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Chapel Perilous is a thought-snare located somewhere among Jesus and CBS—halfway between the Yemeni Genocide and Harry Potter. The chapel is like the egos of its hosts Alan Bromwell and Corey Cooley, in that once you're inside, there doesn't se
We are an Actual Play Pathfinder podcast. Each season runs a new campaign and we are currently in our first season: Sentience.
Seek Truth & Share It
Non omnes vagantes aberrant.
Navigating the vast world of magic and spirituality can be tricky - especially if you were born into a Christian household and always felt like you didn't belong. Magic from the Root is a podcast for those of us who finally found our people, an
Some people enjoy playing Magic: The Gathering (MTG) at very competitive levels while others are very casual. Some love playing constructed, some love limited, and some make up new formats of their own. Some even design their own cards and sets
The Cosmic Kitchen Sink is an astrology podcast where you'll find weekly astrology forecasts + treats like interviews and riffs on creative ideas for your art. Visit + on IG @cosmickitchensink
Two jobbing magicians Andy and Carl discussing life, annoyances and problems all inspired by many a long car journey together
Tales from the history of magic, sorcery, alchemy, and witchcraft, hosted by historian Corinne Wieben. New episodes on the first Friday of every month.