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    Join Linda and Jane as they discuss witches, man-witches, sorcerers, wizards, and other magic-practitioners in movies, television shows, history, comics, games, and novels. In the occasional minisode, they discuss a heroic and/or just-plain-awesome animal in their "Favorite Familiar" segment.

    18 Ratings

    Hosted by Kritika Singh, It's Kritikal! is a podcast discussing the world's most pressing topics- climate change, animal welfare, and human health- featuring several industry experts.

    FoodAnimal WelfareClimate Change
    5 Ratings

    Learn more at dogsinourworld.com

    2 Ratings

    From the serious to the sublime … Is it possible to have a news-magazine formatted show only about dogs? DOG EDITION offers a resounding "Yes!" A global team of dog-obsessed journalists and storytellers produce ... news, in-depth reporting, analysis, features, and interview segments in a weekly podcast. DOG EDITION is the flagship show from Dog Podcast Network (DPN). DPN is the first of its kind: a podcasting network as devoted to dogs as they are to us. Brilliant sound, broadcast-quality production values, and great storytelling. Our dogs might not be our whole life, but they sure make our lives whole. At DPN, our mission is to help improve the quality of life for dogs and the people who love them. Our goal is simple: entertain, inspire and inform. DOG EDITION is our modest attempt to pay down the collective debt to humankind's best friend. Dogs have been loyal companions for over 33,000 years ... it’s time to reciprocate and pay close attention to All Things Dog.

    DogsAnimal WelfareNews
    2 Ratings

    The first and only podcast about the pet foster community! Featuring inspiring stories from foster parents all over the country as they discuss the emotional rollercoaster of the foster experience, the revolving door of pets, and the rapidly-changing role of fostering and animal rescue within human society.Hosted by Stacey Axelrod (NYC Pet Photographer) and presented by Foster Dogs Inc., a New York-based nonprofit focused on creating positive, inclusive foster communities by providing support, experience, and innovative programs.

    PetsAnimal WelfareSociety Culture
    1 Rating

    Podcasts, Shortcasts, and Interviews from environmental and animal welfare campaigners Charlie Moores and Dominic Dyer.

    NatureWildlifeAnimal Welfare
    1 Rating

    Celebrating Jack Russell Terrier dogs and companionship with canines of every kind! Each Monday, we’ll explore all the hilarious and humbling, heartfelt and harrowing stories that only dog parents can truly relate to. To brighten the end of your week, each Thursday we’ll drop a Zoomiesode—a fast-paced mini episode highlighting news and stories from dog-centric entertainment and social media!

    1 Rating

    Animalia is a podcast for the people...who love animals! Hosted and produced with love by Natasha Nunez in the twin-island Republic of Trinidad & Tobago.

    1 Rating

    Welcome to the Animal Control Report! Hosts Daniel Ettinger & Ashlee Bishop delve into animal control and animal shelters spotlighting officers, experts, and cases. From heartwarming rescues to cases studies, we cover it all, analyzing trends and sharing insights. Whether you're an animal lover, shelter worker, vet tech, veterinarian, officer, or curious listener, join us as we change perceptions, connect officers, and celebrate the vital role of animal control and animal shelters. Tune in to discover how we're helping people help animals!Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/animalcontrolreport/support

    BusinessCareersAnimal Welfare
    0 Ratings

    If you love animals and would like to learn more about them and the people that work with them in all sorts of different fields this is the show to listen to. We will discuss all sorts of different animal topics and we'll invite guests from many different walks of life to talk about their animal passions and hopefully get some useful information out to the public. If you have any suggestions or ideas for podcast topics or podcast guests, please shoot me an email and I'll be happy to try and schedule that guest or get that topic addressed. My email is: [email protected]. If you would like to leave me a review please go to my Facebook page and leave me a review. You can also comment here on Spreaker and let me know what you think or what topics you would like to listen to.

    Animal WelfarePets
    0 Ratings

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