins have constructed a carnival and amusement park? Only today, do I feel comfortable enough to share one of these least seen destinations in Azeroth. The only access point down into this goblin amusement park is through a wild waterslide that starts in the Forelorn Cavern. If an explorer can access this magical Goblin World Amusement Park, the opportunity exists to win a Swift Zulian Tiger Mount and Epic Vulture Mount – simply by playing exciting carnival games! Crazy, you might say? Listen to today’s special, first of April episode to learn more about this unbelievable hidden destination… [ Direct MP3 Download ] [ iTunes Feed ] [ Subscribe to the RSS Feed! ]
Warcraft Less Traveled #31 – Karazhan Crypt & Upside Down Sinners Room, Part 2
Episode #31 Timecapsule: A deeper look inside the mysterious Karazhan Crypt. Exploration of the eerie catacombs beneath Deadwind Pass will bring explorers into six forgotten areas: The Upside Down Sinners Room, Well of the Forgotten, Paupers Walk, Slough of Despair, Pit of Criminals, and Tome of Unrepentant. Part 2 of 2. [ Direct MP3 Download ] [ iTunes Feed ] [ Subscribe to the RSS Feed! ]
Warcraft Less Traveled #73 – Crossbow of the Phoenix
Episode #73: Ezra “Phoenix” Chatterton, at the age of 10, was a heroic boy who fulfilled his dream of becoming a Blizzard game developer through the Make-A-Wish Foundation in 2007. During his magical day at Blizzard, Ezra helped design the Merciless Gladiators Crossbow of the Phoenix. Although originally appearing in game with the Season 2 Arena Set, this crossbow vanished from game with the launch of Cataclysm. However, the Merciless Gladiators Crossbow of the Phoenix reappeared in game with patch 4.3 – available from Area 52 vendor Kezzik The Striker. My friends, we should all take time to remember the life of the brave young man, Ezra, who would have turned 16 this summer. Ezra’s Father Thanks The WoW Community (article) [ Direct MP3 Download ] [ iTunes Feed ] [ Subscribe to the RSS Feed! ]
Warcraft Less Traveled #79 – Shrine of the Unseen Force
Episode #79: Inside the Shado-Pan Monastery 5-man instance, a mysterious graveyard conceals the location of 2 invisible NPCs, a stone shrine, and a hidden spell buff. Found on a southwestern-central mountain cliff at coordinates (46,65), the instanced Shado-Pan Monastery hides an ornately-decorated Pandaran graveyard. Explorers to this far-removed area can discover two “Shado-Pan Assassin” NPCs, named Hakka and Jae Kuen. In addition, visitors will find a solitary shrine with a bizarre, swirling light called “Unseen Force”. By clicking on the Unseen Force Shrine, players will be given a hidden buff (Unerring Blades) that grants +90% to Hit. As the Mists of Pandaria expansion ends, most players in game today will never know that these unique features can be found here… making your opportunity to see it for yourself truly ‘less traveled’, indeed. The Unseen Force Unerring Blades, Spell Buff Hakka, Shado-Pan Assassin Jae Kuen, Shado-Pan Assassin Photo: View of the graveyard, surrounded by tiger statues [ Direct MP3 Download ] [ iTunes Feed ] [ Subscribe to the RSS Feed! ]
Warcraft Less Traveled #78 – Gokk’lok Shell
Episode #78: Off the coast of the Dreadwastes zone, an enormous NPC, named Gokk’lok, conceals a secret. This neutral, elite rare clam is found in the subzone titled the Gokk’lok Shallows at coordinates (27, 16). Although Gokk’lok shows no signs of aggression, any adventurer who attempts to attack this creature will need to defend off several waves of lvl 90 protectors. Once defeated, Gokk’lok presents a hidden quest called Promises of Gold. Unlike other quest reward items, this special vanity item – Gokk’lok’s Shell – contains unlimited charges. This bind on pickup item will cause a 2-minute buff that does two interesting things: 1) A giant clam shell materializes around your character, 2) While inside this shell, your toon appears *without* any of your clothes. The Gokk’lok Shell may be one of Pandaria’s most interesting (and conversation starting) items to ever appear in game. Read more from Cymre’s visit to Gokk’lok at Bubbles of Mischief [ Direct MP3 Download ] [ iTunes Feed ] [ Subscribe to the RSS Feed! ]
