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This may be the first time you have heard of Raina Marie Paucar, but we guarantee it won't be the last. We had the pleasure of talking with her about her journey in the horse industry, her journey as an entrepreneur and the vision she has for her future. She has experienced so much of the industry from obtaining her jockey license and working on a racetrack to bodywork and rehabilitation. Now, as she brings her novel idea to market, Raina speaks to the entrepreneur in all of us! She shares what her 3 year journey has taught her about passion and perseverance. Be sure to check out the Drop 'N' Slow Feeder at ! You can connect with Raina at ( _______________________________ Follow us on Socials! Check out our website for YBE merch! Support the podcast and rock some of our latest gear: Support this podcast
When we asked Dezmine about her viral Tiktok videos she asked, "Which one?" When we asked Dezmine to tell us about her herd of animals she said, "All of them?" That paints a pretty good picture of how Dezmine popped into our lives and has been making us laugh ever since. Growing up in a predominantly white area, Dezmine didn't see other Black equestrians until she drove a couple of hours away last summer to a Justice for George Floyd protest. She has always been one to carve a lane for herself and does so with her animals in tow. See more of Desmine on Instagram and Tiktok @thehalfricanprincess and @halfricanempire _______________________________ Follow us on Socials! Check out our website for YBE merch! Support the podcast and rock some of our latest gear: Support this podcast
Life update in this episode! Here are the major topics: Garden Plans: We talked about our garden plans for this spring and what plants we are excited to grow. Awkward naming conventions for horse programs (and some that are doing it right!) Setting boundaries for YBE collaborations A new event Summer of 2021 Concrete Cowboy movie coming out April 2nd! - PURA is raising money for a new home ( Head over to our Instagram or Facebook page (@youngblackequestrians) and tell us what you are planning for your garden! Support this podcast
As a pastor, horse trainer, and people trainer residing in Austin, Texas, Noah T-Y has a mission and drive rooted in family and the desire to help people be safer on horses. He tells us how he took the leap and changed career paths to help his family and fill a need he saw in the industry. Listen as he talks about the thought process behind Steady Horse, LLC., Noah's experiences in the industry, and his advice to aspiring equestrians. Check out his website and "Steady Stick" here: _______________________________ Follow us on Socials! Check out our website for YBE merch! Support the podcast and rock some of our latest gear: Support this podcast
During this episode, we discussed 2 questions that have come up in our community and in recent discussions. Tune in to our latest episode and listen to the end for a bit of fun. Support this podcast
It all started with a horse named Red. Fredrick got his start in the horse industry by rehoming kill pen horses and learning the lessons that come with retraining and rehabbing animals with traumatic experiences. As a competitive person, he dabbled in a bunch of different disciplines to find his perfect fit. He went through barrel racing, dressage, roping, team penning, and mounted archery before finding a sport he and his horse enjoyed, cowboy mounted shooting. He took his first lesson in November 2019 and competed in his first event in February 2020. In this episode, Fredrick shares with us his challenges and triumphs with horses and with the industry. Connect with Fredrick on all social media platforms @mounted_medic ! Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think of this episode! Support this podcast
We've all seen this discipline. The flips, the stunts, the jumps atop a cantering horse, but have you ever taken a deeper dive into the sport to learn what it really requires? In this episode we talked to Amanda Staalsoe, a physiotherapist and vaulter out of Denmark. She shares with us the story of her vaulting career, the intricasies of the sport and her vision for the future. Connect with Amanda on Instagram! @amanda_staalsoe To connect with YBE follow us: On Facebook: On Instagram: @youngblackequestrians Support this podcast
You've probably seen Dale gracing social media with his captivating action shots on the polo field. But, what you may not know is that Dale has only been in the industry for 3 years and has had laser-focused every since. He comes from a family that prides itself on history, culture, and making sure Black history is discussed regularly. His mom says, "You don't know where you are going unless you know where you've come from". Tune in to this episode to learn where Dale has come from, where he's going and how you can follow him on his journey. Connect with Dale on Instagram! @sfexceptionalism To connect with YBE follow us: On Facebook: On Instagram: @youngblackequestrians Support this podcast
