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Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

WINNER OF BEST EDUCATION PODCAST IN THE 2017 PODCAST AWARDS. Grammar Girl provides short, friendly tips to improve your writing. Whether English is your first language or your second language, these grammar, punctuation, style, and business tips will make you a better and more successful writer. Grammar Girl is a Quick and Dirty Tips podcast. Find the full, ad-free archive of Grammar Girl, as well as exclusive bonus episodes, only on Stitcher Premium. Use code GRAMMAR for one free month at

Lexicon Valley

Lexicon Valley is a show about language, from pet peeves, syntax, and etymology to neurolinguistics and the death of languages. Hosted by linguist John McWhorter.

Figure Out English

Weekly 'how to say' lessons for your speaking confidence!

Rosie 雅思單詞


The Actual Fluency Podcast for Language Learners

Join Kris on the Actual Fluency Podcast as he sets out to inspire, motivate and teach you how to learn foreign languages languages the best way. In the process he is joined by some of best language learners and experts in the world, who chip in with their personal opinion on what it takes to evolve as a language learner today.

Board Gaming with Education

"Board Gaming with Education" explores board games, game-based learning, gamification, and other elements of gaming and how they can complement, supplement, and interact with education and learning. If you are an educator, teacher, board game hobbyist, or board game professional and you are curious how board games can be used as learning tools, then this podcast is for you!


AdorableEnglish的主讲人Doreen 认为学习英语不是一个suffering的过程,更不能一蹴而就,要循序渐进,慢慢让英语 “招人喜欢”。Doreen 会帮你把英语和日常生活,文化相关层面联系起来,让你学习的不止是干枯的英语,而是它作为一门有活力的语言,带给你的实用与灵动。

Slow Science - Wissenschaft langsam erzählt

Phänomene der Natur werden in diesem Podcast erklärt. Schwerpunkte: Naturwissenschaft und Deutsch.


孙悟空为什么被安排在花果山出世? 花果山名称的由来?跟因缘果报有关系吗? 在这么广大的宇宙空间中的“东胜神洲”里,有一个傲来国,傲来国海外有一座山叫“花果山”,山顶上有一个巨大 的仙石,故事就从这一块仙石说起。 如果能长生不老,就可以不死,他就可以脱离轮回的痛苦,不再坠入轮回,这样生命才能永恒不朽,孙悟空的生命,整个就是在挣脱这种命定的悲剧,包括他后来的取经成佛的路程。 孙悟空从一块石头出世以来,从地狱闹到天宫,从海里闹到灵山,这颗浮躁的心就是因为缺乏一个“善”字,包括念头、行为等都是不善的。成道成佛成圣那么难吗?其实也不难,你也知道该怎么做,就是做不到!为什么?这个善字确实很难做到。 以花果山为孙悟空的出生地和成长地,揭示了一个道理,就是我们立身处世,要起点好、心胸广、眼界宽,再加上西游取经的学习和实践,不断的努力,不断的积累,勇于面对前进中的艰难困苦,善于利用各种有利条件,争取社会上各方力量的帮助,那么你就能在人生西游取经的过程中,战胜困难,取得真经! 所以说,一部西游记的故事,告诉你:一切从因缘开始,积善之家,必有余庆;积不善之家,必有余殃”!

TKB Huayu's Podcast:Learning Chinese with Situational Animations.

---- Situational Animations updated weekly. Stay tuned with us !! ---- We are a leading e-learning company specializing in publishing and producing textbooks, animations, games, mobile apps and customized services for all the Chinese learners. Website Facebook Twitter!/TKBHuayuSchool App Blog Youtube

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Download the Best Full Audiobooks in Self Development, Communication Skills

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大家好,这里是“Billboard英文歌曲导聆”播客,这是一档聚焦美国Billboard排行榜当季英文歌曲的双周播语言、文化脱口秀节目。导是向导的导,聆是聆听的聆,大家可以通过喜马拉雅、蜻蜓、荔枝以及Apple iTunes搜索“billboard英文歌曲”找到我们。

めざせ1級! 英語上級者への道~Listen and Speak Ⅲ : 英検 | 日本英語検定協会


Talking Taiwan is an audio magazine (podcast) about interesting people who are connected to Taiwan and what they are doing. Hosted by author Felicia Lin, TalkingTaiwan seeks to introduce you to the interesting and diverse individuals who make up Taiwan’s global community – in Taiwan, the US, and around the world.


This is my channel for learning English as Second Language Each episode is about an certain topic about daily life recorded and published every Tuesday night. Hope this helps me improve much in learning ESL

Doorway To Mexico - Spanish Podcast

Learn Spanish with Doorway To Mexico. A fun Spanish podcast designed for intermediate and advanced students who want to learn Latin American Spanish from Mexico. Join Paulina and her students as they travel through Mexico and engage in Spanish conversations with locals from different regions of the country. Along the way, we'll explore the rich language and diverse cultural history that Mexico has to offer. Visit us at

香港電台:English Everywhere

電台節目“English Everywhere - Chatterbox”,內容精選香港人在日常生活及工作時使用英語的情景,透過四個特別設計的環節,包括“Dialogue”、“Work Chat”、“Useful Words”以及“Idiom Express”,讓大家從多角度學習英文文法、詞彙和慣用語。

Russian Language Learning Club Podcast

Podacast for learners of Russian Language. Russian for Beginners and Intermediate students. Study Russian common words and expressions, alphabet, basic grammar, latest news from Russia. Find out how to learn Russian language easier and faster. Listen and learn Russian with Russian Language Learning Club Podcast.


Love is eternal. Love is what the world should be. 爱情是永恒的话题。这是世界应当充满爱。

Learning Chinese (普通话速成)

【青年好声音】微信公众号: 直接搜索 【青年好声音】或 qn9214 ,5万粉丝等你来! 听友交流QQ群:242677533 欢迎光临! 说好普通话,伴你行天下!—【青年好声音】跟你一起每天练习普通话! 普通话,朗诵,演讲口才-爱好者在这里聚集。

Hablemos en japonés - NHK WORLD RADIO JAPÓN

Un fiable curso de idioma japonés ofrecido gratuitamente a través del servicio de ""podcasting"" por la única emisora pública de Japón, NHK. Comience a aprender fácilmente la gramática y el vocabulario básicos escuchando la historia de Anna, que estudia japonés en una universidad de Tokio.


早晨读书应该要选择一些优美而且简单的文章,试着去感受英语的美,最好能够背下来。 早上读书应该报有以下目的: 一,练习发音 二,保持说英语的语感 三,享受生活(如果你喜欢它并且把它当做一种乐趣) 四,提高文学修养 当你读了很多优美的文章你自己的文化底蕴也会慢慢变得深厚起来 每天坚持读书肯定可以提高口语,但是一定要找很容易懂的文章来读,因为早起本来就不容易,要是读一些看不懂得东西,就没有读下去的欲望了。

English Grammar HELP and Podcasts for the Inquisitive ESL Student: We're Interactive!

Stop by our friendly HELP! Desk and learn a few do's and don't's of English grammar. At the HELP! Desk, English grammar is made easy to understand. Ask that question that you've needed an answer to in our interactive forum. Listen to an audio of a story written by an ESL student. All our examples are authentic student-generated language. Whether you are a native speaker or somebody learning English as a Second Language, whether you are a student or writing a business letter, we have the answers for you! Writing, grammar, communication, podcasts, audio stories, and more! We're open 24/7, and we're interactive. A new podcast every week.