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Fishing Intelligence

Fishing Intelligence is a fishing improvement podcast for the modern angler. We'll be talking about how we as anglers can catch more fish, find deeper enjoyment, and share better stories on and off the water.

Salt Strong Fishing

Attention Anglers! Download and listen to the most entertaining fishing interviews to ever make it on a podcast, and get to know some of the world’s fishing celebrities like never before.

Fly Fishing Podcast

All you need to know about fly fishing. A trip to the river or new Killing Trout, Salomon, Steelhead or even Pike flies this is the place to come to .

Fishing Oregon

Welcome to Fishing Oregon Coast Podcast This web radio show is about where, when, and how to catch fish on the Oregon Coast . We have designed it from the ground up as an educational fishing show. We hear stories and talk about saltwater fishing here in Oregon to give you insights and tips for catching success.

Fly Fishing Sucks

Fly Fishing Sucks - fly fishing culture with a bit of other stuff and a New England attitude.

Maryland Fishing Line - Fishing Talk

Chesapeake Bay and Maryland Freshwater Fishing Reports

Bluewater Jon Podcast - Extreme Kayak Fishing Stories

An audio Podcast Series of Extreme Big Game Fishing Stories from a kayak by enthusiast and author Bluewater Jon Schwartz. You'll be captivated by "out of this world" experiences of fishing from a kayak! Learn the ins and outs in the use of gear, bait and safety devices as well as the locations of hot spots around the world where you'll find incredible big game fishing.

Vantage Fishing Radio

Welcome to Vantage Fishing Radio, where we discuss the Hot Bite and all things fishing.

Kayak Fishing with Jim Sammons

Jim Sammons is the host of The Kayak Fishing show and shares stories and information about his adventures around the world and about the gear he is using during interviews with his guests.

Fishing Yoyito Podcast

This podcast is about the people, the salty dogs, the subsistence fishermen, sports fishermen and the adventurers, that make up this colorful community. But it is also about family, friends, food, and making memories. What you would talk about, with your best friend, when you are out the in the great outdoors. There will be stories, funny, sad, and perhaps some angry ones. On each episode, will go fishing with a different person, and we’ll talk about all things related to fishing, life, love, politics and even religion. Not everyone we interview, will have views that you, or I share, but I hope, this will be a vehicle for understanding our fellow human beings, and together, learn how to have conversations that matter. After all, there is only so much, you can get, out of talking about the weather.

Hooked, The Coarse Fishing Podcast

Hooked, the coarse fishing podcast. This Podcast is dedicated to the serious fisherman and fisherwoman. we will be discussing Coarse fishing and the species than can be caught in the British Isles. we will be talking about the habitat, the life cycles of the fish and the tackle and bait used to catch them. We are dedicated to the welfare of the waters and the fish that live in them.

Locked Up Fishing Show

Locked Up Fishing Show hosted on 990 AM radio in Montreal, Canada and sponsored by

Matt Luna Fishing

The audio edition of my journey to fish professionally! Follow my journey through the ranks of tournament bass fishing with the hopes of fishing at the highest levels! Become a supporter of this podcast:

Always in Pursuit Podcast with Rod Toth of Bent Rods Guiding and Fishing Co. - Bent Rods Guiding & Fishing Co.

Always in Pursuit - An Uncut, Unfiltered, Raw, Real Fishing Blog from Rod Toth of Bent Rods

Awesome Fishing Radio

Captain Keiland Smith presents his long running show, Awesome Fishing Radio for download. Festive discussion about Florida Saltwater Fishing, Fly Fishing, Skiffs, Kayks, Boats, Trailers, and any piece of gear needed to catch fish. And there is a lot of talking about fishing, after all it is the next best thing to fishing.

Seven Stripes Fishing

Seven Stripes Fishing: Be the fish. Follow anglers from across the country in their adventures to catch that one dream fish.

Allen Fly Fishing Instructional Podcast

Allen Fly Fishing is one of the new major brands in the Fly Fishing industry. We want to help you not just get started in fly fishing, but to progress to the best angler you can be.

The Fishing News on WCAI

Some of the best recreational fishing anywhere can be found in the waters around Cape Cod. We've got bluefish off Popponesset, black sea bass in Buzzards Bay, bonito on the back side of Martha's Vineyard, bluefin tuna off Chatham, scup in Woods Hole, striped bass in the Big Ditch - really, wherever the fish are, we'll be talking about them on the Fishing News. Join us each week during saltwater fishing season as Steve Junker checks in with the folks at On the Water magazine and others to find out who's catching what where around the Cape and Islands—and how they're doing it.

Patriotic Angler Fishing Podcast

The Patriotic Angler is the greatest fishing show on earth. From Saltwater to Freshwater, Inshore to Offshore we've got you covered. Learn from the pro's how to fish, where to fish and when to fish.

Fish Biz - The Business of Fishing Podcast

Learn everything you need to know to be successful selling products to anglers. Fun and interesting lessons, tips, tricks, and interviews with industry giants and startups about being successful creating and selling products in the sport fishing industry. Includes profiles of tackle manufacturers, boats, custom fishing products like rods and much much more. We cover everything from marketing to distribution, fulfillment to manufacturing, online sales to retail displays, and branding to accounting, but we don't teach you how to fish.

Fishing with a Fly

Fishing with a Fly is a podcast where we interview influencers in the sport of fly fishing. Stay tuned to learn the tips and tricks used by the pros.

Fishing School

It's a Fisherman's REVOLUTION!! Let's take back the sport. Learn great fishing, how-to-tips, tricks and advice to catch more fish close to home. I have spent the last couple years researching the US Tackle industry and this show is starting the Revolution. You deserve better fishing. Live bait fishing techniques, tips, tackle and trends from the 1800's on!! Old World techniques mixed with New World tackle will equal fishing like you could never imagine. Unlock the secrets to fishing and stop watching it on television. REVOLT my anglers - you have a voice in our "spin zone". Fish close to home, even in big cities! Fish more and spend less $$ while catching more fish than you ever have in your life. Methods discussed show you how to catch fish from park ponds, retention ponds, urban waters, Park Districts and Forest Preserves. All freshwater fishing is discussed with a focus on Urban waters. If you are like me, you tried and caught very little. Truth is, there are millions of fish near your city home. If you adjust your gear, you will open doors and open a whole new world of fishing. Catch fish near any city. Learn tips and tactics from around the world using live bait tackle. Shore angling, live bait tactics you DON'T see on TV or in books. My catch total - 1,530 fish last season and I fished 10 times, 9 times within site of the Chicago city skyline. >> See a sample video where I catch 6 fish in 2 minutes.

Midwest Angler Fishing

Midwest Angler Fishing will feature new product reviews as well as bring you the latest in industry news.