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Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing
WINNER OF BEST EDUCATION PODCAST IN THE 2017 PODCAST AWARDS. Grammar Girl provides short, friendly tips to improve your writing. Whether English is your first language or your second language, these grammar, punctuation, style, and business tips will make you a better and more successful writer. Grammar Girl is a Quick and Dirty Tips podcast. Find the full, ad-free archive of Grammar Girl, as well as exclusive bonus episodes, only on Stitcher Premium. Use code GRAMMAR for one free month at
Lexicon Valley
Lexicon Valley is a show about language, from pet peeves, syntax, and etymology to neurolinguistics and the death of languages. Hosted by linguist John McWhorter.
Figure Out English
Weekly 'how to say' lessons for your speaking confidence!
Spanishland School Podcast: Learn Spanish Tips That Improve Your Fluency in 10 Minutes or Less
The Spanishland School Podcast is a Spanish Learning Podcast designed to teach you Spanish in 10 minutes or less. This Spanish Podcast is targeted towards Intermediate and Advanced Spanish students as it is primarily spoken in clear, Latin American Spanish from our “profesora principal” Andrea Alger. Andrea is a native Spanish teacher from Colombia with a specialization in linguistics and has many years of experience teaching Spanish to students of all ages. Each episode is structured in a way that is fun to listen to and has concise, actionable teaching to give you the training you need to level up your Spanish fluency. The ultimate goal of the Podcast is to give you the Spanish tips and teaching you need to starting thinking and speaking like a native Spanish speaker. We want you to hear the language, be immersed in it, and understand it in a way that you leave each episode with a greater confidence to engage the Spanish speaking world around you. When you take time to listen to our Spanish Podcast, we know that you will start to learn Spanish like you never have before as you bust through the intermediate plateau. Now jump in and get started!
Rosie 雅思單詞
The Chinese Sayings Podcast
Join Laszlo Montgomery for weekly episodes that introduce commonly used Chinese Sayings and the stories and rich meanings behind each phrase. Whether you speak Chinese or not, enjoy a few stories and pick up a phrase or two from China’s ancient times.
The Word's Worth
Get to know Russia from the inside out, with podcasts on Russian language, culture and the latest news.
Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day
Build your vocabulary with Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day! Each day a Merriam-Webster editor offers insight into a fascinating new word -- explaining its meaning, current use, and little-known details about its origin.
Board Gaming with Education
"Board Gaming with Education" explores board games, game-based learning, gamification, and other elements of gaming and how they can complement, supplement, and interact with education and learning. If you are an educator, teacher, board game hobbyist, or board game professional and you are curious how board games can be used as learning tools, then this podcast is for you!
Talk the Talk - a podcast about linguistics, the science of language.
A show about linguistics, the science of language, on RTRFM 92.1 community radio, Perth.
One Thing In A French Day
A small slice of a Frenchwoman's day -- in France and in French. A fun way to improve your French! (with language level and podcast transcript on the website) . On tuesdays, wednesdays and thursdays.
Apprendre l'anglais
Ceci est un podcast créé pour vous aider avec l'anglais, si vous ne l'avez jamais étudié ou si vous voulez améliorer votre connaissance de la langue. Moi, l'auteur, je le parle comme langue maternelle et je veux bien partager avec vous tout ce que je peux. Si vous avez des questions, envoyez-moi un email!
