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Geek Eire Podcast 2.0 : Anime podcast
A anime and gaming podcast with a slight difference from new titles coming out to conventions around the globe. Anime, Politics geeky fashion conventions cosplay,Co Hosts Sean Alpha - A Irish American libertarian otakuSuper Furry Asian - A upbeat and optimistic fangirlTurning the world of Geek Culture on its head
Comic Lab
Welcome to ComicLab: The podcast about making comics, and making a living from comics! If you loved Webcomics Weekly, you're gonna love this show: It's half shop-talk, half how-to, and half friendship. WE SQUEEZED IN THREE HALVES. It's tips and tricks and all the joys of cartooning as a pro. So pull up your drawing chair, put on some headphones, and join us while you draw! And if you like what you hear, kick in a dollar to help make more 'n better shows —
Key Frames
Key Frames is a podcast where we talk about anime the way it should be talked about. Join us as we cast a critical eye on that animation out of Japan!
Pods in the Key of Springfield: A Simpsons Podcast
James and Nick go through The Simpsons each week, episode by episode, and ask the big questions. Is Dr Colossus pulling the strings behind the scenes? What happened to Homer's friend Norman from the pilot? Was accepting The Simpsons as our de facto religion a good idea? How many tangents about The Jetsons can we fit into an episode? Does the show hold up to intense scrutiny? Pods in the Key of Springfield is a weekly podcast from two guys whose lives have been improved, ruined, and then improved again by The Simpsons. It's a podcast about what the world looks like when your outlook on life has been indelibly impacted by TV's longest serving cartoon family.
Geek in the Shell Cast
Four nerds trying to find the secret to being real adults, but who keep getting distracted by that thing the kids call "Japanimation". We also talk about games when we aren't too busy shouting about the cool thing, like Bubblegum Crisis. Damn Konya wa Hurricane is good.
Radio 6689 by OTK!
Radio 6689 is a podcast and audio streaming brand by OTK!, an independent Asian and Western pop culture website made by fans for fans. Various podcast series, and audio production projects will be launched here. Stay tuned for more entertaining content!
Talking in Circles
Stay connected with Talking in Circles a pop culture talk show where hosts Dan, Greg, and Chuck wax poetic about comic books, movies, television shows, and pretty much anything else in geek culture.
Another Time
Emiri Umikami est une jeune lycéenne de 16 ans, orpheline, et qui vit avec sa soeur, Arisu. Son enfance n'a pas été facile; choquée, martyrisée et en difficulté, elle n'a eu qu'un seul soutien : son meilleur ami, Kouseki Tsuyoshi. Un jour, alors qu'elle range son grenier sur ordre de sa sœur, elle met la main sur un livre se nommant "Book of Another Time". Ce qu'elle va alors découvrir va changer sa vie... à tout jamais. Une saga mp3 originale réalisée par ErikaM de la Team Javras
First! Hosted by Alex and Spencer
How many times have you tried to get your friend to watch your favorite television show only to say, "But you have to watch the next episode." or "Don't judge it off the first episode," ? Here at #first! we know the woes of the pilot episode and lean into it. With a friendship forged through media consumption, Alex and Spencer kindly request one another to watch the pilot of a show they love. Oh, now's a good time to mention these two will fight over anything. Bringing no experience other than being born into a binging generation to the table, Alex and Spencer evaluate these pilots only to tear them apart. Mostly.
En Loop
En Loop, el programa de la carrera de animación de la Universidad de la Comunicación.
Bithud Gaming Podcast
BitHud Gaming is a video game and movie podcast. Co-hosts Dann OK and Thaddeus Sinclair come together to talk about video games, movies, anime, and nerd culture. New episodes post bi-weekly. You can send questions or comments to us by email or directly message us on Instagram.
We Appreciate Manga ™
It starts with a dude (James) getting his friend (Steven) interested in manga. It quickly turns into a reflection on the power of storytelling and how manga can get you through hard times. Dive into this anime related book club and appreciate manga with us!
Kaksi fiktion ystävää keskustelee sarjakuvista. Pääaihesarjan lisäksi puhumme myös ajankohtaisista aiheista, mangasta yleisesti sekä muista lukemisista.
Animating in Threes
Do you like animation? Do you like podcasts? Do you like the number 3? Well, we have the perfect show for you. Co-hosts Ben, Michael, and Stefan take it in turns to present a topic on either an animated film or series and analyse it from an animators perspective.
Geek Stew
Geek Stew is a monthly roundtable podcast where we serve up the past, present and future of the geek culture that makes us tick. Covering everything from the science of artificial intelligence to adult animation, the latest Pokemon game, you rest assured Geek Stew's got something tasty for ya.
CLASH!: The Sibling Rivalry Podcast
Welcome to CLASH!: The Sibling Rivalry Podcast. This is the one and only show where two black nerd siblings, one brother and one sister, come together in a CLASH of ideas and perspectives on all things gaming, anime, and pop culture related. Join us every week as we talk about different news topics and all the things we love about being nerds.
Les Mystérieux étonnants
Les Mystérieux Étonnants est une vitrine pour les bandes dessinées, les Comic Books, le cinéma, les téléséries, les jeux vidéos ainsi que tout ce qui a trait à la sphère geek. Elle se compose d'une équipe dynamique et passionnée qui s'est donné comme mission de promouvoir la culture populaire. Le tout se fait dans un esprit d'humour, de réflexion et de franche camaraderie.
Coup de fil à coup de crayon - Le podcast à écouter en dessinant.
Envie de progresser en DESSIN ? Alors bienvenue sur ce podcast à écouter en dessinant. Dans ce podcast je partage des réflexions sur la pratique du dessin, des conseils pour progresser efficacement et rapidement, mon quotidien d’illustratrice dans le jeu vidéo et des interviews d’artistes. Parce que améliorer son dessin, ça ne passe pas QUE par dessiner. Pour en apprendre plus, rendez-vous sur
Retro Fanfic Retrospective
Three friends read old fanfiction that they think might be good. Sometimes they are right. Sometimes they are not. Check out our website at Send us emails at Visit us on Facebook at Witness our tweets at
Level With Me Podcast
Your host GameBroCorey begins with small talk about gaming news and games both he and the guest have been playing, then proceeds into a discussion about how gaming has brought he/she closer to friends, partners and/or other relationships! This podcast is laughs, gaming and finding out how both of them bring us all together.
Anime Airwaves
We’re in a golden age of Japanese animation unseen since the 90's. Curious about anime or feel out of the loop? Let me, Jack Russell, a native Japanese speaker, and Brad “The Weeb You Need” McGuinness, be your guide! We rank the latest pilot episodes, best waifus/husbandos, greatest opening/closing theme songs, and teach you some Japanese along the way. Complete your magical girl transformation today with Pop Culture Bento's anime podcast!
Um podcast que reune a loucura do dia a dia , a insanidade da vida e a maluquices alheias num mix divertido e louco
All Might-Y Podcast
Join Adam Sims and Michael Adkins as they begin their heroes' journey through the popular anime, My Hero Academia! Get to learn all about the students of UA high with us! My Hero Academia is a Japanese superhero manga series written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi. Each week, we will view and discuss two episodes. You can watch along with on Hulu, VRV, and Crunchyroll! Be sure to tweet our hosts to keep the theories flowing!
Pixels in the Animation
A Cartoon Review show based out of the Video Games that Spawned them. We review Mega Man, Mario, Zelda, Mortal Kombat and more!
Survival Horror Podcast
Survival Horror podcast with iconic developers & actors.