We received a question from Kimberley about some tips for people who are thinking about purchasing a horse. This is a great topic to cover so we came up with a quick list to share with you all today. The two main things to keep in mind are EDUCATION and EXPERIENCE for you and the horse. It takes the two of you to make it work and if you have a great support system and team it can be a wonderful experience! ANNOUCEMENT: Our website will be down starting today. If you need to contact us send an email to or send us a message on social media! Support this podcast
This is our first episode that originally aired February 28th, 2019. SO much has changed since then. Here we are, November 2020, and a lot of people are asking us to hear our story. We wanted to give you a glimpse into our beginning thoughts surrounding this podcast so we can really digest how far we have come and how far we have to go. Enjoy this episode and give us a follow! Instagram Facebook Youtube Support this podcast
Tis the season! For thankfulness, giving and much more. In this season, we discussed the "Gifts N' Things" gift guide we just published as well as some of the brands that are featured. Head over to our website to check it out today --> Have you seen our new apparel? We released 3 new designs this week and are LOVING the response so far. Shop YBE for the YBEs in your life this holiday season. 2020 has been A YEAR, but the perspective going into 2021 is unmatched. We are excited for the opportunities to come. Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts to be featured in our next episode! Thanks Mandee of (Horse Family Mag) for your review! rXSMbLsOGiTQnZyea69L Support this podcast
It's time for updates and conversation. What have we been up to? Where is the conversation of diversity in the industry going? We had time today. Enjoy! Support this podcast
Steven started out in the horse industry by getting involved with therapeutic riding and volunteering at barns. In this episode, sponsored by Flying changes magazine, he used his bubbly personality to network and find opportunities within the industry. He first started showing in AQHA halter (and winning Top 5 in the world), but wanted to focus on becoming a better rider. He has experience in reining and western, but is currently focused on hunter/jumper disciplines and equitation. He wants to be a representation for men and people of color in the equitation arena because it intimidates many. Steven's philosophy is that if he is going to stick out, he might as well be a good rider. He talks about how the horse industry places a lot of emphasis on appearance, but not functionality when it comes to helmets, horses and subsequently riders.  His ultimate vision is to be competitive at AA shows in adult equitation. Steven hopes to be a role model for little Black boys to see they can compete at a higher level. He does not believe color should be a barrier. Advice for equestrians: Bring up one another Be humble Work hard Connect with Steven: Facebook - Steven Bryan Pelzer Instagram: @pologuy2312 Steven talks about how imposter syndrome almost prevented him from reaching out to us and sharing his story on our podcast. NOTE TO OUR LISTENERS: You are not too small to have a voice. Everyone has some thing to add to the conversation. We are a platform that highlights the Black voice in the horse industry so if you identify with that this is the platform for you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need advice or want to share your story! We will announce when we are accepting interviews again. Support this podcast
Shariah Harris grew up in Philadelphia, PA, and stumbled upon the Work To Ride program after getting lost in the park. Through this program, she was able to travel internationally, network with people around the world, attend an ivy league school, and play on their polo team. In this episode, we discussed her journey to becoming a collegiate polo player, this summer's influx of "amplifying black voices" and the seesaw of feelings that have come with the movement. Connect with Shariah on: Facebook - Shariah Harris Instagram - @shariah_h More on the Work to Ride program at Support this podcast
Raised in the rural south, Michael Lynch was determine to show up and show out from a young age. Whether it be canines or equine, Michael gained valuable experience parading the finest of his favorite breeds around the ring. Fast forward to today, Michael is know for his outspoken advocacy and unapologetic conversation. We only got a glimpse of this amazing person in the hour that we chatted. In this episode, you will learn about Michael's experience as a gaited horse show judge, how his show experience has affected his judging morals and what he sees for the future of equestrian sports. Tune in for a good laugh and leave with a smile on your face. It is THE Michael Lynch, ladies and gentlemen. Connect with Michael on Facebook: Instagram: Support this podcast
If you have tapped #blackequestrian anytime over the past 8 months, we are quite positive you have come across the amazing work that is @equestrian_noire. After seeing image after image of captivating attire, lighting and concepts, we had to sit down with the creator and figure out the story behind this project. In this episode, we had the opportunity to chat with Jamillah Simms, the model and creator of Instagram's @equestrian_noire. Jamillah and her team of make-up artist, photographer and hair stylist create such captivating horse-inclusive images and she shared with us how this all got started. Using this work as a creative outlet, Jamillah aspires to create images that are as close to authentic as possible (tack, outfits and hair included). Enjoy this episode with this special lady! Support this podcast