Warcraft Less Traveled #70 – Lost Hatch of Bittertide Lake
Episode #70: Isolated on a small island in the middle of Bittertide Lake, explorers can discover a mysterious glowing hatch. Found at Sholazar Basin coordinates 38,37 – this metallic trap door is not tied to a quest chain or achievements. Closer inspection, using a mouse-over, reveals the numbers “5 9 16 17 24 43″ etched on its surface. This strange hatch is a fun reference to the American TV drama called “Lost”. On the TV show about stranded island survivors, a similar sequence of six numbers (all 1 digit off) appear on a hatch they find: 4 8 15 16 23 42. [ Direct MP3 Download ] [ iTunes Feed ] [ Subscribe to the RSS Feed! ]
Warcraft Less Traveled #62 – Message In A Bottle
Episode #62 Timecapsule: A long-forgotten quest, found off the coast of Stanglethorn Vale, offers explorers a chance to rescue a level 42 Tauren Princess. Yet, this won’t be easy. Courageous heroes must first find a Message In A Bottle – buried somewhere along the sandy beach. Once in hand, the message will lead adventurers on a quest to free Princess Poobah from King Mukla, a dangerous gorilla found on Juguero Isle. If you are brave enough to complete this secret quest-line, an uncommon mail armor bracer called Poobah’s Nose Ring will be your reward! [ Direct MP3 Download ] [ iTunes Feed ] [ Subscribe to the RSS Feed! ]
Warcraft Less Traveled #65 – Damp Diary Pages of Tel’Abim Island
Episode #65: A handful of very rare Damp Diary Pages (Day 4, Day 87, Day 512) can be found by an avid Azeroth fisherman. Contained inside a mundane Message In A Bottle, each Damp Diary Page strings together a colorful story of a castaway, shipwrecked on an island filled with bananas. Curious explorers may question whether there is a connection between the banana island mentioned in the diary and the mysterious Tel’Abim Island. Because it appears on very few official Blizzard development maps, there is little known about the south seas island of Tel’Abim. Although we cannot know for certain, these three Damp Diary Pages may be our only glimpse into Tel’Abim, the inaccessible WoW island zone where the popular Tel’Abim banana gets its name. [ Direct MP3 Download ] [ iTunes Feed ] [ Subscribe to the RSS Feed! ]
Warcraft Less Traveled #52 – Whispering Forest’s Faerie Dragon Song
Episode #52 Timecapsule: The subzone of Whispering Forest, in the Tirisfal Glades zone, holds a mysterious destination and in-game event. A strange ring of glowing mushrooms can be found on the forest floor at coordinates @(17,68). At this location, seven Fey-Drunk Darters (Faerie Dragons) occasionally appear outside the ring of mushrooms. Patient explorers are given a special surprise event by the Faerie Dragons if they watch long enough. Approximately every 6 hours, the Fey Darter Dragons face into the center of the mushroom ring and begin projecting a magical golden light of magic (or song) into the center. In the center of the mushroom ring, an NPC appears called the Faerie Circle. The in-game music changes to a unique song that is heard nowhere else in Azeroth. As the music plays, golden musical ‘notes’ appear over the heads of each of the Faerie Dragons… almost as if the Faerie Dragons were singing the song. The special Faerie event here ends in 3 minutes time – the Faerie Circle disappears, the Fey-Drunk Darters vanish, and the music fades away. At the time of this recording, there is no known reason or in-game lore tie to explain this amazing event. Fey-Drunk Darter Music Event (Faerie Dragon Song) Location: Tirisfal Glade zone coordinates (17, 68); Whispering Forest subzone NPCs: – Faerie Circle (51966), – Fey-Drunk Darter ‘Faerie Dragon’ (51963), – Tirisfal Stag (51961), – Tirisfal Doe (51964), – Tirisfal Fawn (51965). Event Spawn Timers: – Faerie Circle music event occurs approximately every 5-6 hours. – Tirisfal Stag/Doe/Fawn spawn & despawn continuously, yet all disappear for 15 minutes