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The Orange Cactus Coffee Podcast: Coffee | Specialty Coffee | Roasting & Brewing | Espresso Mike Kinkade & Jake Goble

Mike Kinkade and Jake Goble from Orange Cactus Coffee take you on a journey through specialty coffee so you can enjoy the perfect cup of coffee at home, be introduced to new and exciting cafés, learn the lingo, and enjoy coffee as more than a caffeine delivery system – but a special, unforgettable drink experience that you’ll want to duplicate and share. Discover how you can roast, brew, and enjoy your favorite coffee at home, develop your palette to enjoy coffee more, and use coffee as the catalyst to create memorable experiences. Mike and Jake freely confess they are not industry experts. They are two regular guys who enjoy coffee and want to share their passion with others who have a desire to get the most flavor out of every drop while avoiding coffee snobbery. Coffee, specialty coffee, espresso, pour-overs, Aero-press, French press, customer service, syrups, flavors, milk, cream, non-dairy coffee add ins, coffee subscription services, home roasting techniques, coffee shop hacks, and testing every coffee myth known to man will show you how they are experiencing specialty coffee and documenting the journey.

Coffee Talky

We'll be drinking and reviewing coffee, visiting coffee shops, testing out hardware, and explore brewing methods. We'll also be talking a lot.

Intelligentsia Coffee

Sourcing, Roasting and Brewing the best in Specialty Coffee every day.

Coffee Awesome

The aim is to interview people who are experts in their field, giving firsthand information on the chosen topic. The main emphasis will be on background information (portraits/ reports/ field trips/ interviews etc), shedding more light on some of the aspects in coffee that we often assume everybody knows. Coffee Awesome wants to take one step further to understand the basics. Coffee Awesome is for everybody, who has been introduced to specialty coffee. Website: Copyright Note: Audio tracks are used under license by Audio Network with explicit permission for use in this podcast.

Silverskin Coffee

Talking all things coffee related and beyond.