5 Ways I use Podchaser as a Podcaster

5 Ways I use Podchaser as a Podcaster

This is a guest article by David Leary — Co-Host of the Cloud Accounting Podcast and Director of Accounting & Bookkeeping Evangelism at Melio

Cloud Accounting Podcast Podcast

When my partner Blake Oliver and I started the Cloud Accounting Podcast way back in 2017, our options for promoting it were pretty limited. We could ask for iTunes reviews and manually share them on social media, but that’s about it. 

Once we claimed our Podchaser page and actively started using Podchaser, our options expanded quite a bit. How do we use Podchaser to make the Cloud Accounting Podcast the #1 accounting and bookkeeping podcast in the world? Find out below:

1. Ask People to Write Reviews

iTunes reviews are all fine and good for people who listen through Apple, but what about everyone else? They need a place to leave reviews, too. That’s why we direct listeners to our Podchaser page.

It creates a sense of community, too, because we read the reviews aloud in our podcasts. Our listeners like knowing we’re listening to them, too.

2. Share the Reviews on Social Media

When we first started, we had to take a screenshot of an iTunes review and manually upload it to Twitter, which wasted valuable time and didn’t look all that great. Podchaser saves us that hassle with sharing buttons that create really professional posts. We just click to share a review on Twitter, and it shows up like this:

Cloud Accounting review on Twitter from Podchaser

It takes us basically zero work to create clean-looking social media posts, and we’re all for saving time and effort whenever we can.

3. Add All Our Creators

We create profile pages for all of our podcast guests, including adding any other podcasts that they may have been on. Podchaser makes it super easy—they even send us a customized email that we can forward to our guests asking them to claim their profiles.

The guests love it because they get free promotion with a profile page that links to their social media. Plus, every time they’re on a podcast again, it will show up on their Podchaser page.

The Podchaser team has said that the number of our guest profiles that are claimed are much higher than other podcasts that don’t actively add their guests, and proactively let the guests know.

4. Make Lists of Our Episodes

We love using the Lists feature to make episode packs that listeners can enjoy as a unit. I’ve made episode packs based on topics such as Quickbooks Live.

I also make interview packs whenever we attend a conference. And to get new listeners started, I made a pack of the top ten Cloud Accounting Podcast episodes of last year.

Lists featuring Cloud Accounting Podcast

5. Display Our Merch Store

Our merch store is seamlessly integrated into Podchaser, so people can browse the offerings without leaving the website. We have a variety of Cloud Accounting Podcast t-shirts available on Teepublic. All due respect to them, but we honestly like the interface on Podchaser better. It just looks clean and modern, making our shirts the focus of the page.

The Takeaway

Those are just a few of the ways we use Podchaser to promote our podcast. I hope this gives you some ideas for your own podcast, too. And hey, if you’re looking for something new to listen to, check out the Cloud Accounting Podcast.

Thanks to David Leary for writing this guest article. Follow David on Podchaser and Twitter. And be sure to check out the Cloud Accounting Podcast.