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The JP's World Podcast was created to share a message to share ideas with the world. I saw through the days and months of my recent young adult life that the world was being pictured as this dark, sad place where negativity was starting to rule everybody's life but not anymore... Welcome to JP's World, a world full of motivation and positivity, here you won't hear about one subject, you're going to hear about a lot of subjects, from movies, to sports, from shows, to current events, it's guaranteed you won't get bored here. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the JP's World
The Feel Good Factor is all about consciously finding things that spark joy through every aspect of life. The podcast features contemplative talks, interviews and meditations, covering a wide range of topics from compassion to self-love, wellness to abundance, and so much more. Come, join me, as we imbue fun, peace and uplifting, high vibe energy into our everyday moments by making feeling good our highest priority.
We are Ron Eddings and Chris Cochran from the Hacker Valley Studio podcast. We explore the human condition to inspire peak performance in cybersecurity. Join us on our quest to find inspirational stories and knowledge to elevate ourselves and our communities.
RuckUp talks to people who have a story to tell. We share the ups and downs, the struggles and triumphs. Your story is a normal one, hear others with the same stories and how they overcame the hard parts. We talk about depression, PTSD, rags to riches, addiction, and much more to how to overcome and perseverance over all obstacles. Hear these stories and so much more. Website:
Hello, we gonna talk about life, what we can change to get better tomorrow ❤️
Evan Holladay is a successful real estate developer and investor, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, podcaster, and blogger. On Monumental, we sit down with entrepreneurs, leaders, visionaries, creatives, BIG thinkers, and those helping shape our future. We will talk about mindset and motivation, big vision, what makes them tick, and how all of us can achieve our success, learning from our mistakes and experiences. Find out more at
On Queen Raffy's Space, whenever you click on PLAY, You Learn, You Laugh, and Get entertained as well...This is exactly where you need to be because with over 5 different segments covering Motivation, Books, Fun Facts, Travel, Tips and Tricks, Poems, Interviews, Bants, and Random Thoughts. You will never be Bored...So Click on PLAY and ENJOY. For Comments, Suggestions, and Feedbacks, Just send an email to OR Check out our Instagram handle:
What is On My Mind impacts my day. We at The On My Mind Podcast like to live by this motto. With this podcast, your host, RemyKeene, presents tips and tools to improve your day. If you need some improvement in your day, I think we all could use some, then this podcast is for you! Let's change what is on our minds and have an amazing day! Support this podcast:
The God’s Greatness Show is Created and Hosted by Shaquel Polacek. Our ultimate goal is to deliver you an AWESOME message grounded in the Holy Word of God designed to motivate and inspire you on your journey and progress, and push you in your relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior! We aim to build you and keep your journey going in Christ! We Love the Lord with all our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls this way! We just want to draw people to the Lord!
In The United States and across the world, health is often only guaranteed by the luck of birth. Everyday it becomes more evident that the issues that stand in the way of achieving health and happiness for people of disadvantaged backgrounds are insurmountable. In this show, host Rich Cebada (Owner of Bodega Body) explores the issues those issues and shines a light on the revolutionaries trying to rewrite the health narrative across the globe. New Episodes Every Monday at 6 am EST. Support this podcast:
How can a person constantly challenged by adversity and controversy succeed against all odds, develop a successful long-lasting career and live a rewarding life? Join multi-talent Joey DeMaio (founder/bassist/composer of iconic rock/metal band MANOWAR, studio owner, producer, engineer, and entrepreneur) as he shares his life lessons that he believes can help you lead a powerful life.
This show is for anyone who wants to feel better, look better, live better and have some fun on the way. Ella interviews experts on wellness, personal growth, performance, real food nutrition, fitness, mindset, confidence...anything to help you get more out of your life...NOW. She keeps it simple, slightly cheeky and always on point. Start where YOU are. Live Better. Start Now. || Ella makes it simple, fun and totally achievable.
Hi, There. I'm here to encourage, inspire, and motivate you to be the best, original version of YOU. I believe we are all created with specific gifts and talents that are unique to each of us. My goal here is to nudge you to live out your purpose without feeling like you have to apologize to anyone. TO SUPPORT ME USE MPESA (+254 722 368 008) or PAYPAL ( Innocent Mwangi Support this podcast:
Motivational ,Reality talk with Host Hoodreal about news ,music ,artist and mainstream talk controversial gossips surrounding celebrities ,the environment , child-care ,relationships ,astrology ,health and wellness ,local events ,dinning ,beauty fitness ,movies ,fashion and more. You can count on the "dynamic duo" to bring it live and direct in your face!! with humor ,music ,and just plain real commentaries ,so join your host "Hoodreal" and Carma on the hoodreelz radio talk your support for our show by visiting our website link, and thank you.