*DISCLAIMER: Young Black Equestrians the podcast, nor it's extensions or sponsors, condone the practice of soring or horse abuse surrounding the Walking Horse industry or any related industries.* Serving in the military for over a decade, Venita has to balance serving her country and caring for her horses. After spending 2 years in Japan, she has come back to compete and train with her Tennessee Walking Horses. As a wife and a mom, she has navigated the horse industry through trial and error finding horses and disciplines she is passionate about and making her lane as a competitor in her discipline.  In this episode, Venita shares her experiences having horses at home, showing flat shod and performance walking horses and the importance of knowing the health atmosphere in your area when showing horses consistently. We introduced a new segment to our show this episode called “The Derby Round”! The Derby Round is a lightening round of this-or-that questions centered around horses! We hope you enjoy it! Support this podcast
Ashleigh is a force. Period. In her episode we talk impact, inspiration and influence of Black equestrians around the world. Turn your notifications on for our account, subscribe to our YouTube channel. We get into some conversation you do not want to miss. Tune in on any podcast listener Support this podcast
Charles Perry started this documentary with no funding and no corporate support. Despite this, he left his home, relationship and regular life to pursue a project he was so very passionate about. Over the past 3 years, Charles has married the story of the Black Cowboy and his passion for film making to produce a documentary showcasing the unsung history and culture of black horsemen all over the country. He has received additional support to continue his work and reminds us there is enough out here for everyone. His favorite part of the filming process is connecting with the people he meets and capturing their personality on film. Charles continues to pursue his life dream despite the global pandemic, and is excited to announce the documentary is almost complete. We played 2 truths and a lie and learned how a fellow film maker left him in Kansas and how one time his equipment was compromised and stolen. Charles reminds us that life’s ups and downs make for the best movie quests.  His advice for aspiring film-makers is simple: Figure out what you want Figure out how you are going to get it Watch/listen to the very end for his hilarious story of being mistaken for Idris Elba at the Sundance film festival! Learn more about The Black Cowboy Documentary by visiting ( . To learn more about Black Rodeo Culture, visit ( Please support this man and his mission as he produces one of the most authentic chronicles of black cowboy history to date.  Support this podcast
Taylor has a story to tell and the animation to match. We spoke with this mounted archery (amongst other mounted combat) aficionado and she took her into her world of receiving her first bow, competing and perfecting her craft. Oh, did we mention she does all this while managing life with Lyme disease? Taylor is a force and we were thrilled to have her on the show because as you know, Caitlin is getting into mounted archery as well! Tune into this episode for a quick immersion into the archery world. Here is a link to Taylor's words on the controversial death of Geroge Floyd: ( Shop YBE Merchandise at Support this podcast
Gigi was first introduced to horses at Girl Scout camp after a terrifying experience on a runaway horse. She recalls this event and immediately says “now there isn’t a horse that scares me”. Now, in her 60s, Gigi focuses on being one with her horse and enjoying the ride. The stories of her first horse, years of horse ownership, and riding all over the world are so captivating. Gigi overcame childhood cancer and manages resulting scoliosis by riding and utilizing the horse’s movement to help with backaches and pains. When pursuing her Bachelor’s degree, Gigi aimed to talk the easiest foreign language class she could, American Sign Language. To her surprise, it was not that easy but was something she became passionate about. Years later, she has picked up her passion again with the goal to become an interpreter for the deaf community. She cautioned us against the concept of “deaf pity”, teaching about deaf culture and not just signing for funsies. It’s a matter of accessibility, not disability. Gigi combined her passion of ASL interpretation and horseback riding and navigated to a farm called (Bella Peregrina Ranch) where she still rides today. Our Favorite Quote: “The more experienced you are, the more you shut up.” **On this episode, you will notice an additional guest, Dr. Erick R. Smith. Dr. Smith is an ASL Interpreter from Jacksonville, NC and graciously joined us on this episode. Connect with him (on Facebook). (Click here to attend OG Festival)! Support this podcast
