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Podcast Advertiser Tools for Interviews and Recording 

Your brand’s podcast advertisement audio should sound good — but how do you achieve that even if you’re not a tech pro? With podcast advertiser tools for interviews and recording like these, it makes it easy to record top-notch audio in seconds.

“First, you ensure your ad is well-produced and sounds professional, so listeners can feel that your brand is credible,” says Tom McSherry, Owner & Business Manager of Smuggs.

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1. Descript

Brands use Descript to instantly and effortlessly transcribe audio and edit recorded interviews without requiring professional expertise.

“I use Descript. The all-in-one audio and video editing software maximizes podcasting productivity. Thanks to this software, it makes it easy to record, clean, edit and transcribe both video and audio files — with no technical skills.”

CEO of Plumbing Navigator, Nathan Sanders
Descript interface

Source: Descript

How Descript works:

  • The system transcribes your recording automatically after it is recorded into Descript.
  • Next, easily edit the transcript by cutting, pasting, and deleting – and Descript will automatically update the audio.

More ways it helps:

  • Get audio and video recordings, transcriptions, editing, mixing, collaboration, and mastering done on the go. 
  • Edit your podcast recording file as text.

Descript Pricing:

2. Riverside.fm

Riverside.fm is an online podcast recording platform. It makes it easy for podcast hosts and guests to record remote podcast audio and videos in the highest definition (4K video and WAV audio).

To use the platform, you and your guest must use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or the mobile app. 

(Guests should understand the podcast etiquette before the recording).

Riverside.fm recording interface

Source: Riverside

Leah Wilson, Content Marketer at SaaS-y-content says, “I manage 3 podcasts personally and my job would be impossible Riverside.fm.”

What makes Riverside.fm helpful?

  • It records your conversations at the start of the session, then uploads them to the cloud. Meaning internet issues during the recording won’t affect the final audio quality.
  • Another interesting feature is that you can adjust audio settings during the conversation.

Riverside.fm Pricing:

3. SquadCast

SquadCast is a cloud-based podcast recording platform that enables high-quality audio and video content. It’s an ideal choice for remote recording as audio and video on Squadcast are recorded locally and progressively uploaded in the cloud. Progressive uploads mean less worries about connectivity issues and more peace of mind with backup files. 

Squadcast also offers backstage management, enabling users to designate roles and set user access and permissions.  Hosts can download WAV, MP4, WebM, and MP3 audio files.

Squadcast mobile, desktop, and tablet interfaces

Source: SquadCast

The in-browser solution is compatible with Safari, Chrome, Opera, Edge, Brave, and Firefox. The iPhone and iPad versions of SquadCast are currently in Beta.

Squadcast Pricing:

  • Free trial before purchasing all plans
  • Premium — $20 — $40 — $80/ month

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