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In Episode #7 of A Cup of Tea with Alan I spoke to Val Poore who is based in The Netherlands. Val has lead a really interesting life, leaving the UK with young children and moving to South Africa, before later on in life moving on to life in The Netherlands. Val lives aboard a Dutch Barge and has written a number of memoirs about her different stages of life. You can read her blog here can buy the first of Val's Africa memoirs here can buy the first of Val's Watery memoirs here
In Episode #11 of A Cup of Tea with Alan, Simon Michael Prior was gracious enough to get up at 6am and speak to me as the start to his day! Simon has had many adventures, starting life in Bath in the UK, moving to London, New Zealand, traversing Tonga and settling down in Australia - hear about some of those adventures on this episode! You can find out more about Simon on his website can download The Coconut Wireless here An Englishman in New York here
In the first ever episode of A Cup of Tea with Alan my guest is Beth Haslam. Beth is the author of the Fat Dogs series of memoirs about their life in France. You can get her latest book, Fat Dogs and French Estates 5 by using this link you would like to get in touch with Beth you can find her on Facebook here - - you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe. Next weeks will be a good one. If you feel able to, leaving a review would be a great way to show support. If you are an author who would like to be featured on A Cup of Tea with Alan you can contact me via direct message on social media or please email 
This week, in a departure from most of the films I have done, I am looking at a blockbuster. Yes, for the last episode in 2021's Chris Evans Season I am going straight for the big guns with 2012's Avengers Assemble. I will also be talking about Madeline Miller's 2018 book Circe as well as some recent mental health realisations. Featured Podcast: (The Nerd Alternative)
Another week, another batch of stories plucked this time not only from the minds of Ben and Nico, but from behind the neon blue eyes of Anna Mocikat, author of the Cyberpunk series Behind Blue Eyes (see what we did there?) Join them as they take on the prompt "The Final Second".Support the show (
In Episode 10 of A Cup of Tea with Alan I was joined by Jackie Lambert. Jackie and her husband spend their time 'seizing the day' and travelling Europe and further afield with their pack of four dogs and adventure caravanning! Jackie has great tales of visiting Transylvania and even renovating an old Army truck during the lockdown. 'The Beast' will be their new home once freedom is returned! You can read Jackie's blog here can get her books from here
In Episode 9 of A Cup of Tea with Alan I was joined for a chat by Andy Palmer. Andy has written and self published a book called Drowning: A Memoir which is the story of his journey through addiction and depression as a young man. Andy's journey is a warning to everyone and shows how easy it can be to go too far down a bad road. Thankfully now Andy is happy, calm and sober. You can download Andy's 5 star rated memoir here you would like to discuss anything from this conversation with Andy, you can contact him at his email address or find him on Facebook or Twitter. 
In Episode #5 of A Cup of Tea with Alan, I welcome crime author, Cara Hunter to the podcast. Cara writes the hugely successful DI Fawley series of books set around the city of Oxford. To be in with a chance of winning a signed copy of Cara's All The Rage - please head over to the Podchaser page for this podcast, and post a review for THIS episode. The winner will be drawn at random and announced on social media. To check out Cara's books, please visit her author page on Amazon here can follow Cara on Twitter here Cara Hunter (@CaraHunterBooks) / TwitterFollow on Instagram here Cara Hunter (@carahunterauthor) If you would be interested in NetGalley which Cara mentioned in the interview, this is the link for their website NetGalley
Tony James Slater is the second guest of A Cup of Tea with Alan. Tony has written a series of 6 adventure travel memoirs documenting his travels. There are also 8 Science Fiction books.  To get the first book in the travel series, That Bear Ate My Pants you can download that here get the first book in the Science Fiction series, Earth Warden, you can download that here you would like to contact Tony, you can find out more about him at his website you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe. Next weeks will be a good one. If you feel able to, leaving a review would be a great way to show support. If you are an author who would like to be featured on A Cup of Tea with Alan you can contact me via direct message on social media or please email 
I've never been a fan of standardized testing. The rules were, we had to bring two number 2 pencils, no cheating, and lay your pencil down when the time is up. These tests always mortified me. I was not good at taking them and did poorly 100% of the time. My story is how I fought the system and won as a kid in the 80s. Maybe I wasn't the best child. Sometimes I didn't feel like going to school. Many mornings I'd force a cough or complain about feeling a bit warm so I could stay home and watch The Price Is Right. I'd sit on the couch and drink Sprite while I watched the pretty girls expose the hidden numbers on the tv screen. I'm not sure if my mother fell for it, maybe she didn't feel like arguing, so she let me miss a day. Either way, the result was I got to stay home and hang with Bob Barker. As luck would have it, I was actually sick on an important test day. Maybe it was the CAT, or it could have been the SAT or perhaps the SUCK, I don't even know. Why the hell did I have to take a test called the California Achievement Test anyway? I mean, I LIVE in Tennessee, hello! They never even told us why we had to take the test. Was it to see if we could read, write, and do math stuff? Isn't that sort of the purpose of school? I'm pretty sure my teacher could tell you everything you need to know Mr. CAT, so please let me play