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Michel Fortin interviews Gary Halbert - Part 1
In this episode of the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast, we talk to world class copywriter Michel Fortin, one of the 'OGs' of internet marketing and creator of many big $$$ campaigns. In this episode: - The subtle positioning change Michel used
In this episode, I interview Michel Fortin, copywriter. In 2004, Michel penned the first sales letter of it's kind, which produced over $1,000,000 worth of sales in 18 hours online. This is peek behind the scenes. In this interview, Michel shar
I first met Michel Fortin, copywriter extraordinaire, in 2008 while I was attending my first live event. It was the Big Seminar in Atlanta, and Michel and his new wife, Sylvie, had just come down from the stage after presenting to a crowd of ov
So imagine what would it be like to earn a million dollars in a single day. How would it change your life for you and those you love? Is it even possible? Oh hell yes it is! and today's guest expert Michel Fortin will share exactly how he did
Michel Fortin, Director of Search at Seoplus+, continues his discussion about truths for the modern SEO industry. SEOs often think that their job is to find the right keywords and start to rank for them. Instead, Michel suggests that SEOs diver
Today I’m so pleased to have an old friend on the show who has branched out beyond direct-response copywriting. In the early 2000s, Michel Fortin was a living legend who wrote the first online sales letter that brought in $1 million in sales in
Michel Fortin, Director of Search at Seoplus+, questions whether we should be labelling ourselves as SEOs. Gone are the days of optimizing solely for the search engine. We must optimize for the user. Today, Michel highlights the importance of s
My guest is Michel Fortin of Shelly Solutions, whose strategies get to the heart this. He is a 30 year marketing veteran, who has done copywriting and marketing as a coach, under his own consultancy, and within an agency. He’s active in industr
Legendary copywriter Michel Fortin shares how to be more persuasive in any environment and situation.   You'll Learn: The platinum rule for persuasion The OATH formula to better know the people you need to persuade The ‘so-that’ technique to b
Michel Fortin, Director of Search at Seoplus+, wraps up his discussions on truths for the modern SEO industry. Businesses want to be seen by the right customers. It is the growth marketer’s responsibility to bring in quality traffic and increas
Michel Fortin and I continue our conversation from last week. I get him to share a few copywriting strategies you can use to elevate your sales results online. Michel’s had an extremely successful career as one of the best direct response copyw
Michel Fortin is a legendary copywriter and full stack marketer, currently serving as the director of marketing for a medical clinic in Ottawa, Canada.  This episode is a counter-punch to our usual conversation on entrepreneurship. The skills
This week Ricky talks with Michel Fortin. They discuss a wide variety of subjects on marketing, positioning, copywriting, and family. It's an episode you don't want to miss. And don't forget to visit Workaholics4Hire.com if you're in need of cu
Michel Fortin is the “Roger Bannister” of web copywriting. He wrote the copy for a John Reese product that was the first to sell 1 million dollars worth in one day. Not a bad accomplishment for any copywriters CV. In this interview Michel reve

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