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A Comedy, TV and Film podcast featuring Arden Myrin
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"16 DAY Fiancé!" w/ Debby Ryan and Rob Benedict
Debby and Rob join Arden, Anna and Katie to discuss the THREE HOUR FINALE of BIP!!!!! Dry Humping! Double Knee Bends! Placenta emails!!!   - Arden wants to get dressed up in aggressive Western Wear and party at Stagecoach like it is 1999! - Debby is excited for the All Star Championship Rings! - Rob does his amazing Clay impression not getting pressured into a ring! - Katie takes a victory lap with Peter the Pilot the Bachelor! - Anna thinks that Hannah and Dylan are Miniature Hot People!   All that plus........TWEET OF THE WEEK!  
"AIR SUPPLY PLACENTA!" w/ Beverly D'Angelo and Rob Benedict
2019 Rookie of the Year Beverly D'Angelo and Rob Benedict join Arden, Anna and Katie to discuss the NON-FINALE!!!!!!! Denim Speedos! Men in Vans! Placenta brokers!   - Arden is deep diving on JPJ's dad's LinkedIn Page! - Rob is bringing the Rob BDEnidct! - Beverly is rooting for the JPJ Tayshia! - Anna gives high praise for Demi and Kristian's communication skills!!! - Katie still loves her Dylan!   All that plus........TWEET OF THE WEEK!  
"TWEET OF THE WEEK OLYMPIANS!" w/ Cheyenne Conston and Seth Vatt
Here is a special bonus episode with our Tweet Of the Week All stars Seth Vatt (@bassbone1) and Cheyenne Conston (@TrixieFirecrkr). Panicky games! Temperature Adjustments! SNACKKKKKKSSSS! - Arden makes Cheyanne, Seth, Katie and Anna play a game with her that THEY CAN'T WIN!!! - Seth does his best Richard Attenborough impression watching sexy influencers mating in hot tubs! - Cheyenne got nervous when she poked the queen Bae Tayshia with a scrunchy tweet! - Anna talks about getting high and babysitting! - Katie DEEP dives in her questions about ladies who MURDERED their husbands for a "good story"
"JOHN PAUL JOKER!" w/ Erin Foley, Paget Brewster and Rob Benedict
The OG's Erin, Paget and Rob are in the HOUSE with Arden, Katie and Anna to talk about the most important television show on EARTH- BACHELOR IN PARADISE! Becky with the good hair! Vans down by the river! Dumpster Fires! - Arden is on grammar patrol- she'll drug you out of your bad habits! - Erin eats lipstick south of the border! -Rob discovers his newest greatest impression in Clay! - Paget is glad the Boom Boom room is getting used! All that plus........TWEET OF THE WEEK!
Scott and Bryan join Arden, Anna and Katie to discuss the MOST ROMANTIC WEDDING OF ALL TIME- Goose and Krystal! Geese, Pigeons and Seagulls! Revenge wedding body strut! Laughing, crying and snotting! - Arden stills wants to run away with Dean, his van, his mustache and his red flags! - Scott thinks Tahzjuan eating the spaghetti in the pool is his spirit animal! - Bryan thought Caelynn's frown turned upside down as if she was possessed by Pennywise! - Anna has Connor's vocal fry down pat! - Katie has NEVER liked John Paul Jones! All that plus........TWEET OF THE WEEK!
"Two Blonde Girls, Mr. Mouse?" w/ Brendan Smith and Bill Kunstler
Brendan and Bill join Arden, Anna and Katie to discuss the MOST EXCITING COUPLING ON PARADISE HISTORY! Bloody Pinatas! Tayshia Paul Jones! Ladies Kissing!   - Arden is HERE for the Demi, Christian romance! - Bill thinks Dylan's moping is a lady boner killer! - Brendan does his best Mickey Mouse Celebrity impression! - Katie goes deep diving on Christian's Sexploits! - Anna thinks Kristina is auditioning for Real Housewives!   All that plus........TWEET OF THE WEEK!
TONIGHT IS MY DAY! w/ Bryan Safi and Kyle Dunnigan
Bryan and Kyle join Arden and Katie to discuss the MOST IMPORTANT SHOW OF ALL TIME- BACHELOR IN PARADISE! LACE EVENING GOWNS AT BREAKFAST! SWING DANCE DOUCHERY! FOREVER 21 COMMERCIALS!   - Arden is ready to live in a van down by the river! - Bryan is busy picking out his second home! - Kyle thinks he peaked at a solid SIX at the age of nine!   All that plus........TWEET OF THE WEEK!