after the event completes. – The Faerie Circle can be targeted at all times (even though invisible) by using the command /target Faerie Circle. Faerie Circle only is ‘visible’ during the event. – Approximately 2 hours before the event, the Fey-Drunk Darters spawn one at a time every 2 to 15 minutes. After the first Darter appears, all seven appear within 40 minutes. Music: – The in-game music during the Faerie Circle event is titled as “Faerie Dragon“. It can be played at any time within WoW by typing in the following text into the command/chat line in-game: /script PlaySoundFile(“Sound\\Music\\Cataclysm\\MUS_41_faeriedragon_UE01.mp3″) Images: – Faerie Circle Mushroom Ring Before the Event, – Faerie Circle Event In Progress #1, – Faerie Circle Event In Progress #2, – Faerie Dragon (Fey-Drunk Darter) Singing, – Faerie Circle Event Ended, – Enchanted Tirisfal Stag Video of Event: – Video Capture by Event Plazma Listen to the Podcast Episode: [ Direct MP3 Download ] [ iTunes Feed ] [ Subscribe to the RSS Feed! ]
Warcraft Less Traveled #56 – Secrets of Lesser Known Orgrimmar
Episode #56 Timecapsule: Orgrimmar has a handful of secret and obscure features that may not be known to a casual WoW player. Beneath the playable floor of the main bank, an unseen goblin named Mezlik is found organizing the city gold and treasure. In addition, an icon of Disney – a hidden Mickey Mouse symbol – is camouflaged within the ground cover in the Valley of Honor. Lastly, the most mysterious secret in Orgrimmar may also be one of the most difficult to reach in all of Azeroth. Inside the giant boulder, hoisted up on the tall pillar of rock, a strange memorial exists inside a small stone room. A single candle illuminates the wall, displaying a stone carving of the letters “WKM”. It is currently unknown what or who the WKM Memorial Room stands for in Orgrimmar, yet this concealed location exists for the craftiest explorers to find. [ Direct MP3 Download ] [ iTunes Feed ] [ Subscribe to the RSS Feed! ]
Warcraft Less Traveled #54 – Black Bear Camp and Dun Morogh Tree
Episode #54 Timecapsule: Found in a secluded valley below the snow-capped mountains, explorers can discover the location of the “Dun Morogh Tree”. Situated not far from this unique Dun Morogh Tree, at coordinates (30.7, 25.7), a dwarven campsite has been overrun by a family of black bear. These black bear, a type found only in this frosty mountain valley, have chased two dwarves out of this camp and up the Dun Morogh Tree. The dwarves, named Jermaine Buckey and Anton Buckey, have found themselves hopelessly trapped in the tree by the attacking bears. Their humorous banter, concerning their predicament, highlights another secret location found in WoW that adds character and charm to Azeroth. Images: – Dun Morogh Black Bear Camp #1, – Dun Morogh Black Bear Camp #2, – Jermaine Buckey in the Dun Morogh Tree, – Anton Buckey in the Dun Morogh Tree [ Direct MP3 Download ] [ iTunes Feed ] [ Subscribe to the RSS Feed! ]
Warcraft Less Traveled #50 – Aeonaxx
Episode #50 Timecapsule: One of Cataclysm’s rarest flying mounts in game can only be found from Aeonaxx, a rare elite drake that spawns in the zone of Deepholm. When brave adventurers defeat Aeonaxx, their hard work is rewarded with the Reins to the Phosphorescent Stone Drake. So rare is Aeonaxx, players who desire this mount must face long hours between spawn times and battle an onslaught of Young Stone Drakes. The epic and unique nature of this riding mount has not been seen in Azeroth since the hunt for the Time-Lost Proto Drake. Deepholm Spawn Coordinates: (43,47), (46,43), (52,43), (43,60), (47,58), (53,63) NPC Scan IDs: Friendly Aeonaxx (50062), Engaged Aeonaxx (51236) Helpful resources links: The Aeonaxx Resource – Comprehensive site detailing the facts, how-to instructions, encounter notes, videos, and targeting tips. Find Aeonaxx – Blog outlining the spawn timers, phasing questions, and use of NPC Scan [ Direct MP3 Download ] [ iTunes Feed ] [ Subscribe to the RSS Feed! ]
Warcraft Less Traveled #51 – Bambina and Other Grizzly Tales
