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Espacio Drone
¿Quieres conocer más acerca del hobby de los drones? Acércate a Espacio Drone, un podcast realizado por Jerónimo Márquez, de FPV Max, y Rafael Cruz, de Mundodron, para traerte las últimas novedades, consejos y charlas sobre el mundo de los drones en español.
Working With Drones
The Working With Drones Podcast is focused on interviewing experts that are working with unmanned aircraft in different industries around the world including: agriculture, construction, oil and gas, mining, forestry, security and many other areas. We dive into the practical use of the technology, regulations surrounding it, and focus on drones weighing less than 25 kg (sUAS class). There are a growing number of professionals that are exploring the use of drones to make their jobs easier and more efficient through this constantly evolving technology. Enjoy!
The Business of Drones
Starting off in the Drone Industry can be tricky and has a few pitfalls for those not prepared. Droneit has been in the Industry for over 5 years and we want to share our experiences, both good and bad. From starting out to dealing with clients, weather and the indusrty itself we will go over the topics you need to be aware of flying Drones for business and play. Join us for some lauhgs, great tips and information to get you into the Drone Industry.
Squad Drone
Consejos, tutoriales y algo de formacion acerca de los drones y su mundo
Drone's Eye View Podcast
Welcome to the Drone's Eye View podcast where 19 year old Entrepreneur Jayden Hefner will be talking about things from drones, business, motivation, and success stories! If you have ever thought about getting into the drone industry, and don't know where to begin. Now is the best time, and everything you need to know about how to start a drone business is right here. We hope with these podcasts you can use this info and take action to help you either create a drone business, or just any business in general and succeed!
Tu podcast sobre drones, aprende a ganar dinero con tu drone
Results with Drones : using Drones Commercially
Results with Drones - THE podcast for those who want to "know how" and "learn best practices" on using drones commercially. @dronepodcast on Instagram and @dronepodcast on Twitter
Ready Set Drone
Drones are taking over the world and Ready Set Drone loves to talk about them. If you want to hear from influencers and leaders in the drone community, check out the Ready Set Drone Podcast where we interview people making a positive difference in the world using drones!
Drone Launch Podcast
The Drone Launch mission is to give people the knowledge and tools to safely and profitably use drones for business. Dive into our podcast to get great tips on how to take your drone business to the next level!