on the monkey bars instead of coloring bubbles for three hours. Like many other times, I explained to Mom how I was not feeling well. It worked before, so it should be a cakewalk convincing her I was sick when I was honestly sick. She calmly yet forcefully informed me I would not be missing CAT day. Wait; what? It's an actual day now! Would I get thrown in a California jail for life because I missed the bubble test? My sarcasm did not help my plea. I got dressed, caught the bus, and arrived at Cumberland Heights Elementary School. As the morning wore on, I could feel myself getting worse. While the teacher explained proper techniques for coloring the tiny circles, I began to feel hot and cold at the same time. It felt like my stomach was swinging from the monkey bars without me while I sat at my desk. As the dreadful timer started, I reluctantly rose from my seat and approached the teacher. The closer I got to her, the sharper her scowl became. I worked up enough nerve to continue with my walk as the other children watched me closely. The look on my teacher's face was the same expression, Samuel L Jackson contributes to every movie in which he's had a role. I was at the point of no return, so I nervously let her know I was not feeling well. She informed me it was CAT day, and I needed to have a seat and finish the section before the timmer ran out. What's up with the whole CAT day thing, did I miss something? Do all of the bad boys and girls get sent away to some mysterious underground camp to run on a giant wheel, so California has electricity? Why was it such an enormous deal that I missed this stupid test? I lost that battle, but I would not lose the war. Just like George Washington at Valley Forge, I would continue to fight until victorious. "Okay, you did this to yourself" was the thought in my head as I returned to my desk. I began to carefully color in the small rings on my paper with the sharp number two pencil as instructed. After answering about ten questions, I let out an uncontrollable cough, followed by a dry-heave. The teacher looked at me as if to say nice try now get back to work. I felt better, but it didn't last long. Seven or eight more questions later, it happened again. The cough, the gag, and the stares from everyone, this time, wondering if this was the real deal. Even the teacher began to look a little concerned but not enough to excuse me from class. I was answering fewer and fewer questions before the subtle warnings would occur. I knew how this was going to end. By the time I was down to answering two questions before my body's natural alert system had kicked in again, I knew the time was near. I calmly laid my writing utensil down and waited for the inevitable. A kaleidoscope of colors mixed into sour-smelling chunks of chaos spewed from my mouth on to my thin, frail unexpecting C A T. The vomit hit the top of the desk like a fire hose unleashed with full force. I hurled uncontrollably as the mess piled up, covering any progress I had made on my task. I was excused form class as the rejected breakfast I'd had earlier cascaded into the floor after taking over the top of my work surface. I left school that day with a feeling of accomplishment. I could have quite possibly been the first child ever to escape CAT day successfully. I may not have completed the test, but I did color my bubble into history. Upon arriving home, I sat on the couch and once again said hello to my old friend Bob.
"She was counting on him getting killed in combat, so she spent all of his money."The conversation I had with James today during his Lyft ride wasn't exactly what I'd expected. He spent over forty years in the furniture business, so he's heard a lot. James is a chatterbox but always has an interesting story for me.Before we get started, I want you to know this stuff chooses me; it's not the other way around.Clarksville is a military town, so it's not unusual to hear tragic stories of loved ones never returning home. In this particular instance, the guy's wife was counting on it. The soldier was deployed in a particularly dangerous place, and his wife knew he'd never return, or maybe she was hoping he'd never return, I'm not sure. She ended up spending thousands and thousands of dollars the guy had put away for retirement. She was back home living the good life thinking she'd be able to cash in his fat life insurance check and carry on even after the account was empty. Well, he did come home and found out he was broke. I'm not exactly clear on the details or course of action the returning soldier implemented. I'm sure he was angry.An angry soldier and his deceitful wife isn't the story here. The biggest question I had for James when he finished was, "Did they get divorced?" He said, "Nah, he loved her." He loved her.Forgiveness is the story here. I've held grudges in my life for far less. Maybe it's time to let a few things go.Thanks for stopping by to #WOBA with me. #ridesharestoriesThe great local businesses who make this podcast possible are Deb Wilson, Realtor 931.206.8551, Pbody's - Clarksville Country Club, & EXIT One Real Estate MetroNet-Clarksville TN
What The Fact! I had no idea! During the entire run of Gilligan’s Island, it was never revealed if “Gilligan” was his first or last name.Listen to other podcasts like No Name & Rideshare Stories on
In which Carla tells her own story of being a true crime victim and sexual violence survivor. RAINN: About Sexual Assault | Types of Sexual Violence | Laws in Your State | Help Someone You Care About | Self-Care After Trauma | National Sexual Assault Hotline How to Support Cupcakes:Audible: Vitamins: please visit my lovely sponsors that share their ads on my episodes.Where to Find Cupcakes:Facebook Page: Group: @mightbecupcakesInstagram: @theremightbecupcakes and @carlahauntedReddit: r/theremightbecupcakesGoodreads: Complete list of ways to listen to the podcast on the sidebar at
Panera may be a little booshie for everyone
A man's slow descent into depression and addiction opens up a world of once-hidden terrors, the worst of which awaits in a malevolent ghost's plan to devour his weakened soul.
