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You have opinions. We wanna hear them. Use your Podchaser account to rate, review, and tag podcasts to tell the word exactly how you feel about the latest My Favorite Murder. And help your favorite shows become more discoverable in the process.


Once you’re ready to rate, search for a podcast using Podchaser search function and go to that podcast’s page.

From their page, you can rate individual episodes or rate the podcast overall.

Leave a star-rating! Your rating will be averaged with the others to provide an overall score for that episode or show.


If you have opinions that simply can’t be condensed into a handful of stars, use your words by leaving a valuable review.

Writing reviews is a great way to participate in the podcast community as well as give feedback to the shows you listen to. Reviews are also shareable on social media.


After you leave a review, you can tag the episode or show based on the content. These tags are saved to the episode or show so that searches become more relevant over time. If the tag already exists, you’ll see it populate in the tag editor.

If it doesn’t, you can add it yourself!

Rating, reviewing, and tagging helps all of us by improving Podchaser’s search function. Podcasts that have more ratings and reviews can also boosts them to our homepage, so your favorite (or least favorite, depending on the ratings you leave) shows will be more discoverable. And the more you tag, the easier it gets in finding the exact content you’re looking for.