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Email Marketing Tools for Podcast Advertisers

So, you’ve learned about SEO and social management tools to facilitate your podcast ads. What about your email marketing? Yes, email marketing is another channel to build an audience and make sales — but how do you stay productive?

Here are three email marketing tools to help you automate your marketing campaign.

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1. Marketo

Marketo, owned by Adobe, streamlines personalized marketing campaigns, email marketing, search engine optimization, social marketing, targeting and nurturing qualified leads, and more — for a better customer experience.

The tool lets B2B and B2C marketers automate and measure marketing engagement, goals, and workflows seamlessly across multiple channels.

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Source: Marketo

More ways it helps:

  • Track customer behavior to engage the right customers
  • Automate your marketing campaigns with ease
  • Measure what impact marketing and channels have on revenue

Marketo Pricing:

  • Paid plans only — starting from $895/month.

2. Mailchimp

If you want to dip your toes in the water, Mailchimp is a viable option. The platform offers a free package, which includes the basics to start your email campaigns.

Mailchimp is popular for its seamless and user-friendly dashboard, which lets you import an email list. It also gives you guidelines for email subject lines, email bodies, and how not to end up in people’s spam folders.

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Source: Mailchimp

What makes Mailchimp helpful?

  • Create, send, and  analyze email & ad campaigns
  • Templates for emails — landing pages — embedded forms and more to save time

Mailchimp Pricing

  • Free plan available
  • Paid plans at $11, $17, and $299 per month

3. HubSpot

HubSpot is more than an email marketing platform. With HubSpot, you get marketing, service, sales, and web-building tools all rolled into one platform.

HubSpot’s email marketing solution lets you send personalized emails, A/B test, and create branded emails with customizable templates.

You can also track where your leads come from and what happens to them — ensuring you can measure all marketing campaigns’ performance and ROI.

HubSpot logo

Source: HubSpot

More ways it helps:

  • It helps track leads and boost conversions
  • It simplifies SEO
  • It integrates with your CRM 
  • It helps you stay on top of your content creation

HubSpot Pricing:

  • Free plan available
  • Starter ($45/month)
  • Professional ($800/month)
  • Enterprise ($3,600/month)

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