“My trainer told me I should take up tennis because I was so bad at jumping.” Andrea Davenport has been competing in dressage for the last 15 years. Her attendance at local horse shows drew her into the scene, not only as a rider, but as part of show management. We all know horse shows can literally be a 3-ring circus when it comes to balancing the staff, volunteers, and attendees. Andrea thrives in this type of environment and even went further to hold shows rated by the USEF. Take a listen as we discuss Andrea's journey into the horse show world and her goals for the future. If you ever see her at a show, be sure to speak and say "Heyyy! Can I be your friend??" Check out Andrea's show series : ( Want to watch this episode? Subscribe to our Youtube Channel: Let us know what you thought of this episode! Support this podcast
Welcome to Young Black Equestrians the podcast with your hosts... jk YALL KNOW US!! But if you are new here, we just wanted to introduce ourselves again and catch you up to speed! A lot has happened in the past few months so tune in to this episode to hear the latest! Watch until the end to see a manifestation occur WHILE we were recording! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 In this episode, we discuss: - Our background in the horse industry - The latest updates with Saddle Up and Read - Upcoming events - Our motivation to continue - Inspiration for our listeners Drop one thing you wish to see from YBE this year in the comments. Here's to the future! Support this podcast
Tracey Turner is an equestrian and entrepreneur from New Jersey. She was introduced to the horse industry at the young age of 4 after attending a county fair. After taking lessons at a local barn, Tracey fell in love with all things horse!. She went from riding horses to driving horses with the help of her neighbor and local horse community. Tracey now owns multiple horses and drives competitively, training in South Carolina for half of the year.   Tracey competes in an event called Combined Driving… think “3 day eventing”... but with a cart! In this episode she shares her experiences in the sport, defining the different events, carriage terms and the general process. Currently, she has a German riding pony named CHARDONNAY (Barn Name: Cooper, after the wine barrel manufacturers). She even remembers the moment she became just as comfortable in the carriage as she does on the back of the horse. Using the same techniques she used to train Alaskan malamutes to pull a sled, Tracey felt very comfortable “behind the reins” with young horses and ones new to the sport.    Not only is she a competitive equestrian, she is also an entrepreneur/business owner. Tracey developed the idea of after working for a small healthcare tech start-up company around the time people started using computers to inquire about their insurance policies. In this episode, she shares her experience in crafting this membership website from scratch! This website is an all encompassing location for horse management, barn management and expense tracking.    Have you loaned a piece of tack to someone? Keep track of it in the OneSourceHorse tack room!  Have you ever pulled up to a show and discover you left your Coggins at home? Upload it to OneSourceHorse for safe and convenient keeping!  We are honored to have Tracey chat with us during this episode and encourage all of our YBE fam to join to get a handle on their horse-y business!   PS, Did you know a cart has 2 wheels and a carriage has 4? Did you know that some breeds name their horses with a particular letter each year to keep track of their age?    Mentioned in this episode: One Source Horse:  Book by Denny Emerson: (  Advice for Equestrians - SHOW YOUR HORSE: it makes you practice/improve your skill, helps you get over performance nerves and teaches you time management  - Put yourself in front of people who will give you opportunities  - NETWORK!  - Be kind, friendly and willing to put in work necessary to compete in your discipline Support this podcast
Erin Brown, also known as the Concrete Cowgirl, is the Director of Philadelphia Urban Riding Academy and caretaker for Philadelphia’s police horses. Growing up she rode several disciplines and currently teaches beginner to advanced hunt seat and stock seat at her riding academy. Erin shares with us the rich history of horsemen and horsewomen in the inner city Philly area and how gentrification has changed the lay of the land.    Erin’s involvement with horses doesn’t just stop there! She also has a pony that visits local hospitals to provide Equine Assisted Therapy to kids undergoing chemo. Ms. Buttercup quickly became a favorite, stealing the heart of everyone she meets. A couple years ago, Erin began to hone her skills as a horse trainer and established Concrete Horsemanship.    This cowgirl living the city life has been there and done just that. You may have heard of a film coming soon with the fiiiinnneeee brother Idris Elba titled, Concrete Cowboy. This movie is set in Philly, right in Philadelphia Urban Riding Academy’s back yard. We can’t wait to see how the directors portray the rich history of the urban cowboy.   If you would like a “Concrete Cowgirl” Shirt, contact Erin for the deets!   Reach Erin on Instagram:  @1ConcreteCowgirl  @ConcreteHorsemanship   Philedelphia Urban Riding Academy : (http://www.philadelphiaurbanridingaca...) (  Buttercup the therapy pony:   Concrete Cowboys Film : ( Support this podcast
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