Episode #51 Timecapsule: The Northrend zone of Grizzly Hills is rich in beauty and design. Two hidden, interesting scenes can be found deep in this rustic forest. The first curious thing explorers can discover is the Azeroth version of the popular story of “Bambi”. Near the Alliance Brigade Encampment, a group of forest friends patrols a small clearing – including a young fawn named Bambina. Visitors to this area of the Grizzly Hills will get the opportunity to witness Bambina avenge the death of its mother. In addition, a second lesser known NPC is Hugh Glass. This human hunter was placed in game by Blizzard designers to represents the real-life, 19th century pioneer of the same name. Found here with his pet grizzly bear, Griselda, he is the only vendor in all of Azeroth that sells the unique item, Silvercoat Stag Meat. Amazing artwork design for the Warcraft Less Traveled website by the generous talents of Nevik James! Visit Nevik’s interesting writings of WoW and other video game geekdom at Nevik’s Notebook or follow him on Twitter @NevikJames [ Direct MP3 Download ] [ iTunes Feed ] [ Subscribe to the RSS Feed! ]
Warcraft Less Traveled #49 – Unknown Soldier of Azeroth
Episode #49 Timecapsule: After the Shattering of Azeroth, an interesting change occurred at the hidden gravesite of Beggar’s Haunt. Found in northeastern Duskwood (at coordinates 90,30), explorers will find an elite NPC spawn called The Unknown Soldier. With no known quest or lore ties in Azeroth, this mysterious creature may be a symbol of all brave loved ones who have fallen in battle. [ Direct MP3 Download ] [ iTunes Feed ] [ Subscribe to the RSS Feed! ]
Warcraft Less Traveled #43 – Secrets of Old Ironforge – Part 2
Episode #43 Timecapsule: A journey into the original Old Ironforge subzone is an unforgettable experience. The large, circular cavern contains a majestic, purple-jeweled ceiling… its crystals glowing and pulsing from an unknown source. Beautifully carved stone bridges and natural gray pathways span the lava-filled cave floor. A high platform in the center of the Old Ironforge cavern stands empty and forgotten, however its ornate decorations hint that it may have been originally designed for a more important purpose. This second look into Old Ironforge describes what interesting features existed deep under Ironforge City, before Patch 4.1 removes these ‘vanilla world’ secrets forever. [ Direct MP3 Download ] [ iTunes Feed ] [ Subscribe to the RSS Feed! ]
Warcraft Less Traveled #38 – Shrine of Nova Terra
Episode #38 Timecapsule: Netherstorm hides a secret. Floating off the southern land mass, in the crumbling wastes, a glowing blue shrine beckons investigation. The Shrine of Nova Terra (at coordinates 41, 82) is a final Blizzard tribute to the game that never was – Starcraft:Ghost. Not only is this WoW secret area a reference to Starcraft, under certain circumstances, it is said that Nova Terra could be seen stealthed in front of her NOVA memorial. [ Direct MP3 Download ] [ iTunes Feed ] [ Subscribe to the RSS Feed! ]
Warcraft Less Traveled #29 – Cliffdiving Stranglethorn
Episode #29 Timecapsule: Before the Cataclysm, where will you spend your final moments? A lofty and beautiful spot in Stranglethorn Vale may provide the perfect answer. [ Direct MP3 Download ] [ iTunes Feed ] [ Subscribe to the RSS Feed! ]
Warcraft Less Traveled #22 – Stonetalon Logging Camp
Episode #22 Timecapsule: The Stonetalon Mountain zone has long been hiding a secret area on its western coast. Tucked in its rugged landscape is an abandoned logging camp, high elven ruins, small troll camp, and unusual cave that hides a transparent wall. Destination: Stonetalon Logging Camp Zone: StoneTalon Mountains (37, 34) Available in Game: WoW, TBC, WotLK Travel Stories : Lady Erinia’s Journey to Stonetalon Image References : High Elven ruins on the journey, Troll Campsite in the northern valley (39,40), View Behind Secret Cave Wall [ Direct MP3 Download ] [ iTunes Feed ] [ Subscribe to the RSS Feed! ]
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