This show is a discovery of how incredible you are, not in spite of what’s happened to you, but sometimes, because of what’s happened to you. Join host Karen Kenney as she takes a no-BS look at spirituality and storytelling. We dive deep into life’s little lessons to find the universal message in personal experience. This is a journey from fear back to love and how we can find our greatest strength and happiness in the most unlikely places. If you’re willing to change your story, you can totally change your life. Welcome to The Karen Kenney Show!
A podcast that gives encouraging, positive perspectives to life's events. We combat the negativity that inundates our daily lives with encouraging, positive outlooks and actions to help listeners achieve personal and professional greatness.
Top Rated MMA is all about Real Fighters! Real Stories! Raised in a broken home, battled addictions, jailed at 18, bankrupt at 21 only to turn everything around. 16 years sober, beautiful wife, two kids, podcaster, speaker, and now helping up and coming MMA fighters get known and noticed online! We about giving back and found the right organization with Hire Heroes USA, who are owned and operated by US Military. We donate 25% of all profits made through the affiliates we work with to Hire Heroes USA! Support this podcast:
🌎I teach people who feel lost to capitalize on talents/skills & use their gifts to make an impact.💡 #CertifiedLifeCoach🎙️ #Podcaster🎤 #Speaker 📗 #Author 💪#Motivator
Stepping out beyond boundaries takes courage and the ability to dream. We are excited to share our new audio podcast called Kut2thaChase. The structure of this podcast embodies open dialog with friends, family, and professional colleagues talking about reality and things that impact our means to thrive. We hope that you will join our unscripted, unbridled podcast. Support this podcast:
Positivity, Productivity, Inspiration, Health & Wellness, Improvement, Growth, Motivation ☀️ Happier with Ming is a lifestyle design & personal development podcast discussing wellness, love, friendship, health, current favorites, positive thoughts, and the journey of life. Life is a journey to enjoy and I want us to fall in love with the process. This refreshing podcast is designed to encourage and inspire you to live life to your fullest everyday! ~Currently on hiatus & working on The Bing Buzz; stay tuned for S2~ -- Connect with me! @TheBingBuzz & @HappierwithMing on IG, Twitter, Youtube
Welcome to Deek Parassini's Life is All Positive Podcast. Deek Parassini a Positive Influencer or some call him the "Healer of the Mind" who is in a Mission to Make Positivity Free for All. Here you'll find a mix of his Q and A Sessions, Speeches & Talks on Positivity.
Best known as a pro athlete and motivational force, Dan Matha brings his unique perspective to this funny, raw and inspiring podcast. Dan will be interviewing guests ranging from pro-athletes and actors to pro-wrestlers and old friends. Creatives with similar drive but different stories to tell, with the common thread of blazing their own paths. Dan dives deep into the questions we all want to ask, getting down to what sparked the fire to their driving force. Get inspired, laugh, cry and be prepared to feel good with this tell-all podcast.
Creative inspiration for artists, entrepreneurs, and problem solvers! Each episode focuses on a different creativity and innovation topic designed to boost your natural creativity. Jared Volle received his M.S. in Creativity and Innovation and teaches an accessible, science-based approach to creativity that’s perfect for anyone. Learn how to optimize your creativity, stay motivated, market creative ideas, work in teams, and much more!
Dear listener, We are on a mission to change the way people view entrepreneurship! We not only present entrepreneurs and startups on our podcast, but we are also building a digital platform, where everyone can become an entrepreneur. Start with a simple exchange of goods and services and see where your experience will bring you with us: Thank you for listening and please share with us your thoughts and ideas! Your Help'n'Trade team
Our podcast is really "Just A Podcast." It may grow into something big, it may be God's calling for those who serve God through it, and it may point others to Christ who is the way to Salvation. But ultimately this podcast is apart of the world too. Just like a phone, or mouths; it can be used for Good, and it can also be used for evil. So in correlation to God's prescribed will, may we choose him over us. We won't make a false statement saying everyday we pray that this be God's will because we understand that it is. But in gratitude of this spiritual gift we say that we are all sinners, and somethings said may be wrong. And that's okay. Keeping God first will allow truth to prevail as God is truth. We know God never made humans understand everything rather a willingness to understand what we can. So with eagerness let's seek Christ together. Amen! If you have any questions, please visit

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