Podchaser Updates – November 2019

Podchaser Updates – November 2019

After an 18-month hiatus, we’re restarting monthly product updates so you can keep up with the new features on Podchaser!

Before we dive into the updates for November, check out October’s major homepage overhaul: the Podchaser Feed! The Feed exposes all activities happening on Podchaser to help you discover podcasts. Go try it out and let us know what you think!

Now, time for November. And away… we… go!

⭐️ What’s New

Apps & Integrations

We just launched a new integrations page where you can see all of the apps, websites, and services that integrate directly with Podchaser. You can also cast your vote for who you want us to partner with next! Learn more

Podcast integrations with Podchaser

New Releases & Guests Feed Filter

We added a new toggle filter to your personal feed so you can easily filter for new episode releases and guest appearances. This toggle removes all ratings, reviews, list updates, and other user activity so you can easily find new episodes.

New podcast releases on Podchaser

Before we added this new filter, guest appearances were difficult to find amongst a flurry of other feed activity. So, we hope this new filter encourages you to follow more Creators to see guest appearances and visit your feed often to contribute ratings for new releases.

Similar Podcast Recommendations

Podchaser users contribute vast amounts of data with ratings, lists, and follows, so we’re beginning to use this data to boost discoverability. Now on all podcast pages, you’ll find a new section at the bottom of the page called “Similar Podcasts.”


Go visit your favorite podcast page and maybe you’ll find a new podcast worth trying!


Podcast notifications on Podchaser

Stoked for this update! Now you can see updates in real time on Podchaser when another user interacts with you or your podcast. Notifications appear when someone…

  • Follows your user or Creator profile
  • Likes your review
  • Follows or likes your list
  • Follows your podcast
  • Requests to follow your user profile. This only happens if your privacy settings are set to “request confirmation.”

Load New Feed Activities

Load activity Podchaser

Without refreshing the page, click this new real-time notification button at the top of your Podchaser Feed to see new activities. Podchaser users are constantly contributing ratings, reviews, and lists to Podchaser, so now you can keep up with them without skipping a beat!

Quick Ratings While You Listen

Ever listen to a podcast episode and forget to leave a rating? We’re here to help!

Rate The Daily podcast

Now while you listen to a podcast on Podchaser, you’ll see a small prompt at the bottom of the page to rate the episode. Rating a podcast episode helps other users make listening decisions, and your ratings will appear in the Popular Feed on Podchaser’s homepage.

Condensed Feed Activity

We make constant small updates to all features on Podchaser to enhance your discovery experience. This month we condensed Follow activity in the Podchaser Feed so you can see more podcast content on a single page.

Podchaser Feed

Even Easier to Join in on the Fun

A high percentage of visitors discover Podchaser through Google while looking for information about a favorite podcast. For these new visitors, we made it easier to get started on Podchaser by adding quick registration to most pages.

Join Podchaser

What Do You Think?

Try these groovy new features and let us know what you think! Join our community Slack channel to suggest new features and talk directly with the Podchaser Founders, and follow us on Twitter!

See you next month!