"Replicants In Paradise!" w/ Beverly D'Angelo, Rob Benedict and Paget Brewster
Beverly, Paget and Rob join Arden to discuss the PREMIERE OF BACHELOR IN PARADISE!!!!  Barfing tacos! Stagecoach humping! The Meatball!   - Arden predicts who will GET MARRIED AND HAVE BABIES! - Paget is BORED by this prediction! - New Rookie Beverly thinks Blake has already done bone zone dance with Hannah! - Rob does his impression as Dean's Dad playing the part of Dean's Mustache!   All that plus........TWEET OF THE WEEK!  
"STAY IN YOUR NEIL LANE!" w/ Paget Brewster and Lauren Lapkus
Paget and Lauren join Arden, Anna and Katie to discuss the WORST DECISION EVER MADE!!!!!! Guitar Proposals! Free Cabins! TYLER, TYLER, TYLER!!!   - Arden thinks it's too late and Tyler has moved on to a Hadid! - Paget thinks Jed started replacing his G's with K's - Lauren thinks Jed was pressing his eyes trying to will tears to come! All that plus........TWEET OF THE WEEK!  
"DREAMWORKS VILLAIN!" w/ Karen McCullah and Irene Choi
Karen and Irene join Arden, Anna and Katie to discuss the MEN TELL ALL!!! Moving rose pedestals! Brother PR! Fittings for Steve Harvey Suits! - Arden thinks John Paul Jones is going to be BIP's Grocery Store Joe! - Karen wants Luke to have a Fist Ball Cam! - Irene thinks Luke's eyebrows make him Luke like a Dreamworks Villain! All that plus........TWEET OF THE WEEK!
"SNAKE HIPS!" w/ Erin Foley, Paget Brewster and Scott King
Paget, Erin and Scott join Arden to discuss the GREATEST EPISODE OF TELEVISION OF ALL TIME THE FANTASY SUITES!!!! Horny pilots! Mustachioed questioners! Rub and Tugs!   - Arden does her GREATEST ACTING WORK EVER channeling Tyler! - Paget proves that Luke is a sociopath! - Erin does NOT want to see Luke come back and do pull-ups on Tyler's ween next week! - Scott thinks his time on the pageant circuit came in handy!   All that plus........TWEET OF THE WEEK!    
"THE CRYING WOODSMAN!" w/ Paget Brewster and Rob Benedict
Paget and Rob join Arden, Anna and Katie to discuss the Christian Youth Tour of Hometowns! S Soul Patch dads! Ativan Moms! Cracker Barrels! - Arden wants "rip a cheers!" - Paget thinks Peter's dad is the Crying Woodsman! - Rob is ANGRY AT Jed's musical ability! All that plus........TWEET OF THE WEEK!
"CHEERS, REGARDS!" w/ Alarik Myrin
Arden's brother Alarik joins Arden in her family den for a special JJ tribute episode of Will You Accept this Rose? Where they discuss Humping in Windmills! Humping in Windmills a SECOND TIME! Double Pistols! Bologna eye masks!   - Arden and Alarik may or may not have had a JJ tribute show! - Alarik tries to get Arden to watch Double Shot at Love!   All that plus........TWEET OF THE WEEK!
"STAY IN YOUR LANE BRO!" w/ Lance Bass, Rob Benedict and Michael Provost
It's raining MEN! Lance, Rob and Michael join Arden, Anna and Katie to discuss the HORNIEST episode of the Bachelorette ever!! Naked Cold Bungee! I'm in love for you! - Arden is impressed by Hannah's pickle eating skills! - Lance thinks Peter Pilot Picked a Porn Pepper! - Rob is pretty sure you are in his breakdown lane! - Michael acts out Shower Jesus finding Luke in the shower!
"THINKINK OF YOU!" w/ Ralph Garman and Paget Brewster
Ralph and Paget join Arden to discuss the WORST EPISODE OF TELEVISION IN TV HISTORY!!!!!! BRING BACK ELAN! Romance with Chris Harrison! MARCUS! - Arden is just excited that she has John Paul Jones flip flops! - Paget feels like the contract is BROKEN! - Ralph threatens to eats nuts! All that plus........TWEET OF THE WEEK!
