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Episodes of Wide Atlantic Weird

How many Lost World connections can we make in this episode about turn-of-the-century ghost writers searching for extinct animals in South America? Dr Edward Guimont is at hand to tell the tale, bringing essential palaeontological and colonial
What if 'fairies' are a memory of a squat race of mysterious pre-humans who lived in Europe before modern humans arrived? Justin Mullis brings a LOT to the cabin in this episode. We cover: the origins of euhemerism and 'explanations' for Norse
The 1961 Hill abduction is usually considered the 'ground zero' of the entire 'genre' of UFO abductions. It's been pored over by UFO believers and skeptics for decades; been the stuff of TV movies and comic strips. In short, it's been done to d
Lisa drops into the cabin with a Halloween tale ... the story of Pearl Curran, a woman who channelled a spirit calling herself 'Patience Worth.' As Patience, Pearl wrote books that gave her a new life among the literati, and eventually adopted
Bob Fischer, creator of 'Haunted Generation,' joins us for a wide-ranging chat about Hauntology, and how ‘Haunted Generation’ feelings of an uncanny childhood differ around the world. We cover Arthur C Clarke’s Mysterious World and the how the
For a ramble through the life of a person who made old, wyrd England the focus of his occult writings and poetry, Cian invites Justin Hopper to the cabin. We cover the life and times of Victor Neuburg, the now-obscure creator behind the Vine Pr
Jeb Card joins us to discuss the supposed witchcraft connections to the murder of Charles Walton on Valentines Day, 1945. Important players include (returning podcast fave) Margaret Murray, Egyptologist and writer of 'The Witch Cult In Western
Cian is joined by YouTuber 'Truth Is Scarier Than Fiction' to discuss the making of the Cryptid Iceberg videos and more! NOTES Buy Me A Coffee, or I'll wood knock-you out! https://www.buymeacoffee.com/wideatlantic Truth Is Scarier Than Fiction
Could this be ... the Final Fantasy of Fawcett? In this last episode of Fawcettmania, Cian sits by a stream and flicks the pages of 'Brazil That Never Was' by A.J. Lees, as well as articles by arch Fawcett-dismisser John Hemming. In an episode
So there's a lot of Lost World in our Fawcett this episode, but it's not my fault that the two won't stay a Stegosaurus length apart! In this episode, our boy Percy gets down on the British Empire following the First World War, is quite polite
Lauren returns to the cabin to discuss all things H.R. Haggard, especially his deep obsession with ancient Egypt. We cover: -Haggard in 'Who's Who in Egyptology' -his own visits to Egypt -his writing of 'Cleopatra' -his mania for collecting Egy
It's 'Not Your Father's Fawcett!' The journey continues with our dive into the first part of EXPLORATION FAWCETT, the 1953 book of Colonel Percy Fawcett's own notes and journals, as tidied up, illustrated and edited by his son Brian Fawcett. Fe
In which we're asked to audition for Metallica, endorse the George Foreman grill, and wrestle over 365 days in a year. We also cover: -Hogan's years at WCW -the infamous Monday Night Wars between WWF and WCW -the meta writing of Vince Russo -Ho
Dr Eoghan Aherne visits the cabin to talk about the early medieval period, and some things we might believe about it that might not be true! Topics include: -modern myths about the medieval period -were medieval people particularly credulous? -
Arthur Conan Doyle and Professor Challenger make a welcome return to the show, as we turn once again to the worlds of Edwardian fantastic Imperial fiction, and the history of still-living dinosaurs in literature. Dr Richard Fallon joins us to t
Cian welcomes Dr Edward Guimont back to the cabin for a chat about two seminal 1951 flying saucer movies. There'll be saucers skipping across water (whyever would you do that?), McCarthyism, and pulp-era sci-fi authors acting like jerks. Topics
Cian returns to the cabin to tackle a subject that he should have tackled long ago: the life and mysterious disappearance of Percy Harrison Fawcett. First part (fingers crossed) of a series attempting to contrast the various books about Fawcett
Tyler Greenfield visits the cabin to chat about sightings of supposed living extinct creatures. We discuss early 20th century origins of living Megalodon stories, the French Pterodactyl trapped in rock, the bizarre 'Triassic Kraken,' and how th
Ancient chalk figures, Arctic exploration, pendulums, and emotions 'recorded' onto the landscape: TC Lethbridge dabbled in them all, and remains an important figure in mid-20th century alternative thinking. Lisa from the Beer Ladies Podcast joi
Cian is joined at the cabin by David & Mercedas from the Worker’s Cauldron to talk about a variety of paranormal topics and their cultural/political influences. Subjects include: -evolution of Wicca -social context and the paranormal -alien abd
Sharon Hill joins us to speak about Spooky Geology and Ley Lines! We discuss the origins of the lines before they became associated with mystical ideas, leys as a way to connect with landscape, how they’re thought of in the paranormal community
The history of beliefs regarding lost cities and civilizations beneath the Earth's surface is as vast and winding as the caverns of Agartha itself. In this episode we welcome Edward Guimont back to the cabin for a chat about some of the most in
Pack your harmonica and join an expedition into the murky world of 1970s low-budget docudrama-making as we take a look at Bigfoot hunter Robert Morgan's 1974 'American Yeti' Expedition into the Pacific Northwest, and the recobbled film 'Bigfoot
Cian and Victoria discuss the definitive Dracula of their childhood, Francis Ford Coppola's 1992 'Bram Stoker's Dracula!,' which is a mouthful. NOTES: Buy Me A Coffee because I never drink wine! https://www.buymeacoffee.com/wideatlantic Victor
Recorded at the tail (aha!) end of an uncharacteristic Irish heatwave, and following a spot of solo camping that accidentally strayed into mystery big cat territory, Cian marshalls some thoughts on the subject of ABCs or Alien Big Cats. With so
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