সহজে জাপানি ভাষা - এনএইচকে ওয়ার্ল্ড রেডিও জাপান
জাপানের একমাত্র গণসম্প্রচার সংস্থা এনএইচকে দিচ্ছে বিনামূল্যে পডকাস্টের সুবিধাসহ জাপানি ভাষার এই নির্ভরযোগ্য কোর্স-এর সুযোগ। এই কোর্সে আপনি টোকিওর একটি বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ে জাপানি ভাষা অধ্যয়নরত আন্না নামক শিক্ষার্থীর কাহিনী শোনার মধ্য দিয়ে সহজেই জাপানি ভাষার প্রাথমিক ব্যাকরণ ও শব্দার্থ শেখা আরম্ভ করতে পারেন।
大家好,这里是“Billboard英文歌曲导聆”播客,这是一档聚焦美国Billboard排行榜当季英文歌曲的双周播语言、文化脱口秀节目。导是向导的导,聆是聆听的聆,大家可以通过喜马拉雅、蜻蜓、荔枝以及Apple iTunes搜索“billboard英文歌曲”找到我们。
有才有德是圣人,无才无德是愚人,德胜于才是君子,才胜于德是小人,怎样选人?怎样做人? 曾国藩说:窃以为先哲经世之书,经邦济世之书莫善司马温公之《资治通鉴》,为什么《资治通鉴》是最好的治国之书呢?因为这本书不光能讲道理,还能权变,能穷物之理,执圣之权,一本书讲道理已经不错了,不光讲道理还能权变,还懂得讲操作,这当然是了不得的了。 编者总结出许多经验教训,供统治者借鉴,宋神宗认为此书“鉴于往事,有资于治道”,即以历史的得失作为鉴诫来加强统治,所以定名为《资治通鉴》(原名《通志》)。 因为智伯那五个优点都是匹夫之能,都不是领导人应该有的,领导人应该以官人为能,你要安排别人为你做事做为自己的能耐,所以从今天的角度来讲,智伯的能耐是干事的本事,不是当领导人的本事,领导人要有领导力,领导力是什么?是获得追随者的能力,是把追随者也变成领导人的能力。 我在网上看到过一个帖子,问女孩子能不能学《资治通鉴》,各位朋友,女怕嫁错郎啊,你说能不能学,现在是不是有答案了?所以我们读通鉴可以知历代兴衰,明人事藏否,可以自淑,可以诲人,也可以知道而乐,这是我们学习本书的宗旨,也是三重境界。
Learn French from the French Whisperer and Speak The Authentic French Language
Any level you are at studying French, Beginner or Advanced, even Fluent, only one 15 minute French coaching session per week will be enough for you to master the art of reading anything in French the way I speak with my French friends. It's unique, never done before but it is truely the key to speaking the language. You will be part of an original success story. When I released my first French software, I was invited to a californian university to a seminar of teachers of French and I sold my products to 85% of them. They will be invited for free to these series if they bring their students. The students coming with their teachers will subscribe for half the price. The introductory monthly fee is set at $15, therefore the students will only pay $7.50. The price will go up after one year but it will stay the same for all those who subscribe the first year. In order to promote the French online course, I have been driving for Uber and Lyft. In the last few months, I have gathered one by one 292 emails of riders who asked me to join my class online. It is extremely promissing. I ask all of you to join the club by sending me your email at Thank you for your help. Christian Aubert The French Whisperer
Sie möchten sowohl Ihre Deutschkenntnisse verbessern, als auch interkulturelle Überraschungen erleben? All das finden Sie in unserer Animationsreihe Wanderwörter.
Russian Made Easy: Learn Russian Quickly and Easily Podcast: Learn Russian Quickly and Easily with Speed Learning Techniques. Russian Language teaching expert Mark Thomson has taught thousands of people to speak Russian with his various online Russian courses and programs. Mark has created this podcast for learning Russian specifically for beginners who would like to start speaking and understanding Russian right-away. Podcast notes, additional exercise audios, and videos for learning Russian can be found at the home of the Russian Made Easy Podcast:
ELI's Podcast
Full array of health topics, discussions, and global perspectives involving individuals from around the world. Brought to you by the High-Intermediate / Advanced English class at The City of New York.
Dave Bull's 'A Story A Week'
A new story is published on the Story A Week website every Sunday morning in Tokyo. These podcasts are the audio version of the stories - read by woodblock printmaker David Bull.
English Bible Story
성경 이야기를 통해 영어를 배우는 시간, 오늘의 핵심표현도 놓치지 마세요.
American English Pronunciation Podcast ManyEnglish
The podcast offers some tips on how English language learners should approach American English and reduce their accent through examples that involve word stress, phonemes, and the International Phonetic alphabet, which play a vital role in accent reduction.
Seal the Deal English
Worried about landing that dream job because of your English interview skills? Not sure what to say in your first interview? Want to improve your business communication in English? My name is Steve and I am here to help provide all those answers here at Seal the Deal English. I have taught business English here in Seoul helping clients land their dream jobs or MBA programs, and want to give all of you out there the tools you need to be a better communicator in English. We will talk about how to best handle an interview, or how to have a phone conversation with a foreign client, or any other topic that could help you have better business. If you would like to read some of our articles and tips, please go to to help improve your English.