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Music educator and positive motivator for over 20 years. Podcast topics: music, education, RAOK, life lessons, and more!
We're Art & Amber Castillo. Married-Parents-Fitness Trainers & Podcasters. Walking on eggshells, sugar coating, and beating around the bush is not our style. We push the envelope, challenge beliefs, and shift perceptions, ALL while making you l
A podcast with three funny and brutally honest sisters in the throes of middle aged madness, navigating their way through the challenges, embarrassments, and body mutations they never saw coming!
Welcome to Conscious Compassion co-hosted by Charles Gray & Porscha Flores. This podcast will share stories of the different ways that people deal with low moments in their lives. How they manifest the drive to overcome obstacles and keep push
Welcome to Deek Parassini's Life is All Positive Podcast. Deek Parassini a Positive Influencer or some call him the "Healer of the Mind" who is in a Mission to Make Positivity Free for All. Here you'll find a mix of his Q and A Sessions, Speech
We can't talk about life without mentioning the memories we have gathered. Have you ever considered talking about your strangest life experiences? The Honest Jam is a place where you can hear about from all the strangest to the funniest experie
I have no idea... Is not reality. Ignorance is not bliss. And the longer we stay in those mind frames, the longer we are bound to repeat idiocracy. You can never graft a new idea on a closed mind. So open up your mind a bit. See what else there
You here, then there's the thing we never imagined would happen. The sudden event that transforms us forever disrupting our existence as we know it. The pivotal moment we don't want to experience or face, but it comes anyway and changes us fore
Being a young Christian doing my best to navigate through this life, I have experienced many times when I have felt helpless and alone. But in this world of unpredictability, I wanted a place where we can go to connect with people who are going
Hosted by author Lynn Montagano, and infused with a lot of humor, this podcast follows her journey from TV news writer to full time novelist. Come join the fun to laugh, learn, level up and get inspired.