Avatars & Email Digest

We’re back to spread some holiday cheer! Our top podcasts about beer, sexy new avatars, your new email digest, and a special video from our favorite (errr… “favourite”) Australian designer, Ryan. His personality is as beautiful as his design work.


We are currently working on completely revamping the search experience to make it faster, more accurate, more relevant, and more intuitive. We’ll be making backend changes as well as design enhancements to make Podchaser the most powerful and easy-to-use search solution. Here’s a mock-up of our new search results page, which also gives you a sneak peek at our new header bar:

We’re also continuing to improve the overall speed of the site and are adding a solution to add poor little RSS feeds that aren’t already indexed by Podchaser.

Site Updates
We teased a new email digest last blog post, and now it’s here! Once you claim your podcast, you will receive weekly emails with details of new ratings, reviews, and saves for your show and episodes. Plus, if you need a regular hit of dopamine from new reviews, you can opt-in to supercharged, instant emails when someone leaves you a review. Check out the settings page for your podcast to make changes to your email digest. We recommend opening your digest regularly over the next few months because we will continue to roll out more interesting statistics.
For those without gravatars, we now have cute little robot icons. And, if you didn’t notice, we now endorse the deterioration of human emotion with emoji support! 💯



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Podchaser’s Top Podcasts about Beer

Let us help you relax and take the edge off this holiday season with some great podcasts, all about craft beer and beer gossip. Sit back, relax, and sip some Lagunitas with some intoxicatingly interesting beer banter.

1 — Beer Guys Radio

Ever wonder what kind of beer people drink in Georgia or Alabama? Neither have we, but redlorelei says Beer Guys Radio is full of “…fun lively conversation about Craft Beer.”

2 — Cascadian Beer Podcast

Let your mind travel to the Pacific Northwest with the Cascadian Beer Podcast. Cascadia is a bio-region made up of Washington & Oregon that many people claim to be the heart of craft beer in the United States.

3 — The Beerists Craft Beer Podcast

Every week, John Rubio and Grant Davis discuss five new beers from around the world. Escape the ordinary and find your new favorite craft beer from Russia, Belguim, or Saskatchewan.



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