Since her explosive 2018 Netflix special, 'Nanette,' Gadsby has been trying to adjust to her newfound success. We talk about her autism diagnosis, growing up in Tasmania, and her new special, 'Douglas.' Also, book critic Maureen Corrigan reviews Nancy McKinley's road trip novel 'St. Christopher on Pluto.'
For many couples, the pandemic has exposed inequality in the home: Many women take on twice as much housework and childcare as their male partners, even when both partners are home full time. We talk with Brigid Schulte about women's visible (and invisible) labor, and how to create a more equitable household. Schulte is a journalist and author and the founder of the Better Life Lab. Also, we remember filmmaker Lynn Shelton. She died suddenly last Saturday at age 54. She wrote and directed the award-winning indie films 'Humpday,' 'Your Sister's Sister,' and 'Touchy Feely.' She spoke with Terry Gross in 2012.
Amber Scorah was a third generation Jehovah's Witness raised to believe that the Armageddon was imminent. As a teenager she was shunned from her religious community for having sex with her boyfriend. Scorah went on to marry an elder in the church, and she and her husband traveled to China as missionaries. But gradually doubt began to set in. Scorah speaks with Terry Gross about her decision to leave her marriage and her religion and start over. Her memoir is 'Leaving the Witness.' Also, John Powers reviews the HBO series 'Years and Years.'
Kathy, Ross, and Fletcher face off to see who's tops at pronouncing unusually named cities, countries, and regions from around the world. Who will emerge as the champion pronouncer? Grab a pen and paper and play along to see if you can beat the experts!
A visit to Jack Kerouac’s house ends with the story of Buddha; Hailey Gates reads a poem by Erica Ehrenberg about love and moving on; and MY WIFE, IN CONVERSE, Shelly Oria’s tale of marriage, poetry, and cooking class, as performed by Donnetta Lavinia Grays. See for privacy information.
Doree Shafrir is a Senior Tech Writer at BuzzFeed News and has worked as an editor or staff writer at Rolling Stone, the New York Observer, Gawker, and Philadelphia Weekly, and has contributed to publications including the New York Times, The New Yorker, Slate, TheAwl, Daily Beast, Marie Claire, and Wired. She is the host of Matt and Doree's Eggcellent Adventure with her husband Matt Mira, and her first novel, Startup, was published by Little, Brown in April. She speaks with us about her career, the evolution of writing, and the hipster grifter.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
"What fearful shapes and shadows beset his path amidst the dim and ghastly glare of a snowy night!"   Let's meet at the spooky old church for book club to talk about a classic American ghost story: "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" (1820) by Washington Irving. Featuring superb descriptions of fall foliage, an excellent spooky atmosphere, and ghostly, mysterious ending, this story will immerse you in autumn.    And if you can't get enough Sleepy Hollow, check out the latest episode of of Film on the Rocks:   -- * Theme: Magical Transition by Kevin McLeod * Additional music and sound effects from
In this episode Anika talks more about genres and readers notes and talks about many other things. --- Send in a voice message:
Here's some of what you can expect from the first official season of Not Before Coffee! Books, TV, movies, reviews, opinions, weirdness...all the things that go into making me who I am, go into making this show what it is.
This week get a big update on free Patreon content, this year’s Livestream for the Cure, and how your reviews can help the fight against Covid-19! Oh…and there’s new content plus a classic Edgar Allan Poe episode!   0:00 – What is this, who am I, what are we doing here? 7:17 – “Dead Man’s Hate,” by Robert E. Howard 11:01 – “Lake Argo,” by Matthew MacNish 19:10 – “The Tell-Tale Heart,” by Edgar Allan Poe 31:53 – “The Raven,” by Edgar Allan Poe 39:58 – “The Masque of the Red Death,” by Edgar Allan Poe 54:04 – Afterword/Closing the Show   Become a patron of Stories of Yore and Yours!   Review on Podchaser to help the fight against Covid-19!   Have you written a short story that you want to have read? Submit it to the show!   Email: Facebook: Twitter: @syypodcast Instagram: @syypodcast   Subscribe, rate and review on Apple Podcasts here!   Find a full list of music and sound effect credits here

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