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Welcome everyone to the debut episode of the VodkaTalk Podcast with Mo & Jo, a raw and raunchy podcast bathed in humor and vodka. Mo & Jo are two vodka-loving, middle-aged broads discussing current events, pop culture, and well, just life in ge
We are the Lions of Legend! A group of 4 friends finally taking the plunge into the world of Dungeons & Dragons podcasting! Join us for fun, fantasy and foolishness! New episodes are released every 2 weeks!
Paul Byrne was a Scotland Yard Detective. Dive in as he guides you through the story of the British Police via the prism of comedy. Desperately original and hilariously bizarre, this show really does rip open the back doors of the police serv
Chris Karle, a Tottenham fan and Geoff Saunders (West Ham) discuss football in a civilized manner with often controversial, unusual and hilarious results! Analysis, controversy, up to date news and gossip. Follow us on Twitter: @KarleandKenners
This is Friends with Niche Hobbies, where we (Cait & Jude) try new niche hobbies! Join us Saturdays as we dive into a new niche hobby, discuss what it is, where it came from, and reveal our own experiences trying it out.
Ever wonder which pen is the most efficient for drawing mustaches on family members? Are you unsure if you should get your glasses rx filled before or after your driving test? Do you wonder why you married the man who brought another woman on
It's The Crazy Comedy, Humor & Satire Podcast, featuring Daniel D! Imagine Woody Allen on crack blended with Sam Kinison on acid, and you basically have Daniel D's sense of humor.
Join Sam, Alex and Chris as they rank every science fiction film EVER. Every week we dissect a new film before adding it to a giant and highly scientific ranked list. We review a film a week until we run out of films.
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