"HUNG LIKE A DUCK, INTERNALLY (please kill Katie)" w/ Rob Benedict
  Rob joins Arden to discuss Luke P's implosion! Lost "Hikers!" Douche Canoes! You make me feel like a little kid with a boner and scotch!   - Arden thinks she would have hit her head on the lights on the pool table worse than Pete Pilot - Rob thinks Arden's Scottish accent sounds like a Hobbit! - Katie thinks that Peter Pilot is trying to actually BECOME an airplane!
"STRAIGHT OUTTA LITTLE COMPTON!" W/ Sarah Colonna and Irene Choi
Arden's Insatiable co-stars Sarah and Irene join Arden to discuss the fact that THE BACHELORETTE FILMED IN ARDEN'S GD HOMETOWN! Nothing says Rhode Island like going STRAIGHT TO MASSACHUSETTS! Chowdah! Lobstah! Male Strippah! - Arden wants to know why NO ONE IN LITTLE COMPTON told her about the filming! - Sarah thinks Hannah should just dry hump Luke P until the big O so she can get him out of her system! - Irene thinks that Kevin's sling was from a reenactor festival! All that plus........TWEET OF THE WEEK!
"ABC- ALWAYS BE CANCELLED! w/ Debby Ryan and Emma Cadd
Arden's Insatiable co-stars (And former ROOKIE OF THE YEAR) Debby Ryan and Emma Cadd join Arden to discuss Pity Roses! Mullet Swimwear! Hers and Mine's Relationship! - Arden makes her own tail wag dropping her latest singles! - Debby has a vision for the GREATEST BACHELORETTE PARTY OF ALL TIME! - Emma English teacher is PAINED by the grammar on the show! All that plus........TWEET OF THE WEEK!
"Timberlake Meat Thighs!" w/ Paget Brewster and Erin Foley!
The band is back together when Paget and Erin join Erin to discuss Hanna Beast episode 2! Always Be Coooooooozy! No underwear! Meat Thighs! - Arden thinks that Tyler is Jared on steriods! - Paget thinks luke looks like Timberlake Meat Thighs! - Erin is mad that Paget called Peter Pilot a marionette boy! All that plus........TWEET OF THE WEEK!
Steve joins Arden, Anna and Katie to discuss the season opener of the HANNAH BEAST'S SEASON! Horney Box kings! Pilot on Pilot hate crimes! The Lord in the Shower!    - Arden is convinced John Paul Jones is made of wax! - Hytner offends all the millennials! - Anna is offended as a millennial! - Katie thinks Peter is going to be the next Bachelor! All that plus........TWEET OF THE WEEK!  
"Jon Hamm's Dick! a.k.a 2019 DRAFT PICKS!!!" w/ Scott King
Insatiable executive producer Scott King joins Arden, Anna and Katie to do DRAFT PICKS FOR HANNAH BEAST'S season of the Bachelorette! Box Kings! Feels like home! Roll Tide! Men with 18 first names!  
We are here for the two part finale episode to find out how thirsty Cassie really is! MALLORCA! New Spikey Hairstyles! Chris Harrison's Virgin Obsession! Hannah G's Mixtape! Hurt Calves! Can Hannah B speak?   - Arden dedicates this episode to her mother JJ! - Rob teaches Steve how sex really works! - Steve continues his Uncle Steve ways! - Wells gives his seasoned expertise on the issues!   All that plus........TWEET OF THE WEEK!
"I Miss You!" w/ Kyle Dunnigan and Kevin Berntson
Kyle and Kevin join Arden and Anna to discuss WOMEN TELL ALL! Pacifiers! Touch O' Botox! Bear ties!!! - Arden thinks Kyle should keep buying and installing hot tubs he doesn't want! - Kyle is mad his grandson never visits him in his new hot tub! - Kevin thinks Cassie is a hilarious, misunderstood genius (and that she should slide into his DM's)
Our precious treasure Erin is back to discuss the week of the FENCE JUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Matching Pajamas! Blue Balls! Pinkies up! Religious dads who know how to FIND THEIR CAMERA! - Arden wants the world to know that JJ didn't raise no prude! - Erin is frightened for Roll Tide Bachelorette editiion! - Anna's dog thinks Colton needs to take a hint!
"Penicillin Pie!" w/ Rob Benedict
Rob joins Arden and Katie to discuss HOMETOWNS WEEK!!! Tootsie! Doing Donuts on the lawn! The WHITEST RAP in the HISTORY OF EARTH! - Arden confesses to having yellow polka dot teeth! - Rob wants to know "Why are you interested in my daughter man?" - Katie wants to teach Colton to surf! All that plus........TWEET OF THE WEEK!
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