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Episode 90 - Michelle Wolf

  • about 6 years ago

Michelle Wolf has a very hilarious and popular Twitter account. Having a hit Twitter feed is not easy to maintain because some sacrifices have to be made, such as your lovelife. Listen as they cover Twitter addiction, the Never Been Kissed club, and Michelle's legendary farts. Follow Michelle on Twitter @michelleisawolf Follow Christian on Twitter @Chrispolanco Follow Offstage on Twitter @OffstagePod Music by Lives Of Famous Men Sponsored by - Click on Amazon link at an shop as usual!

Michelle Wolf Destroys Washington

  • 9 months ago

Today's WHCD coverage, Trump's rally and threats against Tester and more.

Mike Drucker / Michelle Wolf

  • almost 6 years ago

Today on BG: Emily and Lisa blow the lid off mass psychogenic illness, comedian and Jimmy Fallon writer Mike Drucker talks about his days at Nintendo, and baby talk expert Nancy Schwartz (Michelle Wolf) proves her method of speaking represents the purest incarnation of love. Emily Heller Lisa Hanawalt Michelle Wolf Mike Drucker

The Bridge: Michelle Wolf

  • 9 months ago

The editors and Howley discuss Michelle Wolf’s peformance at the White House Correspondant’s dinner. It has garnered a lot of outrage and support in the...

Episode 95: Michelle Wolf

  • almost 6 years ago

This week, Sara and Nikki reveal their hidden motives for hosting a TV show: proving their tween Twitter haters wrong and meeting famous men.  It's been a big day for up-and-coming guest comic Michelle Wolf, who arrives at the podcast-office straight from getting herself strategically fired from her impressive-sounding job.  Michelle outlines her origin story, twisting from her involvement in the Bear Stearns collapse to her experiments with pretty much every type of comedy and eventually bringing her to today, her first day of fully committing to the craft.  Your humble hosts have weathered the risk and excitement of this transition before and offering their insight on the situation leads to a frank and lively discussion about the feelings of workplace confidence and self-loathing that exist in every job everywhere.  Before bouncin', the trio talks pee about Jimmy Pardo's landmark podcast Never Not Funny, Cory Cavin's rising webseries Model Wife, and Beyonce's upcomin' rip-roarin' scandal-crushin' Super Bowl show. Oh, hey, and REMEMBER: Nikki and Sara's well-titled TV show Nikki & Sara LIVE premieres THIS TUESDAY 1/29 at 11pm/10c on MTV!  Ahhh!  Gather 'round the telly with your family and friends and be there from the beginning.

Michelle Wolf: Raw

  • 8 months ago

Here is Michelle Wolf’s entire performance at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.  Most people have only heard clips.  Here is all of it – 19 minutes and roughly 50 jokes – unedited.  This is the beginning of a broader mission on Wavemaker: exploring the deeper significance of comedy – from ancient Greece to the 2018 mid-term elections and beyond.  What’s funny?  Why?  Can comedy enable Americans of divergent political perspectives to laugh – together?  Should that even be its goal?  Those are just a few of the questions I’ll be pursuing with future guests (one of whom you’ll get to sample at the end of this episode) from my perspective as both a journalist and the son of a standup comic.  Warning: the language in this routine gets very explicit.

A Michelle Wolf Appreciation night.

  • 9 months ago

A star is born and she lights a fire under this administration’s big huge ass. Become a supporter of this podcast:

Chinese Dresses and Michelle Wolf

  • 9 months ago

On Episode 13 of The Real News Podcast we talk about Cultural Appropriation, Michelle Wolfe, and North Korea.

Michelle Wolf / Ashley Brooke Roberts

  • over 5 years ago

Today on BG: Emily is enraptured by the history of San Francisco prostitutes, Lisa confesses to not seeing BIO-DOME, comedian Michelle Wolf shares her wisdom on exercise, and movement expert Tina Marie Turner (Ashley Brooke Roberts) promotes her web, shows us the benefits of moving. Eat a space cake and get moving! Emily Heller Lisa Hanawalt Michelle Wolf Ashley Brooke Roberts

The Break With Michelle Wolf

  • 7 months ago

The Break With Michelle Wolf by

Michelle Wolf, Tom McCaffrey & Joe Machi

  • about 5 years ago

Sam sits down with Michelle Wolf, who was recently named the funniest person on Twitter by Variety, Tom McCaffrey talks about getting love advice from Christian Slater and what it was like being a graffiti artist with Adrian Brody, Joe Machi is also there.

