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New Features: Community Leaderboards, Badges, and So Much More!

New Features: Community Leaderboards, Badges, and So Much More!

At Podchaser, we’re big on empowering the podcasting community. From fans, brands, and creators, we believe in the power of podcast discovery. That’s why we’re excited to launch a new suite of community-based features!

Whether you’re new to Podchaser or a veteran of the site, our new community features are the best way to find and follow the most interesting and engaging listeners in podcasting. They’re also a great way to improve your standing in the community and build your own personal brand as a podcast tastemaker! 

Curious to learn more? Let’s dive into it.

New Features

The Leaderboard 

We are beyond excited to introduce our new community leaderboard that ranks the top 50 Podchaser users according to ratings, reviews, and followers! 

This is going to make it even easier to identify industry tastemakers!  

How it works

Head over to Podchaser, and click the “Community” tab at the top, then select “Leaderboard.” Here you can view the leaderboard of your choice by selecting either “Reviews,” “Ratings,” or “Followers.”

The top 3 of each category have gold, silver, and bronze medals next to their names. If you are on the list, you will have a blue indicator highlighting your name as well as a text in the following box that says “This is you.”

If you want to follow any of these top users so you can get updates and see what they are saying, simply click the “Follow” button in the red bubble, this will have them show up on your feed.

Find your Friends

We have moved the “Find Friends” feature to the community tab as well. You can head here if you want to find your friends on Podchaser and you can search for them both by username and Twitter handle.

Super Reviewer Badges

You may have noticed that many top reviewers have a golden ring around their profile picture; this is far from a glitch. It’s actually one of the most prized of possessions on Podchaser, it is “The Super Reviewer Badge!” 

This honor is bestowed upon all reviewers who have written at least 200 thought-out and insightful reviews (See our guide on what makes a good review)! 

Having this badge is a confirmation that you are a tastemaker of the Podcasting industry. All users who are able to receiver the Super Reviewer Badge will have their profile picture surrounded in a gold ring and the badge will appear on their profile page.

New Navigation Bar

In addition to introducing the community tab, you may have noticed that the navigation bar on Podchaser has changed. Where it once read “Feed > Podcasts > Lists > Creators,” it now reads:

  • Feed
  • Browse
  • Community
  • Tools

“Feed” is fairly self-explanatory and familiar. It has both “My Feed,” where you get notifications for all the podcasts, users, creators, etc., that you follow, and the “Popular Feed” that populates with all recent activity in the podcasting and Podchaser space.

Browse” is where you go when you want to discover new podcasts, episodes, lists, creators, or search by category.

“Community” is where you can go to see the community leaderboard as well as find any of your friends on Podchaser! You can find people by their Podchaser username or by the Twitter account they’ve linked to their profile.

“Tools” links to all our additional services for brands and podcasters, such as Podchaser Pro, Podchaser Connect, and our API

Podcasters can also head here and see our tools designed for them such as Podrover, Podcharts, as well as managing their podcast (if they have claimed their podcast on Podchaser).

If you are interested in enhancing your podcast and Podchaser account, “Tools” is where you will want to go!

Try the new community features and stay tuned for more

With the new community leaderboard and navigation panel, finding influential users and managing your podcast will be easier than ever. Don’t wait till tomorrow to start discovering new and amazing podcasts, start discovering today!

We’re hard at work to bring you new and exciting updates in the future so stay tuned as we continue to make Podchaser the best it can be!