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In the final episode of Yeah No Yeah, Molly and Katie explore death as they celebrate the life of their 5-year-old podcast. They talk Zoom funerals, the experience of dying, embalming, and the funeral industry. Then the film turns grainy and un
Find out what Katie meant when she told her elementary school class: "My Dad is on an African safari." On this penultimate episode, the gals talk consequences and life at the Big House.  There's a cottage industry of former inmates who prepare
Botox, menopause, the fear of death: Katie and Molly contemplate the aging process with the help of Cher's Tweets. We also discuss a recent age discrimination lawsuit brought by 5 anchorwomen against news corporation NY 1. 
Molly and Katie are staring down the barrel of the baby gun. Together, they unpack some of the most common parenting controversies: Crying it out, attachment parenting, and free-range kids. They're also deciding how they feel about home birth,
Katie and Andrew are getting married! (And in a beautiful twist, Molly got engaged shortly after this was recorded. To a (very) different Andrew.) So it's a good thing Molly did so much wedding research because it turns out most wedding traditi
Long-time listeners will remember the legendary Tinder-er "Tugboat Annie" from Season 1 of Yeah No Yeah. We're all considerably more settled down in 2020, and Annie has some hard-earned wisdom to share with modern-day daters. We discuss dating
Molly and Katie skim the book that got our generation reading: Harry Potter. Our guest and die-hard fan Mariette Dorobis unpacks how she feels about the series now that JK Rowling has made it clear she likes the weather way over there on the wr
Gone are the days of hard labor for teenagers. And you know what? We're certain they're not missing anything. Molly and Katie discuss their first jobs, first bosses, and first times being told to hit the curb!  Song Credit:  Angie K https://www
Did you know that your butthole is connected to your ovaries? Neither did our friend Amanda until she attended a public school in Texas. In this episode, we recall the lies our teachers told us, and review some of the school scandals that shape
Molly and Katie kick off Yeah No Yeah Season 5: "From the Womb to the Tomb" with a look at the very beginning of life, more specifically the special moment when mom and dad celebrate their soon-to-arrive infant by setting most of California abl
"Everything you thought you knew about Tarot was wrong...why? because...FOUGHETTABOUTIT it's actually just an old Italian card game. In our finale, we tell you about how a tarot card reader solved a murder, in order to trick you into listening
Hybristophilia, aka Bonnie and Clyde syndrome, is the technical term for sexual arousal inspired by someone else's crimes. Ted Bundy, Richard Ramirez, Chris Watts — all received a ton of love letters in prison, often with bikini pics enclosed.
Blind items often reveal Hollywood scandals long before they hit the newstands. Crazy Days and Nights, a blind item gossip site, talked about Harvey Weinstein and Keith Raniere (of the NEXIVM cult) long before reputable news outlets revealed th
This episode brought to you by Gal Gadot's celeb-studded rendition of John Lennon's famous anti-war song "Imagine." We unpack why it's the wrong song for the crisis at hand, and why it's the exact opposite of playing the trumpet for your neighb
The Doctors will see you now! And this time... they're real doctors. Dr. Shiloh & Dr. Scott from  "LA Not So Confidential" join Yeah No Yeah to discuss celebrity stalkers: the who, the why, and the what the hell.  Molly opens with a stalker who
Yeah No Yeah recorded this episode from our respective homes, muddling our way through the covid-19  pandemic with rest of the world. We thought we'd take this time to check in with some of the celebrity doctors and MLM scams we've covered the
Young fans of YouTube and TikTok believe a few of their favorite entertainers have been kidnapped, and are being forced to make extremely creepy  videos against their will. According to Katie, "There's nothing the teen detective of YouTube can'
To Catch A Predator got great ratings, but NBC cancelled it in 2007 after one of the targeted offenders met a violent end. Host Chris Hansen developed a devoted fan base, and the show’s cancellation left them thirsty for more pervs. But legal a
Will these gamer girls EVER go home? We knew we needed backup for this episode, so we had on the most enthusiastic gamer boy we know: Ben Moosher, of Without Warning Radio fame. To get our footing, we reminisce about Gamergate and Anita Sarkees
15 years later, we’ve gone where few women have gone before, wading into Neil Strauss’s The Game and swimming in its somewhat slimy waters. While dorky and somewhat manipulative, his writing seems blissfully inoffensive compared to the incel ra
Mick Jagger and Iggy Pop immortalized their sexual encounters with minors in songs like “Look Away” and “Stray Cat Blues,” so how did they avoid the fury #MeToo movement? David Bowie and Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page also had their way with
Content Warning: Lots of suicide talk, especially hanging. In spite of threats from the Mossad, the CIA, the FBI, Hillary Clinton, and more than one president of more than one oligarchy, we’re doing it...we’re talking about Jeffrey Epstein’s “s
Mukbang started in Korea, with a few beautiful eaters that left their audience craving more. Since it's migrated to America and YouTube, the trend has taken some unsettling turns. We're not here to kink shame, but we do think there's a limit to
Mukbang started in Korea, with a few beautiful eaters that left their audience craving more. Since it's migrated to America and YouTube, the trend has taken some unsettling turns. We're not here to kink shame, but we do think there's a limit to
Onision, aka Greg, aka Onion Boy, is one of the most hated YouTubers. His audience has also turned on his partner, Kai, amid speculation that he has helped Onision groom young fans to become the couple’s sexual third-wheels and defacto babysitt
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