001 - Michelle Wolf and Bill Cosby

  • 9 months ago

Episode Notes Intro to the podcast / We talk about Michelle Wolf from the White House Correspondents Dinner / A little about Bill Cosby /A TuPac quote

Comic Michelle Wolf On The Correspondents' Dinner

  • 9 months ago

In an exclusive interview after the White House Correspondents' Dinner, Wolf addresses the backlash to her set. "I wouldn't change a single word. I'm very happy with what I said, and I'm glad I stuck to my guns." Also, we remember Iranian photographer Abbas, who spoke with Terry Gross in 2015.

Exposing Liberal Tribalist Hypocrisy: Michelle Wolf

  • 9 months ago

No one in politics has a monopoly on tribalism and hypocrisy. Take a listen.

Hungover With Michelle Wolf and Chris Laker

  • over 4 years ago

Sam is hungover on this, so he's got Michelle Wolf and Chris Laker in studio to help him through this tough time.

Disalmanac Podcast 052: Psychology (with Michelle Wolf)

  • over 5 years ago

DISALMANAC PODCAST 052 (just over seven-and-a-half minutes in length) What do you know about psychology? Wrong! This week’s Disalmanac Podcast has all the fact-like facts about this science. For instance: Did you know the word ‘psychology’ somes from the ancient Greek word for ‘my uncle’s toaster-oven’? You probably didn’t even know the ancient Greeks had toaster-ovens, or even uncles. You poor thing. And be sure to stay tuned for a Random Bonus Fact from Michelle Wolf, whose Twitter feed @michelleisawolf  is one of the funniest on Twitter. Also: She is a wolf; she WILL kill you if you’re trapped in the Arctic wilderness and unable to start a fire. Double-click the link above to download the podcast. Or, subscribe to us on iTunes. Whatever. And please: leave a nice review of the Disalmanac Podcast on iTunes, and tell your friends to listen. The AV Club said of the Disalmanac Podcast: “The reward is in the bizarre snowball effect.” So if it’s bizarre snowballs you need, download this podcast NOW, Slappy! ALSO: Disalmanac: A Book of Fact-Like Facts comes out in September–300+ pages, 150 illustrations, and 20 Random Bonus Facts from folks like Neil Gaiman, Wil Wheaton, Al Yankovic, and Ask Me Another’s bandleader, the leggy Jonathan Coulton! PLUS: if you pre-order the Disalmanac book, you can get a free autographed bookmark, and maybe win some original art from the book–DETAILS HERE!

The Scramble: Michelle Wolf; WHCD; Father Pat

  • 9 months ago

A man kills women because he can't have them. An elected politician reacts harshly to speech he doesn't like. Supporters and critics of Wolf's monologue rip each other apart over whether Wolf went too far or got it just right. This is our second Monday in a row where we book no guests and take your calls. What does this mean to you? It's your calls and Colin.

53 Vancouver, Bill Cosby, Michelle Wolf

  • 9 months ago

I yap about updates with projects, my stand-up show which starts in May, money laundering and the Vancouver real estate market, Bill Cosby, and Michelle Wolf's controversial monologue at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Michelle Wolf, Nukes, Cosby and Apu

  • 9 months ago

You have no idea how badly we wanted to stay away from this whole Correspondents Dinner conversation but we shy away from nothing.  We take an objective look at Michelle Wolf just long enough for the hashtag to make sense hehe.  We absolutely destroy Bill Cosby for what he did to the Little Rascals and we debate this whole Apu crisis.  We spend a little time discussing how great it is that North Korea is getting rid of their nukes... or are they? haha  We even have a quick talk about ancient sexting which everyone should enjoy. Danny says goodbye to Mitzi Shore of the Comedy Store in West Hollywood and we discuss the documentary "I am Sam" about Sam Kinnison.   

Comedy From Jules Posner & Michelle Wolf

  • almost 2 years ago

FSFSF is a co-production of KALW and Rooftop Comedy.

Michelle Wolf v. Roy Wood Jr

  • 11 months ago

Episode 14 of Kaizen Komedy This week Kaizen Komedy looks to cross examine these two comic’s approach to delivering attention grabbing and potentially offensive premises in a very palatable way. Through there use of analogies, cadence, and general likability the comics are able to keep the audience on their side regardless of how off-putting their material may get. e-mail:

Episode 12: Michelle Wolf Is A Patriot

  • 9 months ago

I bitch about my audience, Kanye, Michelle Wolf, your mom.. it's all very interesting..

Saying "Yes, AND..." with Michelle Wolf

  • 4 months ago

In today’s episode, we have the pleasure of speaking to Michelle Wolf. She is a parent, disability advocate, non-profit innovator and social services entrepreneur. We had a wide ranging conversation about special needs trust and special needs bar mitzvahs.