037 - On Artificial Intelligence - Part 3 - A Philosophy Of Terminators

Released Tuesday, 4th July 2017
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Welcome home, Zengineers! This is the final episode in our three part series on Artificial Intelligence. This is the deep dive into the big questions. Will computers be smarter than us some day? What the heck does that mean anyway? Are terminators already coming for us through time and space? Who knows? The emergence of Artificial Intelligence forces humanity to face so many of life’s big questions in practical ways that have only been the job of philosophers and ministers in the past. What are good and evil? How do you program morals into a machine? Will we need to? Will the machines care? This episode is one of our favorites and this series is a fascinating exploration into the depths of the human mind and our wildest technological advancements. In part one we chased what intelligence is and recapped the history of AI. In part two we ran through the current state of Artificial Intelligence and where it is in the world.

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